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Confusion in China as "Bo Diddley" misses appearance in court

There have been scenes of mayhem and confusion at the Intermediate People's Court in Jinan, China, as court officials were unable to find deceased Rhythm and Blues musician Bo Diddley who has been...

moanygit 22.08.13 6:33am
Spain & Morocco in dispute over English rugby player.

Due to a clerical error in Madrid last week, Spain & Morocco are locked in a bitter diplomatic row over former England rugby player Mark Cueto. Tensions are running high, with Moroccan troops...

FOAD 22.08.13 5:54am
#We could all die soon,' advise scientists

A terrifying new form of terror was revealed today and we should all be terrified. Scientists discovered the terror by accident when searching for reasons to remind us of old terrors we have gotten...

Hooch 21.08.13 11:34pm
Prince Philip gets clean bill of health after successful delivery of racist joke 1
Tripod 21.08.13 10:49pm
hiss. 3
Kevin the Swan 21.08.13 10:32pm
Eric Pickles to be replaced by hand drier.

David Cameron announced yesterday that Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles is to be replaced by a hot air hand drier. A spokesman for the Government explained that whilst the...

writinginbsl 21.08.13 9:30pm
'Pop-up' Churches open in slimming clubs

In an attempt to attract new parishioners the Church has opened a new range of pop-up churches in a wide variety of slimming clubs across the nation. The Church is hoping to encourage the nation's...

antharrison 21.08.13 9:27pm
sponge finger
White dude eating with chopsticks not fucking around 2
Dumbnews 21.08.13 8:47pm
Al OPecia
Dominique Strauss-Kahn changes family motto to 'Honi soit qui mal y ponce' 2
sydalg 21.08.13 8:17pm
Simon Cowell's pride at being a father to be balanced out by child's feelings

Experts in karma are expecting the universe to balance out Simon Cowell's reaction to becoming a father. "Although it's easy to criticise people for ignoring the 'do not breed from this person'...

apepper 21.08.13 7:56pm
Gladys Newbolt, office cleaner, plunges to death in open liftshaft. 17
Al OPecia 21.08.13 5:42pm
Miliband Denies Alien Abduction Claim Was An Excuse For His Silence

but [i]still[/i] fails to attract any press coverage...

Titus 21.08.13 1:08pm
Dial-A-Con Hotline launched "and when precisely will you be out Sir?". More soon 0
Al OPecia 21.08.13 1:04pm
Al OPecia
Britain loses out to Russia in Intolerance Olympics

As judges Stephen Fry and Peter Tatchell wrap up their adjudication of the international spectacle, seasoned observers were in general agreement on the bigotry championships, i.e. that Britain made...

sydalg 21.08.13 12:54pm
“Milliband as PM?”, says David Blunkett. “I can’t see it happening”... 1
Tripod 21.08.13 12:45pm
Death threats following 1D ‘One Dimension’ jibe

Millions of fans today sent death threats to a joker who dared to poke fun at boy band One Direction. The prankster alleged Harry Styles had said in an interview that the band was going to change...

farmer giles 21.08.13 12:23pm
One Direction's film put through 'clearing'

UCAS has confirmed a late application for a Music Technology BSc at the University of Bedfordshire. Wary that fickle fame might desert them, the Anglo-Irish pop band admitted they needed to get...

Wrenfoe 21.08.13 9:25am
Schizophrenic Celebrity writes Unofficial Autobiography

injuction soon...

Scronnyglonkle 21.08.13 8:41am
Security services "will ascend to Guardian data cloud and destroy secret data"

The cloud on which allegedly secret Pentagon material is being held by the Guardian will be visited by GCHQ and Special Branch personnel today, and destroyed. Officers wearing special waterproof...

nickb 21.08.13 7:53am
Man Caught Trying to Smuggle Secret Data Says He Had Been Threatened

"I was on holiday when I met a man who befriended me. He then threatened me and told me to carry some items through customs for him and to say that they were 'food packages'." The man has since...

Titus 21.08.13 7:46am
Panda Still Pregnant. Or Possibly not.

In view of the complete lack of recent press coverage of the possibly-pregnant panda its keepers are considering re-naming it 'Miliband'...

Titus 21.08.13 7:08am
George Formby heirs seek settlement of unpaid bills for cleaning ladies' windows 1
Arthur 21.08.13 6:52am
"Most faithful reconstruction yet" of Diana crash leaves three dead 6
sydalg 21.08.13 6:26am
Lindy Moone
One Direction tourbus defeated by Swindon roundabout 1
Squudge 20.08.13 9:22pm
It's Curtains for Montgomery Tomlinson

More than 500 jobs have been lost with the collapse of Flintshire-based curtains company thought I'd get there before the tabloids do...

clarksn 20.08.13 6:16pm
Miranda held for his 'World Cup tickets'

No.10 was pressed into a humiliating admission, that Scotland Yard detectives have been forcibly detaining Brazilian nationals in an attempt to get 'good upgrades' for FIFA's 2014 football...

Wrenfoe 20.08.13 6:09pm
Um diddle diddle diddle, um diddle die. 0
nickb 20.08.13 5:49pm
Judge rules fake bomb detector “only good for finding fake bombs”... 0
Tripod 20.08.13 5:40pm
Coronation Street actor sacked for only singing about rape 0
antharrison 20.08.13 5:19pm
Miliband "crap in bed" - anonymous source

In the latest in a series of negative briefings, leader of the opposition Ed Miliband has been branded "crap in bed" and "not up to the job" by an anonymous critic with close links to the Labour...

BAJDixon 20.08.13 5:00pm