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Ay Caramba! Los bandidos han robado todo el dinero. 1
Tomfinger 18.05.12 2:43pm
Olympic flame dies at passport control

"Name?", "David Beckham.", "David Beckham my arse. What's that in your hand?", "The Olympic flame.", "Olympic flame my arse. Put it out."...

Boutros 18.05.12 10:32pm
Adam Smith to tell Levison that emails were sent by an invisible hand 0
charlies_hat 18.05.12 1:48pm
Tatchell criticises queen 0
nostra da mouse 18.05.12 1:30pm
nostra da mouse
Santander British grand prix downgraded to corporate team building weekend 1
medici2471 19.05.12 12:51pm
cricket loving milliner invents 'fast bowler' 0
Underconstruction 18.05.12 12:54pm
Government defends 'Eastenders is about to start' texts aimed at new parents 0
Underconstruction 18.05.12 12:43pm
Monarch's lunch will be cheaper than dining with Cameron Queen tells reporters 0
Scronnyglonkle 18.05.12 11:58am
Spain Downgrades Credit Ratings Agency's Credibility To 'Cobblers'

More later. . ...

Terrance Clench 18.05.12 11:58am
Terrance Clench
Support YOUR police - commit easily detected, finable crimes

Are YOU worried about crime? Do you lay awake at night, trying to balance the costs of society breaking down, with the price of a bobby's helmet? Well, now YOU can help. Just follow Theresa May's...

18.05.12 7:28pm
Euro Crisis Over As Greek Government Reveals Its 17 Shares In Facebook

Markets soared today on the news that the Greek Government has dusted off a document revealing ownership of 17 shares in Facebook. After today’s Facebook share float Greece can clear all its...

daneade 18.05.12 10:27am
Liverpool FC speak to Wigan's Bob Martin about managing their dogs dinner 0
charlies_hat 18.05.12 10:04am
Well, that's the end of summer then! 0
beau-jolly 18.05.12 9:46am
Cleckheaton Parish Council (East) set to downgrade Moody's

Cleckheaton Parish Council (East) have served notice of their intention to downgrade Moody's Credit Rating Agency to 'about 4 out of 10'. Council elder Dereck Spencer, speaking to the press after...

Bonaparte Shandy 18.05.12 9:42am
Bonaparte Shandy
Chance of a long hot Summer, predicted 0
simonjmr 18.05.12 9:41am
Boris Johnson hailed as perfect fit to host "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" 0
seymour totti 18.05.12 9:24am
seymour totti
Old Saying: The shares in Spain go mainly down the pan 1
Stan 18.05.12 6:53pm
American election still basically about bum sex

The result of November's US presidential election is still on a knife-edge. Pollsters say that the nation is split right down the middle between those who think that the right of people with the same...

Oxbridge 19.05.12 8:32am
Warrington memorial theft: Dental hygienist admits removing plaque. 2
weematt 18.05.12 10:16am
Spannish Banks unveil their new "mattress" account 0
Scronnyglonkle 18.05.12 7:54am
Dave’s Rough Guide to Parenting

As Prime Minister, I believe that there is nothing more important than raising a child. All of society needs to pitch in and debate issues such as breastfeeding versus bottle feeding, rather than...

Yikes 18.05.12 12:46pm
Incendiary device intercepted at Heathrow "is Olympic Torch" claim terrorists 0
grumblechops 17.05.12 10:54pm
Fabio Capello bids to manage Roy Hodgson 0
nickb 17.05.12 10:14pm
Rebekah Brooks tops Sunday Times witch list 5
nickb 18.05.12 12:47pm
Audi Driver Stripped of Car

Mr James Bain, 53, of Colchester , Essex has had his 2012 Audi A4 repossessed after failing to adhere to the Audi brand ethos of aggressive and discourteous driving., After a tip off from a member...

Alan Hutchinson 19.05.12 12:46pm
Bypass complex online food ordering with quicker in-person ordering 0
Dumbnews 17.05.12 9:03pm
Disabled man doesn't want to be an inspiration

Disabled slacker Dave Studley 32, has hit out at people who expect him to be an inspiration to others. Dave has been in a wheelchair since he was run over by a moped delivering him a pizza. "To...

A Wagonload Of Monkeys 18.05.12 9:14am
Chuck Brown now Gone-Gone 0
Smart Alex 17.05.12 8:28pm
Smart Alex
Turkey downgraded to chicken - 23 76
nickb 08.08.12 5:38pm
Greek Government "new low". Primary school caretaker now in charge 0
dvo4fun 17.05.12 6:47pm