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Riots Latest: There's an awful lot of coughing in Brazil. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 25.06.13 7:24am
Al OPecia
Blumenthal diner chokes on setsquare 0
Dick Everyman 25.06.13 7:20am
Dick Everyman
Embarassment at BBC as Match of the Day and Apprentice scripts get mixed up

Your Offside!...

Scronnyglonkle 25.06.13 7:00am
Isle of Wight tennis player arrives with a sense of hope and a SwingBall set

After being granted a place in the historic tournament as a completely unknown wild card, Isle of Wight tennis hopeful Mickey Pickles arrived at SW1 this morning carrying a solid plastic racquet and...

Jesus H 25.06.13 6:58am
Welsh Mountaineers Upset By Disappearance Of Snowden 1
Titus 25.06.13 12:28am
sredni vashta
Homophobic Jibe Upsets Queer 0
Titus 25.06.13 12:09am
Smear Tests To Be Introduced For Metropolitan Police.

(posted on behalf of Not Amused, so please don't blame me.)...

Titus 24.06.13 11:27pm
CIA Surrounds North Wales In Attempt to Trap Snowden 2
Titus 24.06.13 10:15pm
Traditionalist Doctors Want Treatment Restricted to Hetereopathy Not Homeopathy 1
Titus 24.06.13 9:22pm
Rave On Beach Found to Be Promoted By Ministry Of Sand

No news story behind this - I just liked the pun...

Titus 24.06.13 9:19pm
Stuart Hall in line for presidency of Italy

Opinion polls are showing Stuart Hall is neck and neck with Silvio Berlusconi in the race to be the next president of Italy. Although Berlusconi was initially ahead, Hall will be out of prison...

apepper 24.06.13 9:10pm
Football manager still employed at end of TV interview

In a TV first the manager of third division Southend was still employed after an appearance lasting nearly an hour. An emotional Dave Jeffries said, "I'm shocked, to be honest, we all know that...

apepper 24.06.13 8:52pm
Homeopathic footballer gives it 0.000001% 13
pere floza 24.06.13 8:52pm
Met police officer declared "institutionally nice"

"There's one in every barrel" deputy commissioner Mike Smythe concluded after an investigation discovered an "institutionally nice" officer at work on the streets of south London. "The next...

nickb 24.06.13 7:39pm
Berlusconi's sex trial verdict: male 4
Sinnick 24.06.13 7:24pm
Lindy Moone
Gove thinks smear tests should be made harder. Gains met police backing. 2
Not Amused 24.06.13 7:17pm
Not Amused
BMA passes motion on Jeremy Hunt 2
Sinnick 24.06.13 6:46pm
Yeats's Isle of Innisfree hut breaks building regulations

The dream of Mr William Butler Yeats of a peaceful retirement on his lake isle has been dealt a series of blows by officials from various agencies. First the building regulations inspectors ordered...

sydalg 24.06.13 5:55pm
Accomplished compositor sets quires daily 0
Arthur 24.06.13 5:43pm
Brave ferrets tackle badger setts square on 0
Arthur 24.06.13 5:39pm
Turkish riots set square alight 0
Arthur 24.06.13 5:36pm
Displays of bad manors upset squires' visitors, says English Heritage 0
Arthur 24.06.13 5:34pm
Ex SAS man finds dream office job.

A former SAS soldier has finally achieved his long-cherished ambition of working in an office. Gary Webb served in the army for twenty years, nine of which were spent in the elite Special Air Service...

sredni vashta 24.06.13 4:54pm
Scientists discover cats have their own Internet with humans doing funny things

Scientists from the university of Portsmouth have conducted a detailed survey of cat activity and have been amazed to discover that much of their evenings are spent on miniature laptops watching...

apepper 24.06.13 4:37pm
Berlusconi about to have his orofice abused with sex ring 0
irreverendJ 24.06.13 4:00pm
Irish exam board sets 'Quare Fellow' as GCSE text 2
Oxbridge 24.06.13 3:13pm
Lindy Moone
Record breaking long unintelligible letter contest won by credit card company

A letter announcing 'important changes to your credit card' has won the Guinness Book of World Records entry for the longest and least intelligible letter in the history of man. It beat the previous...

ronseal 24.06.13 2:57pm
Guy Poet sacking: employment lawyers say case falls between two stools 0
ronseal 24.06.13 2:37pm
Mandela still critical after 24 hrs...there's just no pleasing some folks 0
irreverendJ 24.06.13 2:09pm
Acid-head Gregor Samsa admits he still gets cockroach flashbacks 1
sydalg 24.06.13 2:06pm
Lindy Moone