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"50 Shades of Grayling" in which a twat tries to dominate men in bondage 0
Not Amused 24.03.14 11:38pm
Not Amused
Tv presenter decked by youths 0
Bigglesworth 24.03.14 11:23pm
All conspiracy theories come from committee of shape-shifting aliens

Experts in shape-shifting aliens, temporal protection agents and other idiots have said that there is conclusive absence of contradictory evidence that every conspiracy theory is being produced by a...

apepper 24.03.14 10:42pm
New IQ test gives highest score to those who ignore IQ tests 0
Dumbnews 24.03.14 10:14pm
David Cameron welcomes Andre Marriner to his Vision Team

Shoulda gone to Specsavers!...

custard cream 24.03.14 9:07pm
custard cream
Sochi G1 Summit to go ahead as planned says Putin 1
Bigglesworth 24.03.14 8:22pm
£5bn NHS fraud "not enough to interest us" says G4S 1
Andy Gilder 24.03.14 7:38pm
Mugged Tourist In Ukraine Stranded As Friends Disbelieve His Desperate Emails 0
Titus 24.03.14 7:18pm
Panic Among Satirists As Biscuits Are Rationed On Health Grounds 0
Titus 24.03.14 7:12pm
27m floating object could have been British navy 1
Underconstruction 24.03.14 7:10pm
All new Priests to automatically go on Sex Offenders Register confirms Vatican 0
bookiesfriend 24.03.14 7:02pm
Objects in Indian Ocean identified as flotsam & some jet 6
Backup Brian 24.03.14 6:51pm
Britain to Send Aircraft Carrier to the Black Sea – in 2025

Rear Admiral Benbow admitted [i]‘We have not actually got a carrier right now, bit of a cock up in the ordering department, but mark my words as soon as we get one and have done the work up, we...

Guillermo De Snookio 24.03.14 6:03pm
Catholic church apologises for apologising too much 0
Underconstruction 24.03.14 5:44pm
Andre Marrine sentences 528 Egyptians to death

Following on from the debacle of sending off the wrong player in Chelsea's 6-0 drubbing of Arsenal, this much maligned Premiership referee has cracked down on 1,200 supporters of the Muslim...

Wrenfoe 24.03.14 5:22pm
Frenchman posed as football manager for 1000 matches 0
Underconstruction 24.03.14 5:13pm
‘Broken homes’ Mother’s day ranking cards hailed as a ‘Great success’

Hallmark, the world’s largest greeting card business is delighted with the take-up of its ‘Mother’s day rankings cards’ which are targeted at children from broken homes. The cards, which...

antharrison 24.03.14 5:12pm
Al OPecia
Gallery to exhibit dark and slightly sinister paintings by Vincent Van Goth 2
Smart Alex 24.03.14 5:08pm
Al OPecia
Childrens' party host apologises for 'pin the tail on the Indian Ocean' gaff 0
Underconstruction 24.03.14 5:07pm
Little Mix get their period

MTF every month...

Underconstruction 24.03.14 5:04pm
Dinosaur nuggets found to contain no dinosaur

A leading frozen food company has apologised after batches of its dinosaur nuggets were found to contain mainly chicken. MTF...

Underconstruction 24.03.14 5:00pm
Sir Trevor McDonald to appeal against red card received whilst watching Arsenal 0
Underconstruction 24.03.14 4:57pm
Pistorius trial extended to mid-May due to excellent ticket sales 9
Andy Gilder 24.03.14 4:32pm
Plane bitz in C 4 defo. Plz #out hotel tomoz L8test. Soz. Malaysia Gov. 0
Ironduke 24.03.14 4:27pm
Brahms 'n' Liszt to split, due to "artistic differences"

Popular cockney music combo Brahms and Liszt, best known for their 80's chart- topper "Getting elephants down the rubber", have announced that they are going their separate ways. Bearded pianist...

Son of Barnabas 24.03.14 4:12pm
Snowden’s neck mole calling shots?

Snowden’s neck mole calling shots? Hero, traitor or victim of dermatological mind control? Researchers at the Newark Institute of Influencing Sciences have put forward a new theory for...

teleport 24.03.14 3:21pm
'Do I look like I have a f**king Nectar Card' Shane MacGowan tells cashier 0
bookiesfriend 24.03.14 2:22pm
Decriminalisation of licence fee dodging "symptomatic of dangerous BBC liberalis

A right-wing think-tank has slammed the proposed move to decriminalise those who don't pay the BBC licence fee as "yet another example of dangerous permissive thinking" at the corporation. The...

gnarlyb 24.03.14 2:04pm
Radio 3 to merge with Buzzfeed. Expect more Liszt 0
Andy Gilder 24.03.14 1:00pm
Andy Gilder
Archeologist discovers ancient woman buried under layers of makeup 1
Dumbnews 24.03.14 12:58pm
Son of Barnabas