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Obituaries accused of left-wing bias

Following a plethora of socialist bereavements, newspapers have been accused of eulogizing ‘tree huggers’, ‘Marxists’ and ‘people who wear socks with sandals’. To offset the appearance of...

Wrenfoe 18.03.14 11:59am
The World always part of Russia - Putin 1
Bigglesworth 18.03.14 11:51am
Malaysian Authorities Arrest Magician Dynamo

After nearly two weeks, the Malaysian security services have claimed a breakthrough in the hunt for missing flight MH370. At approximately 5 o’clock this morning, following a raid on his Bradford...

james_doc 18.03.14 11:39am
Malaysians contact

More later...

virtuallywill 18.03.14 11:10am
Celebrity who did some exercise, in front of a camera, may get an award.

More Davina later...

virtuallywill 18.03.14 11:08am
Man completes bike ride to shops for no cause in particular 1
Bigglesworth 18.03.14 11:04am
Dick Everyman
Malaysian search uncovers missing undercarriage in Teeside 0
Backup Brian 18.03.14 11:03am
Backup Brian
"All the passengers on MH370 had voted to become Russian," claims Putin

As suspicions grow that missing airliner may be somewhere in the Moscow area, Putin claims that on "a show of hands" the passengers had asked for the plane to be redirected and to be given Russian...

halfironmum 18.03.14 10:44am
Report just in: Nature now ‘less antagonistic’ to a vacuum... 0
Tripod 18.03.14 10:42am
‘Clifford’: a unit of measurement for something smaller than your little finger 0
Tripod 18.03.14 9:45am
Herb Farmer named Herb Farmer of the Year by Herb Farmer magazine.

'Its an honour', said this year's holder of horticulture's most coveted trophy, the Golden Bay Leaf. And the Norfolk based grower says he attributes his success to sheer scale. "With two thousand...

nickb 18.03.14 9:31am
Missing jet definitely the result of aliens

A spokesman for Malaysian Airlines said that their missing passenger jet is almost certainly the result of either extra-terrestrial beings, giant bees or an inter-dimensional portal to another...

theinvisiblecitychannels 18.03.14 9:29am
Mr Orca
OFSTED set to be replaced by the cast of Hollyoaks

The standard of OFSTED inspections and inspectors has been called into question by teachers in this country who complain that it is impossible to read or understand their reports. Gary 'Gaz-Man'...

Mr Orca 18.03.14 9:27am
Mr Orca
Isle of Wight couple report: Still no sign of ‘missing’ luggage

While the eyes of the world are turned towards finding Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, tension continues to mount for Mr & Mrs Nichols; who despite being in the second week of a package tour of...

Wrenfoe 18.03.14 9:02am
Secretary shagged mountaineer 'because he was there'

More Talk Sport banter later...

Gerontius 18.03.14 8:21am
Colgate accused of Crimean genocide attempt 0
Bigglesworth 18.03.14 12:27am
Scientists discover echo of Big Bang, later identified as E4+1 2
Andy Gilder 18.03.14 12:26am
"Maddie was on flight MH370" Claims express 0
Bigglesworth 18.03.14 12:25am
Putin, Kim Jong Un & Mugabe Each Claim 110% Of Crimean Independence Vote ...

and each therefore consequently declares Crimea to be 'An integral part' of each of their respective territories...

Titus 17.03.14 11:50pm
Inflation discovery leads to media interest rate rise 0
Not Amused 17.03.14 11:01pm
Not Amused
Chancellor to smoke spliff when delivering Budget on Wednesday

Disraeli's tipple of choice was brandy with water, Gladstone preferred a sherry with a beaten egg and Hugh Gaitskell drank rum with orange juice. More recently Geoffrey Howe was a gin and tonic man...

bookiesfriend 17.03.14 9:48pm
Marijuana Causes Global Warming Dilemma

Shocked Eco activists face a dilemma when it was revealed for every pound of pot grown indoors, 4600lbs of carbon dioxide goes into the atmosphere a situation some described as 'challenging' their...

Dun Dunkin 17.03.14 9:25pm
Dun Dunkin
New Big Bang evidence ‘only makes Genesis seem more plausible’... 0
Tripod 17.03.14 8:07pm
Merkel warns Putin over EU-Russian sanctions.

"Your name will also go on the list"...

Zen 17.03.14 8:04pm
Max Clifford "not a massive cock", court hears 0
Andy Gilder 17.03.14 7:42pm
Andy Gilder
Which missing airliner are you? Take the Buzzfeed quiz and find out 0
Andy Gilder 17.03.14 7:41pm
Andy Gilder
Dissentient Irish Republicans claim they have an alternative supply of syntax. 0
Al OPecia 17.03.14 7:31pm
Al OPecia
Scientists reveal that the start of the universe happened "at the beginning" 0
Schoolboy 17.03.14 7:28pm
David Cameron expresses concern about Scottish Independence Vote

After Crimea's free and fair democratic vote on independence resulting in over 90% of the population wanting independence from Ukraine and later joining Russia, UK PM David Cameron has expressed...

ionb 17.03.14 7:20pm
Manchester fans unite in grief at loss of plane, Maddie, players’ form...

After the club’s fifth home defeat this season, Manchester United has issued a timely statement. “Knowing what it’s like to lose something precious - like an enviable home record - our fans can...

Tripod 17.03.14 7:17pm