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Jade Goody the opera.

It won't be over until the fat lady sings...

rob box 16.07.13 12:57pm
rob box
Include same-sex couple of each type of animal or be prosecuted, Noah warned

With the Flood only days away, the well-known patriarch is reported to be outraged after being warned that he faces prosecution under equality legislation when his ark docks on Mount Ararat unless he...

sydalg 16.07.13 12:04pm
Young playboys unable to sleep due to overheating water beds

It is an undeniable fact that women are a fan of water beds. Uninspiring sex is made bearable as they imagine they are a sensual mermaid, that is unfortunately having to humor the exacerbated seal on...

easymoney 16.07.13 11:58am
Benefits cap could make domestic help unaffordable, warn opposition MPs 0
A.A.Arkwright 16.07.13 11:47am
Eltham police review Skittles possession policy

Once regarded as a harmless low-cost confectionery item, Skittles are now under suspicion from South East London police. It's understood that Eltham police at grass roots level have been briefed to...

nickb 16.07.13 11:44am
Egypt Has Hopes High For Newly Elected Dalek Party

After the disillusionment and drama in the aftermath of the Muslim Brotherhood's election win and subsequent rejection, Egypt was searching for a political entity which would gain military support,...

Textbook 16.07.13 10:53am
Sphinx riddles getting easier, says Egyptian Daily Mail 0
sydalg 16.07.13 10:50am
Royal baby to be delivered by hereditary obstetrician

The Royal Family is reported to be delighted on learning that the post of obstetrician at St Mary's Hospital is an ancient title passed down through the male line since the Middle Ages. “It feels...

sydalg 16.07.13 10:47am
Mexican rock n roll dog has chihuahua wah wah pedal 0
nickb 16.07.13 10:46am
UK inflation rises due to Saville inquiry spending 0
simonjmr 16.07.13 10:36am
HMRC accused of "passing the Duchy" 2
nickb 16.07.13 10:25am
Glee's Finn fin 0
simonjmr 16.07.13 9:39am
Upper classes not inbred, claims Sir Crispin Thrumpington-Thrumpington 1
sydalg 16.07.13 9:35am
Grave concerns about dumbing down as Cambridge Circus awards its first degree 0
sydalg 16.07.13 9:30am
Labour says 'Hats off' to new benefits cap

The government this week announced it’s plans for a new £26,000 benefits cap to be introduced. The new cap will be free to all non-working people aged 16 to 64 to help them get work as ‘a cap is...

16.07.13 9:06am
'Going Duchy' unacceptable way of paying tax say HMRC 0
Backup Brian 16.07.13 7:17am
Backup Brian
Polar ice 'Not melting but being stolen by gypsies' claims Daily Mail

Despite there being massive amounts of scientific evidence to the contrary, the Daily Mail has published the results of its own research which it claims shows that polar ice caps are not melting, and...

antharrison 16.07.13 7:00am
Hunt to send hit squads into failing hospitals to hit senior managers

"For most failing hospital bosses it will be a simple case of a an open palmed strike to the head, or in more serious cases a couple of punches to the kidneys," Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told...

nickb 16.07.13 6:48am
Fruit machine takings plummet as benefit cap starts to bite.

Cos we all know that everyone on benefits just spends all day in Ladbrokes playing the fruities - right? Idle prejudice. It's so easy...

deskpilot3 16.07.13 6:35am
J K Rowling's lawyers refute claims that she is really Dan Brown.

Another doorstop soon...

deskpilot3 16.07.13 5:44am
George Zimmerman to Quit Neighborhood Watch Program

Since being acquitted of all charges in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has stated that he "should probably think about quitting the whole neighborhood watchman thing."...

jmg16 15.07.13 10:35pm
"Ridiculous excuses for tax avoidance" is in all good shops from Duchy Originals 0
AReader 15.07.13 10:16pm
Government says that Election Manifestos must have plain packaging...

and only available to shoppers on request...

deskpilot3 15.07.13 10:15pm
Highways Dept merge Cambridge Circus & Oxford Circus to form Oxbridge Circus 2
Scronnyglonkle 15.07.13 10:13pm
Families still "too selfish" to sleep rough

Ministers showed their displeasure with a report from the Resolution Foundation that suggests that rent is 'unaffordable' for one third of low-income families. Or to put it another way, as one...

Wrenfoe 15.07.13 10:12pm
G4S Charge Eighty Million Euros to run Dutch Mountain Rescue Service 3
Scronnyglonkle 15.07.13 9:22pm
Houses of Parliament to get Hawkeye.

MPs will be able to decide debates by 'going upstairs' to the third umpire in future. Hawkeye will be used to see whether insults flung from either side have hit home or gone wide of the mark....

Boutros 15.07.13 9:14pm
Promiscuous teens to be fitted with a benefits cap. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 15.07.13 9:14pm
Chain manufactures say business is booming since they joined Linkedin. 2
Ian Searle 15.07.13 9:12pm
American civil right campaigners hail Hispanic equality

Civil rights campaigners gathered outside a Florida courthouse today to hail a verdict seen as a milestone in American history. Speaking immediately after a not guilty verdict was handed down in the...

Mandy Lifeboat 15.07.13 9:06pm