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Dancers in freak Hokey Cokey accident are uninjured but 'badly shaken all about' 4
Ian Searle 25.02.14 12:36pm
BBC to probe Evan Davis

After a gentle purging from the board of directors, the BBC will examine some of the darker issues of radio 4 programming titles. With listeners apparently unclear of what to expect, rumours are...

Robert Koch 25.02.14 11:53am
Robert Koch
Political Hot Air to be Stored Under the North Sea

In an effort to save 25 million tons of Carbon Dioxide a month, hot air produced by politicians and local government officials is to be compressed and pumped under the North Sea. This is expected to...

Guillermo De Snookio 25.02.14 11:40am
Guillermo De Snookio
Paedophiles attack Mail over Nazi links 0
Electrelane 25.02.14 11:23am
Disc jockey groping "equivalent to Nazi atrocity" claims satirical website

A full and frank exchange of views on a satirical website has recently escalated into what could be an international catastrophe of biblical proportions. United Nations peacekeeping observers have...

Son of Barnabas 25.02.14 11:16am
Son of Barnabas
Piers Morgan loses US gig ‘because he’s a cunt’...

CNN have axed Piers Morgan for being a cunt. ‘We had to let Piers Morgan go’, said Jeff Zucker, CEO of CNN, ‘because he’s a cunt. His dwindling audience thought he was a cunt. [i]We[/i]...

Tripod 25.02.14 11:14am
Backup Brian
NHS deaths 'should be ignored', say NHS

The impact of deaths at the hands of the NHS should be ignored when calculating the effectiveness of NHS medical care, according to Dr Adrian Harbinger, a leading NHS research statistician., 'If we...

NewBiscuit 25.02.14 10:09am
Pickles snubs Radio 4: "I thought it was a dessert island" 4
nickb 25.02.14 9:05am
Son of Barnabas
Theresa May considers Addis Adaba urban hyena model to meet homelessness targets 0
cinquecento 25.02.14 9:02am
Pickles confesses lengthy affilitation with PIE 0
nickb 25.02.14 9:00am
IOC to Initiate New “Oscars Style” Winter Olympics Medal System

At a surprise media conference in Geneva last Friday, a new medalling initiative was proposed by IOC officials in conjunction with representatives from activist, media and sports consulting...

Kinch 25.02.14 7:12am
Yanukovych admits Kiev protesters "not chicken" 0
sydalg 25.02.14 2:49am
Russia warns Ukraine : "Stop this EU nonsense, or your medals are forfeit"

With the continuing deterioration of relationships between the fledging Ukrainian government and their Russian neighbours, the Winter Olympic committee has now waded in, dropping hints that the...

FlashArry 24.02.14 11:39pm
Factions in Ukraine capital create 'Mini-Kievs' 2
Electrelane 24.02.14 11:08pm
Adrian Bamforth
Home Office agrees to extradite McKinnon if US agrees to keep Morgan. 0
Ref Minor 24.02.14 10:04pm
Ref Minor
Vanished Former Kiev Politician Turned Out To Be Chicken

Even more tedious culinary puns certain to follow, sadly...

Titus 24.02.14 9:54pm
Madeline McCann missing from front page of Express

Concerns have been raised over the absence of missing child Madeline Mccann from the headlines of the Daily Express. She has now not been seen for more than two days and observers are beginning to...

Electrelane 24.02.14 9:05pm
Piers Morgan fired. 1
Al OPecia 24.02.14 8:03pm
Jade actor to perform in West End due to colour-blind casting. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 24.02.14 7:43pm
Al OPecia
Government Searches for Politician Responsible for Mass Murder

The authorities are today looking for Antoniescu Blerovic, the man thought to be responsible for giving dubious reasons in sending heavily armed forces to Iraq and Afghanistan. It is said that...

Guillermo De Snookio 24.02.14 7:40pm
Al OPecia
More extravagance. Public storm Ukraine embassy, find haul of Ferrero Rocher.

More soon.,

MADJEZ 24.02.14 7:31pm
Computer Glitch Crediting Bank Accounts In Error Rectified Within 2 Minutes

Nat to Worry...

Duff 24.02.14 7:02pm
Al OPecia
Claim of new in-tune Hendrix bootleg divides rock scholars

The world of rock music was thrown into a bitter dispute today following claims that a hitherto undiscovered live bootleg recording of Jimi Hendrix has been unearthed where the legendary guitarist is...

Duff 24.02.14 7:01pm
Al OPecia
BBC moves to axe drivel from live sports commentary

As the Winter Olympic flame sputters out there is news today that will gladden the hearts of pedants across the country, for The BBC is finally grasping the nettle on the thorny issue of sports...

Duff 24.02.14 7:00pm
Al OPecia
Schrödinger's khat both legal and illegal, explains Theresa May 8
sydalg 24.02.14 6:47pm
Harold Ramis still hoping to appear in Ghostbusters second sequel

"It's just one of those things", Ramis told us via Ouija Board. "We all want it to happen, but getting everyone together at the same time it logistically difficult. As a ghost, I'm finding myself...

Adrian Bamforth 24.02.14 6:31pm
American dream ap-Piers to be in tatters

Former tabloid editor, Piers Morgan, was today putting on a brave face as he is forced to come to terms with the stark reality that he's about to join a long line of Brits who have found themselves...

Duff 24.02.14 6:27pm
Hague warns Russia to respect democracy, as mob ousts elected Ukraine President. 1
MADJEZ 24.02.14 6:06pm
Celebrity shuns social media claiming it is the mark of amateurs 0
Dumbnews 24.02.14 6:02pm
'Enormous lake of garlic butter' at centre of Yanukovych's Kiev estate 4
pere floza 24.02.14 5:21pm
Ref Minor