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As if Savile wasn't enough, now Leeds General Infirmary pays for hand-job on NHS 1
dvo4fun 04.01.13 8:29am
Daily Mail leaks results of London Zoo Census - it's full of immigrants!!!

All living off the British public and refusing to learn our language!...

Ian Searle 04.01.13 8:26am
Ian Searle
Hand surgeon makes basic error

"It was on my right, not HIS right"."next time"...

brd888 04.01.13 8:22am
Hundreds of women in the UK have had a nose job, only one man has had a hand job 0
Ian Searle 04.01.13 6:50am
Ian Searle
2013 already poised to go and fuck itself

Even before it actually began, the year 2013 has been preparing to accede to the wishes of the vast majority of Britain's 60 million hacked off inhabitants. With nothing remotely good at all likely...

Oxbridge 04.01.13 6:34am
No No Feckin No
An appeal poem, on behalf of the biscuit party

Since signing up to NewsBiscuit,, I've noticed hostility,, Shown towards some biscuit types,, Like Custard Cream and me. We're not always that funny,, But let's be honest Chums,, It's fucking...

Bourbon 04.01.13 1:11am
Savile Row tailors launch new clothing range for those living on Savile Row.

danster 04.01.13 12:00am
Possible prison sentence sees Davidson practicing a trick shot to pot the brown

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cos he did a snooker show. I remember it. 5stars...

Bourbon 03.01.13 10:28pm
Dawsons creek
"I want to report a crime" tops list of most ridiculous 999 calls to police 2
ronseal 03.01.13 9:06pm
ronseal Minister Urges Joint Funding for Libraries

As authorities in Amsterdam seek to close them down, Local Government Minister Eric Pickles has advised Councils to lease space in local libraries to coffee shops. Pickles says the initiative –...

squibby 03.01.13 9:03pm
More realistic computer games to be launched in 2013...

The latest crop of video games will replicate real life challenges, says Brent Myerson, CEO of Avanti Games, based in Cambridge. “For too long the rationale of video games has been to kill other...

Tripod 03.01.13 7:55pm
Dick Everyman
Jim Davidson appearing on Crown Court instead of Celebrity Big Brother 1
custard cream 03.01.13 7:34pm
Dawsons creek
Fixie bike riders to be pre-nominated for Darwin Awards

Just to save time really...

danster 03.01.13 6:33pm
Showbiz world shocked at Toby Anstis 'straight' rumours. 0
MADJEZ 03.01.13 5:51pm
Jim Davidson accusers finally get their Big Break

More game show related news later...

victimms 03.01.13 5:15pm
Time the Indian authorities took the problem seriously 4
nostra da mouse 03.01.13 1:49pm
Think-tank suggests pay-cut for fat MPs

Especially thase who both do nothing and do nothing to aid weight-loss...

hero2zero 03.01.13 1:35pm
Sky divers celebrate the opening of a new drop in center 1
Ian Searle 03.01.13 1:32pm
Anarchist astrologer predicts a riot. 0
Ian Searle 03.01.13 1:21pm
Ian Searle
Cameron offers Argentina ownership of Scotland as compensation for Falklands 0
gregle 03.01.13 1:16pm
Ordeal has turned Davidson into a 'quivering bloke' says lawyer. 0
MADJEZ 03.01.13 1:14pm
Bob Dylan's sat nav finally tells him how many roads a man must walk down

Before you call him a man. (34 out of 3,485901 scanned)...

Ian Searle 03.01.13 1:13pm
Ian Searle
Davidson victims picked him out from conveyor belt of potential suspects

More soon Don't think the execution of this one's quite right yet though...

Qoxiivi 03.01.13 12:45pm
Retired gynaecologist still liked 'to keep his hand in' claim

no more soon...

custard cream 03.01.13 12:36pm
Deaf PC brings anxiety to animal world.

Ageing pensioner equine Mr Ed, and now retired bovine Ermintrude were arrested late last night by a partially deaf police officer who thought he had been informed by Police HQ to bring in any...

danster 03.01.13 11:33am
Olympic Vomiting Bug revealed

Scientists have reclassified thousands of cases of the winter vomiting bug after investigating the timings of various peaks in the recorded cases. They noticed that large spikes in the data...

Sheepback 03.01.13 10:50am
Jim Davidson demands 'Jim Davidson should be "strung up" -Kiddy fiddler'

there's no smoke without fire Nick Nick namby pamby liberals with their clever lawyers and long drawn out trials, hang 'em high, then send 'em back etc...

Jammydodgers 03.01.13 10:34am
Woman gives birth and raises child in IKEA queue

A Darlaston woman has given birth and started to raise her first child while waiting in line at IKEA. After Helena Churchill and partner David Lomax loaded their shopping trolley with their bargain...

Dick Everyman 03.01.13 9:52am
"We're weeks away from arresting 80's alternate comics" Yewtree detective claims 0
simonjmr 03.01.13 9:25am
Could 2013 be the Year of Coming After 2012 says desperate pundit 0
ronseal 03.01.13 9:03am