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‘Check out our shiny new air ambulance’, London tells rest of UK

George Osborne is receiving heavy praise from Londoners this week following Wednesday's widely anticipated budget speech. The chancellor has promised £1million to pay for the capital’s second air...

Jesus H 21.03.14 11:34am
Rumour Control
Mt Gox apologises as 200,000 Bitcoins found down back of sofa

The head of much maligned Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, 28-year-old Frenchman Mark Karpele, today apologised for mislaying thousands of Bitcoins claiming that excessive spliff and pizza consumption had...

magrpe 21.03.14 11:29am
Afghanistan Fake 'Diner' Assassins Dismiss Bullingdon Club As 'lightweights'.

Titus 21.03.14 9:08am
G4S blame ineffective electronic tag as Pistorius escapes custody 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 21.03.14 8:54am
Turkey's Industrial Productivity Instantly Doubles Following Twitter Ban 0
Titus 21.03.14 8:14am
Vera Lynn marks 97th by singing 'We'll meet again' cos that never gets old.

OK so her generation stopped us from speaking German but with the music on offer being her, Gracie Fields & George Formby perhaps we could have done with getting techno 40 years early...

MADJEZ 21.03.14 8:10am
Jesse Bigg
Turkey Bans Twitter!…...

…".Can I borrow your pigeon, Arthur?"...

Jesse Bigg 21.03.14 7:57am
Jesse Bigg
Nations commemorate Phelps with one minute cottaging 1
Adrian Bamforth 21.03.14 7:49am
Phelps family tragedy as Fred misses chance to blame Flight 370 on gays 0
sydalg 21.03.14 12:07am
Missing plane passenger found in red box.

Search and rescue teams from around the world descended on No. 11 Downing Street today after picking up a faint signal said to be generated by a missing 64 year old beer drinking bingo player hoping...

spoole2112 20.03.14 11:25pm
Royal Baby's Nanny stumps Daily Mail

Clarence House has announced that Ms Turrian Burrallo will accompany the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their forthcoming tour of Australia, in the capacity of nanny to Prince George. The Daily...

John Roughty 20.03.14 11:19pm
John Roughty
"Alan Turing would have been for intrusive state surveillance" - GCHQ 0
Bigglesworth 20.03.14 10:56pm
G4S say they will use Malasian Airlines for future renditions 0
throngsman 20.03.14 10:21pm
West uses innuendo to open new front & put pressure on Putin's 'inner circle' 0
bookiesfriend 20.03.14 10:03pm
Fight fans Fury-ous at uneventful press conference

The boxing community was left reeling last night after a routine press conference ahead of Dereck Chisora and Tyson Fury's WBO title eliminator in Manchester on July 26 passed without incident....

gnarlyb 20.03.14 9:58pm
Royal Mail Extend Delivery Options

Bolstered by their success on the stock market but shaken by Amazon threatening to deliver parcels itself by drone, Royal Mail have taken to creating new, innovative ways to get your parcels to you....

throngsman 20.03.14 9:53pm
Sick of endless weak Crimea puns, Putin renames peninsula 'Legova' 2
cinquecento 20.03.14 9:39pm
sredni vashta
Celebs queue up to spend 5 mins in Jo Whiley's box...for charity 0
irreverendJ 20.03.14 9:31pm
UN orders Tories to stop supplying ammunition to Labour

The UN Security Council has today ordered the Conservative party to stop supplying ammunition to Labour forces with immediate effect. 'We have been shown clear evidence that for at least the last...

ianslat 20.03.14 9:18pm
Gay bar to be renamed 'Phelp's Arse'

Locals are invited to spend an evening in it...

camz 20.03.14 8:40pm
World's population extends offer of free funeral to horse Phelps rode in on 0
Adrian Bamforth 20.03.14 8:23pm
Adrian Bamforth
Devil shows admirable grasp of irony whilst bumming Phelps with his pitchfork 0
Ironduke 20.03.14 8:12pm
Phelps outraged as St Peter tells him "Use rear entrance" 0
sydalg 20.03.14 8:01pm
Scientists discover 'causality is a myth'

They strongly urge people not to react to the news...

camz 20.03.14 7:40pm
Fred Phelps finds heaven uncomfortably hot... 0
Tripod 20.03.14 7:31pm
Newsbiscuit to introduce a ban on tickers which are just a little too long to fi 2
blacklesbianandproudofit 20.03.14 7:29pm
Schrodinger's goal-line technology causes league confusion

The use of pioneering new quantum goal-line technology developed by the Schrodinger Research Institute in Berlin has resulted in a nearly infinite level of confusion in the German amateur league...

jamsieoconnor 20.03.14 7:01pm
New dis-anthropomorphasised pet food 'tastes as good as a poodle's bumhole' 2
Ironduke 20.03.14 6:56pm
Man drowns on French immersion course. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 20.03.14 6:49pm
"Founders of anti gay church have been dead for a long time" admits press 0
Bigglesworth 20.03.14 5:52pm