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Dunhill develop plant based alternative to e-cigarettes

Dunhill have announced a breakthrough plant based product to replace e-cigarettes. A company spokesman explained; "There have been some health concerns over e-cigarettes, so a natural, plant-based...

apepper 08.05.14 7:59am
Russian troops balaclavas 'mostly just tea cosies'

Vladimir Putin is said to be 'tight-lipped' today after Western intelligence sources indicated that the Russian build-up of troops in the Crimea has been undermined by logistical difficulties in the...

Squudge 08.05.14 7:44am
Kevin the Swan
Violent cat who escaped from prison was serving nine life sentences 2
sydalg 08.05.14 7:39am
Police pull Cracker 2
Squudge 08.05.14 7:38am
Kevin the Swan
Farage strikes unusual note during last night's UKIP 'anti-racism' photo op

Here's the pic… if only the website set up would let me do just a headline and pic without screwing the board up. ....

pinxit 08.05.14 7:36am
Kevin the Swan
Nigerian Govt. Adopts 'Bluster' & 'Denial' In Place Of 'Incompetence&#0 0
Titus 08.05.14 7:26am
Former 70s DJs Tempted To Join Boko Haram In Exchange For Supply Of Young Girls 0
Titus 08.05.14 7:16am
Violent Criminal forced to cut short shopping trip by paparazzi scum!

Once again the British press have been found guilty of ruining fairly innocent lives. Their coverage in this case has proven to be woefully disappointing in the presentation of facts. An everyday...

cpgriffin 08.05.14 7:11am
Farce as Farage anti-racist 'Charm Offensive' proves just 'offensive'

Nigel Farage's plan to pose with all of UKIP's black & ethnic minority candidates hit a snag today when a photo opportunity descended into chaos in less than a minute. In bright sunlight the...

pinxit 08.05.14 6:56am
Band Aid reform to appeal for release of Nigerian Schoolgirls

As the majority of the free world rally together to express righteous indignation at the Nigerian schoolgirl kidnappings, recently bereaved Bob Geldof is about to throw in his two penneth, in the...

Mork 08.05.14 5:54am
Survey finds most butchers called Hal and Al 0
sydalg 08.05.14 5:25am
Lab that developed new model of Universe urgently seeking larger premises

more to follow...

apepper 08.05.14 5:04am
Death penalty to be put to death 0
Dumbnews 08.05.14 4:12am
New lethal legislation proposed to kill the death penalty 0
Dumbnews 08.05.14 4:09am
Agoraphobic mass murderer sent to open prison as extra punishment 0
sydalg 08.05.14 12:42am
Skullcracker Quit Jail Because Of Disgust With Rapists & Kiddie Fiddlers

"I may be a convict" said Michael 'Skullcracker' Wheatley "but I am a decent, straightforward bank-robber, not a pervert. I decided to leave Standford Hill nick because I was ashamed to be seen in a...

Titus 08.05.14 12:31am
Skull-Cracker "close associate" of Jack 'The Hat' Mcvitie

You have to work for it...

Adrian Bamforth 07.05.14 10:04pm
Adrian Bamforth
'Mad Frankie' Fraser praises return to traditional criminal nicknames 3
RobArmstrong 07.05.14 9:36pm
Lewinsky still refuses to give a blow by blow account.

Old one's are best. More soon...

MADJEZ 07.05.14 9:32pm
Morph under fire for stream of racist expletives

Claymation character Morph, popularised by the children's TV art show Take Hart, was today embroiled in row over racism on the BBC. Though his words are commonly thought of as unintelligible babble,...

Adrian Bamforth 07.05.14 9:26pm
Adrian Bamforth
Media reports suggesting skull cracker creme crackered labelled too cheesy. 0
irreverendJ 07.05.14 9:23pm
Met chef who used too much seasoning charged with wasting police thyme 4
sydalg 07.05.14 9:22pm
Secrets of the Car Washer to the Stars

Houston resident, Arnold Jones, realized his lifelong dream when his cleaning business won a contract to clean cars for Hollywood stars. One of Mr. Jones first clients was international movie...

07.05.14 9:19pm
Fears Cameron may sell Clegg as sex slave if demands aren't met 4
sydalg 07.05.14 9:14pm
Indian bank outsourcing to UK call centre accused of racism

An Indian bank has had hundreds of complaints of racism from its customers, after it decided to outsource the call centre to the UK. The zero-hours employees at the call centre, fluent in Hindi,...

camz 07.05.14 8:39pm
Skullcracker open prison to fit inmates with Eurorail train pass tags 0
beckfordburger 07.05.14 8:39pm
World reacts with ‘surprising’ speed to Nigerian abduction – one month later

With the coiled energy of a tortoise on Prozac, the international community has sprung to the aid of the frantic families of over 200 missing Nigerian schoolgirls. As most crime-fighting agencies...

Wrenfoe 07.05.14 8:23pm
Al OPecia
Leaked Clifford Prison-Diary extract disappointing…

[s]1460[/s] [s]1459[/s] [s]1458[/s] [s]1457[/s] [s]1456[/s] 1455 1454 1453 1452 1451 1450 1449...

Underconstruction 07.05.14 7:20pm
Smart Alex
Max Clifford looking for prison nickname: ‘something short and to the point'... 0
Tripod 07.05.14 7:13pm
This Day in Baseball History -- New Record for Crotch Fondling

1963 -- The longest period of time that a professional baseball player has stood on the field of play without fondling his crotch is a staggering 7 seconds, achieved by Darren Hamish of the the...

07.05.14 7:04pm