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James May 'fears for job' following lengthly driving ban

Motoring journalist and Top Gear presenter James May is said to be 'fearful' for his job today, after Thames Valley Police clocked the TV star driving at speeds 'in excess of 160mph' on the M4,...

Jesus H 26.07.13 2:11pm
Not Amused
Anthony Weiner's penis appeals for privacy 2
sydalg 26.07.13 1:58pm
Stuart Hall regrets doubling-up with Tescos Clubcard. 0
MADJEZ 26.07.13 1:45pm
Zeitgeist Publishing launches for the That'll Do Community of TDC1s

One of Britain's most disenfranchised demographics, the That'll Do Community, is to get its own magazine. Zeitgeist Publishing is to launch, aiming for a break even figure of 20 million...

ronseal 26.07.13 1:23pm
Mick Jagger caught acting 70 on speed speed camera 0
sydalg 26.07.13 1:22pm
Newsbiscuit in turmoil over Wonga headlines

Newsbiscuit has been thrown into turmoil today with the revelation that many real world headlines and stories over the Church of England's spat with pay day lender Wonga are actually funnier than...

clarksn 26.07.13 1:04pm
Church launches new water into wine service to put pubs out of business 2
ronseal 26.07.13 12:11pm
Midfield Diamond
Obama's Brother Still Waiting For a US Visa

Nairobi, Kenya. , Malik Abongo Obama, the half-brother of the US President Barack Obama, still waiting approval for his tourist visa application to the United States. The 49 year old teacher stated...

Aittakalla 26.07.13 11:48am
Police trial of drone hit squad cars “complete success”

The trial of remote controlled squad cars currently running in Walsall (West Midlands, UK) is to be extended throughout the country, after it caused a reduction in burglary and theft in the local...

rogerg 26.07.13 11:48am
'Equality' Campaigners Demand Right For Husbands And Wives To Choose ...

which of them gets pregnant...

Titus 26.07.13 11:44am
C of E to pay off everyone’s debts.

The Archbishop Of Canterbury yesterday announced that the Church is going to pay off everyone’s debts by selling it’s unused cathedrals to the Muslims and it’s vast horde of gold, art treasures...

FOAD 26.07.13 11:40am
A Spanish Lady Request Ticket Refund.

madrid, spain., After she missed her train, the 28 year old salesperson Aldonza Marntize, contacted the railways company claiming that the ticket was vaguely written causing her to miss her train....

Aittakalla 26.07.13 11:32am
Jesus Saves: Wonga Lends. Which Helps People Most? 4
Titus 26.07.13 11:25am
Archbishop embarrassed to find Devil is former employee of God.

After stating that he would fight to stamp out the devil the head of the church has been forced to back down after personnel files showed a link between the dark one and the creator of heaven and...

MADJEZ 26.07.13 11:22am
Survey finds majority to people 'inspired to watch London Olympics' 0
custard cream 26.07.13 10:38am
custard cream
War of words escalates as Wonga chief declares jihad on Archbishop of Canterbury 0
custard cream 26.07.13 10:37am
custard cream
Church tries to teach right from wonga 4
sponge finger 26.07.13 9:03am
Hobbits to be culled

Not content with banning Elijah Wood movies, the New Zealand "Parks & Wildlife Commission" plan to exterminate the Halfling pest once and for all. First introduced to the country hidden in the...

Wrenfoe 26.07.13 8:45am
Wonga condemns high price levied by church for 30 silver coins 0
Backup Brian 26.07.13 8:23am
Backup Brian
Moneylender Uses Whip-Of-Cords To Chase Priests Out Of Church

Denies this is revenge for the Dean of St Paul's allowing the Occupy protesters to disrupt City trading...

Titus 26.07.13 7:37am
Titus offers to "save souls"

The British online company plans to diversify and offer unsecured 'high cost salvation'. Boss, Errol Damelin, welcomed the Most Reverend Justin Welby's recent decision to offer payday loans but...

Wrenfoe 26.07.13 7:24am
George Zimmerman receives Lee Harvey Oswald Award from NRA 4
sydalg 26.07.13 12:35am
Fears for Royal baby after Prince Harry spotted reading 'Richard III' 3
sydalg 26.07.13 12:31am
C of E confirms strategy to defeat to be Lent for 40 days 1
topfotogmw 25.07.13 11:12pm
Archbishop denies planning 'Wonga Wonga" parties 4
CulchaVulcha 25.07.13 10:09pm
Literary world in turmoil as Roger Galbraith claims he wrote Harry Potter books 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 25.07.13 9:29pm
Dyslexic gardener orders three sweet peas for his lounge (Neat-O) 1
Midfield Diamond 25.07.13 9:12pm
"Wongs of Praise" planned by BBC 0
CulchaVulcha 25.07.13 6:37pm
'Refuse to pay our loans back and I'll give you arse cancer', warns God

The Church of England's plans to 'take down' payday lender Wonga by offering people a 'cheaper alternative', will come with its downsides, admitted the the Archbishop of Canterbury today. The...

Jesus H 25.07.13 6:32pm
Jesus H
Second hand racist for sale 50 million pounds ono. Call Anfield 101010

That's won nothing, won nothing, won nothing...

godly1966 25.07.13 6:18pm