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Cameron's makeup assistant to the rescue, to spare his blushes....

as UK economy falters yet again...

Jesse Bigg 19.05.12 12:32pm
Jesse Bigg
Cameron insistant that coalition MP's.......

..must have a whipround to pay for his next little jaunt/skive...

Jesse Bigg 19.05.12 12:14pm
Jesse Bigg
BBC defends Come Dine With Me narrator choice for main Jubilee event. 0
reforse 19.05.12 11:44am
Diamond Jubilee lunch marred by absence of Prince Philip gaffes

The Queen is said to be “miffed” that Prince Philip spectacularly failed to provide the expected entertainment at the Diamond Jubilee lunch after she had assembled such a promising group of...

Yikes 19.05.12 10:23pm
Villagers scatter in fear as strangers bring fire to Cornwall. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 19.05.12 10:30am
New sponsorship deal sees Gin named as the official 'Olympic Spirit'

After an oversight by the marketing department of the London Olympics, Gordon’s London Gin has been belatedly announced as the official ‘Olympic Spirit’. The phrase ‘Olympic Spirit’ has...

Perks 19.05.12 12:40pm
David Beckham ‘bigger than Facebook’ in soaraway stock market debut

Facebook’s recent much-trumpeted initial public offering was overshadowed today as shares in David Beckham, Inc. gained 23% on their first day of trading, valuing Beckham at over $200 billion. But...

Des Custard 20.05.12 10:38am
Cameron texts Obama about his Gr8 speech today 0
charlies_hat 19.05.12 7:28am
Olympic Torch now running on Emergency Credit

Olympic Officials today admitted they were caught "somewhat offguard" at how frequently they needed to top up the credit on the Pay As You Go gas card which was intended to keep the Olympic Flame...

grumblechops 25.05.12 6:07pm
Des Custard

Roy Hodgson has again reiterated that he chose John Terry over Rio Ferdinand for ‘footballing reasons only.’, Speaking in defence of his selection Hodgson said, ‘John Terry is the finest...

Hooch 19.05.12 12:51am
Beckham and Olympic Committee Proclaimed Gods for Bringing Fire To Cornwall 1
thisisall1word 18.05.12 11:48pm
Inventor of Ceefax fails to tick round to 86 0
charlies_hat 18.05.12 7:57pm
Zuckerberg crestfallen as Facebook bought with Euros 1
Mandy Lifeboat 18.05.12 7:37pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Isle of Wight to stage full state funeral for Colin McIntyre 0
Mandy Lifeboat 18.05.12 6:45pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Revealed! Rebekah Brooks and Simply Red one and the same person. 0
Maverick 18.05.12 6:40pm
Overweight opera singer delighted by Marks & Spencer 'Two for a Tenor' meal deal

More helpings soon...

Smart Alex 19.05.12 11:05am
Mandy Lifeboat
Peer of the realm arrested for taking incendiary device onto plane. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.05.12 5:51pm
Coming soon...CALL of NATURE : Comfort Break 2

Publishers Activision say they are simply responding to customer demand with the release of the latest video game in the Call of Duty series which, it is rumoured will be aimed exclusively at the...

Nerys Hughes 04.06.12 5:17pm
Police alerted as Rochdale priest opens takeaway 0
medici2471 18.05.12 3:54pm
Olympic flame extinguished as 'no smoking' signs are illuminated 0
Haywood Manley 18.05.12 2:58pm
Haywood Manley
Ay Caramba! Los bandidos han robado todo el dinero. 1
Tomfinger 18.05.12 2:43pm
Olympic flame dies at passport control

"Name?", "David Beckham.", "David Beckham my arse. What's that in your hand?", "The Olympic flame.", "Olympic flame my arse. Put it out."...

Boutros 18.05.12 10:32pm
Adam Smith to tell Levison that emails were sent by an invisible hand 0
charlies_hat 18.05.12 1:48pm
Tatchell criticises queen 0
nostra da mouse 18.05.12 1:30pm
nostra da mouse
Santander British grand prix downgraded to corporate team building weekend 1
medici2471 19.05.12 12:51pm
cricket loving milliner invents 'fast bowler' 0
Underconstruction 18.05.12 12:54pm
Government defends 'Eastenders is about to start' texts aimed at new parents 0
Underconstruction 18.05.12 12:43pm
Monarch's lunch will be cheaper than dining with Cameron Queen tells reporters 0
Scronnyglonkle 18.05.12 11:58am
Spain Downgrades Credit Ratings Agency's Credibility To 'Cobblers'

More later. . ...

Terrance Clench 18.05.12 11:58am
Terrance Clench
Support YOUR police - commit easily detected, finable crimes

Are YOU worried about crime? Do you lay awake at night, trying to balance the costs of society breaking down, with the price of a bobby's helmet? Well, now YOU can help. Just follow Theresa May's...

18.05.12 7:28pm