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Gracie Fields tribute act on morale boosting tour of Syria

When Lancashire drag queen Vera Vajazal (aka George Hailesworth) got wind of the situation in Syria, she decided it was time to attempt to lift people’s spirits in the midst of their adversity....

Dick Everyman 09.07.13 7:12am
Dick Everyman
Expert says typing opinions into a website makes you an Expert 1
Dumbnews 09.07.13 6:28am
Lindy Moone
Bamber appeal judges irritated at being rushed. "I'll have to hurry you."

Possibly more soon He may end up with a starter for life...

Not Amused 09.07.13 1:10am
Not Amused
'Fussy' dung beetles refusing to eat shit any more

To zoologists, they are nature’s great recyclers, the 5,000 or so species that feed on faeces and maintain the ecological balance of the deserts, farmlands, forests and grasslands of the world....

Oxbridge 08.07.13 11:56pm
Winning Wimbledon getting easier claims Daily Mail 3
Smart Alex 08.07.13 11:38pm
Revised BBC TV schedule for w/c 8 July

Wed 10 July: [list]Replay of Wimbledon final where Andy Murray defeated Novak Djokovic[/list], [list]Andy Murray’s life story – age 0 to 5[/list], [list]History of “The Joke” featuring...

Sinnick 08.07.13 10:50pm
Cameron credits Murray win to Coalition Government

David Cameron has come forward, hot on the heels of Andy Murray's Wimbledon win, to state his belief that the [s]Scottish[/s] English sportsman's win should entirely be credited to the Coalition...

WatcherMark 08.07.13 10:37pm
Mr Target
People still falling for the 'oh it must have gone into my spam folder' lie

Scientists have revealed that around 74% of the population still believe it when someone says they didn't receive an email because it went into their spam folder. The new study published today...

andrewl81 08.07.13 10:28pm
DJOKOVIC impossible to beat, claims Scrabble champ. 8
Boutros 08.07.13 8:49pm
‘I’m Sorry Marion’ says Weasel-Faced, Big-Nosed, BBC Presenter

Ageing, greying and almost certainly balding BBC Tennis presenter John Inverdale apologised for his insensitive remarks about Marion Bartoli yesterday, saying looks should not come into sports...

daneade 08.07.13 8:38pm
Lindy Moone
First wave of surgeons' golf handicaps published

Vascular surgeons have become the first of a new group of nine specialities to publish their golfing performance data, to include handicaps, driving distance, putting accuracy and average bar spend....

Boutros 08.07.13 8:37pm
Snowden "spotted in crowd on Henman Hill". More soon.

Al OPecia 08.07.13 8:22pm
PM calls on PM to knight Andy Murray

Prime Minister David Cameron is to lobby the Prime Minister for Andy Murray to be knighted. "I know it's the Prime Minister's decision, but who deserves it more?", said a puzzled looking Cameron...

apepper 08.07.13 8:19pm
Britain's credit rating plummets as BBC gives TV series to Count Arthur Strong 0
ronseal 08.07.13 7:16pm
Arsenal unveils the new Corporate Package KIt to fanfare from Piers Morgan

The radical redesign of Arsenal's new kit for its VIP fans has been hailed as a triumph, a tour de force and a capturing of the zeitgeist, by the media and celebrity (M&C) community. Designed by...

ronseal 08.07.13 6:04pm
BBC apologise to 'munter' Bartoli over remarks. 0
MADJEZ 08.07.13 3:36pm
So can you think of anyone who deserves a knighthood more than Andy Murray?

Answers on a postcard to...

irreverendJ 08.07.13 3:11pm
Flag opportunistically waved by Salmond at Wimbledon 'definitely Scottish'

More soon, ye ken...

Oxbridge 08.07.13 2:46pm
Pensioners demand grants for de-insulating their homes.

"It's like a bloody oven in here."...

A.A.Arkwright 08.07.13 1:55pm
Section of ‘A’ road to be given listed status.

A section of the A158, near Lincoln, is to be awarded Grade I listed status due to it’s ‘near perfect’ state of preservation., A spokeswoman for Lincolnshire Highways Agency, Vanessa McAdam,...

FOAD 08.07.13 1:47pm
Tim Henman's parents 'finally go home' after 17-year Wimbledon ordeal

The parents of nearly-man Tim Henman have spoken of their 'joy and relief' today after they were finally able to head home after admitting to living on Centre Court for seventeen years and two...

Jesus H 08.07.13 1:04pm
Jesus H
Asiana Airlines deny letting 'work experience kid' land plane. 0
MADJEZ 08.07.13 12:53pm
Donald Trump buys the naming rights to ‘litigation’

In a surprise ruling the Supreme Court has ordered that all future civil actions will be referred to as a “Trump”. It is predicted that by 2015 46% of all court cases in the U.S. will involve...

Wrenfoe 08.07.13 12:52pm
Sally Burqcow tweets her support of Muslim Sisterhood 0
A.A.Arkwright 08.07.13 12:43pm
Gove reforms stretch pupils to the limit 0
victimms 08.07.13 12:27pm
'Huge release of pressure' as Murray spends 1st night in weeks with girlfriend.

More soooooooooooooon.

MADJEZ 08.07.13 11:54am
Halley's comet disappointed to miss once-in-77-year spectacle 2
Squudge 08.07.13 10:26am
Midfield Diamond
Russian dolls “just so full of themselves” claim critics. 8
godly1966 08.07.13 10:14am
Functional vending machine discovered

SCRANTON, PA — After a startling discovery, thousands flocked to Scranton, Pennsylvania to witness a vending machine that actually accepted American dollar bills and completely delivered the...

hunterjones 08.07.13 10:11am
Lindy Moone
Murray inspires new generation to play tennis.... for two weeks a year. 1
MADJEZ 08.07.13 10:03am