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Charity shop alert: Boxers and briefs may contain traces of nuts 2
weematt 01.02.13 12:31pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Alex Reid issues Watermelon warning

In an open letter to "Fruit and Veg Lovers Weekly", sex-dungeon dweller and noted cross-dresser, Alex Reid has issued a stark warning to those contemplating the purchase of Watermelons. "If you've...

webcast 01.02.13 11:53am
Dick Everyman
Sperm whale earwax and ambergris blamed for Dorset seabird disaster 0
simonjmr 01.02.13 11:32am
Burger scandal. Dressage schools responsible for mincing horses. 0
weematt 01.02.13 10:59am
Glue industry in crisis as Burger King releases new 'Flame Grilled Trotter'

Have it your neigh...

kimllfixit 01.02.13 9:53am
Prince keeps being hit with drum sticks since changing his name to cymbal.

1990's topical!...

One Line Only 01.02.13 9:53am
One Line Only
New Agency Created to Supervise Independent Police Complaints Commission

"IPCCcom" - which in turn will be answerable to the IPCCcom Supervisory Authority., (More, indefinitely )...

Titus 01.02.13 9:20am
Argentina Object to Presence of British Representatives at Falklands Discussions

In fact, object to the presence of anyone except members of the ruling Argentine "Front for Victory" and "Judicialist" parties...

Titus 01.02.13 9:13am
Uproar among Top Gear viewers as unlikely race results in clear winner

Fans of the popular BBC car-based entertainment show Top Gear have complained in their hundreds after the first episode of the new series saw a race across the Sahara desert fail to produce the sort...

Vertically Challenged Giant 01.02.13 1:20am
The All New Jeni B
Traces of meat found in poor people's diet says IDS

Minute traces of meat have been found in some meals consumed by poor people, according to the Department of Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith. Mr Smith said he had long suspected that...

roybland 01.02.13 1:16am
Film Review; Cling best for covering food 0
One Line Only 01.02.13 12:49am
One Line Only
Developing news; Jessops snapped up 0
One Line Only 01.02.13 12:47am
One Line Only
Pet shop chain introduces bark codes

More to follow...

apepper 01.02.13 12:07am
Tesco press releases "29% shit". 0
deskpilot3 01.02.13 12:05am
Lib Dems sign Eric Pickles in deadline day swoop.

In the transfer day frenzy, the signature of Eric Pickles stood out as the biggest signing of the day. Pickles will move to the Lib Dems for an undisclosed fee with David Laws moving in the...

reforse 01.02.13 12:04am
A big Buckinghamshire thumbs-up for HS2

Cumbria County Council's decision not to allow the construction of a storage bunker for radioactive waste in the county has led to a Government decision to build the nuclear waste facility at an...

EditorJohn 31.01.13 7:36pm
Fake Tan Man Cameron Wows The Libyans On Arrival......

"If London is that hot, he's one of us!"...

Jesse Bigg 31.01.13 7:29pm
Real Queen "Been Dead for ages" Admits Palace Spokesman

"Of course Mummy is dead" said the spokesman, who refused to be identified. "If she were still alive she would be er, I don't know, one supposes proably about 103 by now, and certainly wouldn't be...

Titus 31.01.13 6:32pm
Beckham, Senior, Arrives....

in poser land...

Jesse Bigg 31.01.13 5:48pm
Jesse Bigg
Ticketmaster trials new system that asks 'Are you sure you're human?' 0
custard cream 31.01.13 5:43pm
custard cream
Harry Redknapp injured trying to force transfer window to stay open 0
custard cream 31.01.13 5:40pm
custard cream
Cameron arrives in Libya just as Govt. advises all Brits to leave 0
custard cream 31.01.13 5:36pm
custard cream
Togo Thrown Out Of Cup Of Nations For Not Being A Real Country

Officials at the African Cup Of Nations soccer tournament in South Africa were left red faced last night after it emerged that Togo, whose victory over Algeria on Sunday dumped one of the favourites...

Jonny Shlep 31.01.13 5:32pm
Iraqi detainees battering scandal. Scottish Regiment "likely culprit" says MoD

more casual stereotyping later...

dvo4fun 31.01.13 5:16pm
Shoe-Horns Overtake Whips....

In sex aid stakes...

Jesse Bigg 31.01.13 4:05pm
Jesse Bigg
Eco-Freaks Demand That Incandescant Rage be Replaced By Low-Energy Rage

A Spokesman for Friends of Green Earthpiece today insisted that wasteful incandescant rage was causing global warming, and demanded that in future all rage should be more efficient, low-energy rage. ...

Titus 31.01.13 4:02pm
Incandescent rage over 60dB to be banned from Jan 1st 2014 1
bonjonelson 31.01.13 3:54pm
Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston play the Camerons in "Mali and me". More soon. 3
dominic_mcg 31.01.13 3:25pm
Young Tony Blair accused of Cherie picking 0
Lens Cap 31.01.13 3:24pm
Lens Cap
Dealers in old Nissans accused of ‘cherry picking.'

Audi news that’s fit to print...

sigmund 31.01.13 3:09pm