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Man who 'reported an error to Microsoft' in 1997 finally receives solution

Thomas Green, a delivery driver from Yeovil has finally rid himself of a 'sixteen year ordeal' today, after an 'error report' he sent to Microsoft in 1997 finally returned, via email, with a solution...

Jesus H 14.10.13 6:15pm
Jimmy Savile to be probed 30 times...what goes around, comes around 0
irreverendJ 14.10.13 6:02pm
New facebook feature auto-completes cliche status updates 0
Dumbnews 14.10.13 5:38pm
Vicky Pryce to release her book "Some Big Boys did it and ran away". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.10.13 5:34pm
Al OPecia
Vicky Pryce to relese memoir "An unexamined wife". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.10.13 5:28pm
Al OPecia
Government "must show Chinese tourist benefit proof" says UKIP. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.10.13 5:27pm
Al OPecia
Trip to Whitby arcade shows kids what blowing aliens up was like in the old days 0
TobiasBV 14.10.13 5:08pm
China To Be Moved To A Different River ...

following Cameron's decision to stop calling China 'A sweatshop on the River Po'...

Titus 14.10.13 4:36pm
Missing Dr Who Viewers Found Behind Sofa Cushions in Warehouse

9 Children who went missing in the 1960s and 70s whilst watching Dr Who and the Daleks have been found alive and well in a used furniture warehouse in Nigeria. The missing children, aged between 6...

Flugelbinder 14.10.13 4:30pm
Vampire hunter 'Out for the Count' 1
Smart Alex 14.10.13 4:26pm
Mother Teresa attributes her kindness to having never driven a car 0
Dumbnews 14.10.13 4:18pm
Chinese conclude Osborne and Johnson clinching argument for truth of communism 0
roybland 14.10.13 4:01pm
Don't call China a sweatshop says man turning UK into a sweatshop 0
roybland 14.10.13 4:00pm
Surprise move by FA to ensure qualification…

Greg Dyke is trying to convince English football’s stakeholders to agree a midseason change of location for England to ensure qualification to the 2014 World Cup. He used his latest keynote speech...

hardev 14.10.13 3:30pm
Kim Kardashian's baby fires first agent

North West, the five month old child of rapper Kanye West and diabolic nightmare spawn Kim Kardashian, has fired her first management team. It’s said that her parents were ‘nearly in tears’...

TobiasBV 14.10.13 2:27pm
Firth of Clyde submariner living life in the Faslane 3
Smart Alex 14.10.13 1:42pm
Cameron compares British public to a ‘nagging girlfriend’

Despite recently claiming himself to be a feminist icon, David Cameron has come out with a statement which has outraged both feminists and the general population alike, comparing the British public...

TobiasBV 14.10.13 1:10pm
New grocery store offers thousands of items you'll never eat 0
Dumbnews 14.10.13 1:08pm
Newest smartphone boasts more stupid crap that doesn't work 0
Dumbnews 14.10.13 1:07pm
Portugese police admit they didn't look under the bed 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 14.10.13 11:57am
Sir Alex Ferguson Way journey time to be extended 0
custard cream 14.10.13 11:55am
custard cream
Downton By all Means.

The outrageous rape of her ladyships maid has seen Downton turn to ITV's By All Means squad. Bates tells them to do what is necessary to bring the criminal to justice Downton style following the rape...

2escapees 14.10.13 11:35am
Elton John discards huge trousers: 'Goodbye 'normous jeans.' 3
John Wiltshire 14.10.13 11:17am
20,000 Poland fans expected at Wembley; Britain expected to grind to halt 2
Oxbridge 14.10.13 10:22am
Terry's Pyramints 'couldn't be made by human technology' claim conspiracists 0
cinquecento 14.10.13 8:53am
Guiness Book of Records on alert as Penis Beaker mania spreads

A mildly amusing Mumsnet thread has spread a wave of jokes that is threatening to break the world record for most amount of people telling the same joke simultaneously. The joke “I just wait til...

Rusty M 14.10.13 8:14am
Rusty M
Historical reproduction pictures confirm: Amalia Freud was a MILF

After years of historical research and technological experimentation, Loaded magazine have finally managed to produce realistic replica images of Sigmund Freud’s mother, Amalia Freud. As they had...

TobiasBV 14.10.13 8:10am
Cigarettes to taste like Big Daddy's Nappy says Brussels

All cigarettes to taste like Big Daddy’s nappy says Brussels Euro MPs last night voted in favour of tight new smoking controls which will eventually mean that all cigarettes must be flavoured with...

Rusty M 14.10.13 3:34am
Rusty M
Parents told: Don't send all CAPS email to your children 0
Dumbnews 14.10.13 1:14am
See how they light your way tonight - sings Putin

Since the announcement of the longest torch relay in Olympic history, some 65000km across Russia and some places claimed as Russian, such as outer space, further details have emerged of the torch and...

Squudge 13.10.13 8:55pm