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Nimby Caught Tresspassing 0
BewsNiscuit 02.04.13 9:52pm
'Chris Huhne managing to spend far less than £53 a week' says Iain Duncan-Smith 4
ianslat 02.04.13 9:45pm
Al OPecia
Duncan Smith to marry dog following online petition 0
BAJDixon 02.04.13 9:21pm
‘And Fifthly’ to replace ‘And Finally’ in EU policy to limit TV news items 0
Big Ben 02.04.13 8:48pm
Big Ben
Nuon Chea: sick enough for Khmer Rouge, then sick enough for your trial

The former Khmer Rouge deputy to Pol Pot, 86 year old Nuon Chea, has people arguing for and against his fitness to stand trial for his part in killing millions of Cambodians in the 1970’s in the...

Big Ben 02.04.13 8:47pm
Big Ben
Pol Pott linked with England manager job 0
Scronnyglonkle 02.04.13 8:45pm
Cocky Cockney fails to resist encouraging another round of Cock and Bull. 0
Big Ben 02.04.13 8:45pm
Big Ben
Londoner on hunger strike in hope of saving others from his shit. 0
Big Ben 02.04.13 8:44pm
Big Ben
Big Ben Strikes: Daily Echo. 0
Big Ben 02.04.13 8:43pm
Big Ben
Leader of the BNP refuses to admit if he has 'football managing tendencies'. 1
Ian Searle 02.04.13 8:42pm
German Flea Circus 'was ready to invade Czechoslovakia'

A German flea circus was ready to invade the former Czechoslovakia just before the entire troupe of performing fleas was wiped out by the freezing temperatures currently gripping Germany. 'History...

roybland 02.04.13 7:53pm
Market trader agrees to try and live on just £1,600 a week 1
Ian Searle 02.04.13 7:46pm
Vegetarians! Get your bids in NOW for a guilt-free leg of lamb

bonjonelson 02.04.13 7:43pm
Catholic vacancies: Missionary positions available 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 02.04.13 7:35pm
Turn out at Islamabad Gay Pride march said to be 'disappointing' 2
blacklesbianandproudofit 02.04.13 5:16pm
Historians suggest that the OK Corral was somewhat underrated. 4
sredni vashta 02.04.13 5:05pm
Britons urged not to panic after Bulgarian spotted

The government has appealed for calm after a woman in Braintree, Essex claimed to have seen a Bulgarian. There are fears the sighting could spark panic-bigotry by thousands of [i]Daily Express[/i]...

Darkbill 2.0 02.04.13 4:31pm
Texting at the wheel could neutralise the effect of being pissed, says study

A study, jointly commissioned by a top mobile phone brand and a leading gin distiller, has good news for those who like to relax at the wheel. According to the independent experts paid to conduct the...

ronseal 02.04.13 2:12pm
Government warns "lives may be lost" if people ignore Facebook medical advice.

The Department of Health has warned that lives may be at risk due to the large number of people failing to repost medical information posted on Facebook by friends. "Not enough people are pressing...

bonjonelson 02.04.13 1:58pm
Operation Elveden stalls as Met Police denied access to Lothlorien 0
Nowherefast 02.04.13 1:16pm
North Koreans are ‘sirry irriots’ says Benny Hill

Dead comedian Benny Hill has caused a diplomatic row by accusing the North Korean government of being ‘sirry irriots.’ Speaking through a medium Hill, aged 105, criticised the North Korean...

Thewoodenleg 02.04.13 1:09pm
June 2055 : Beckham still hopeful of National team selection 0
simonjmr 02.04.13 1:03pm
David Milliband Quits Sunderland Board After Admitting He Used To Be A Socialist 2
Titus 02.04.13 12:54pm
Jeremy Hunt
Di Canio confirms he's a SAFCist through and through 0
simonjmr 02.04.13 12:54pm
Shock as kerb 'trip' police officer story turns out not to be April Fool. 0
theinvisiblecitychannels 02.04.13 12:40pm
Great Balls Of Fire! - Man Wins Disco Prize......

Dancing like a dad at a wedding...

Jesse Bigg 02.04.13 12:11pm
Jesse Bigg
Kim Jong-un to guest star in final episode of The Big Bang Theory

..Sorry. Just a whimsical thought...

Nowherefast 02.04.13 11:46am
Di Canio's new Sunderland formation - everyone to play on right wing 3
Actual Size 02.04.13 9:35am
Westminster sex workers fear triple dip 0
Scroat 02.04.13 8:25am
Pundits Who Parrot "Triple Dip Recession" Admit They Don't Know What It Means 0
Titus 02.04.13 8:07am