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Big rise in number of UK homes with swimming pools 2
roybland 10.02.14 8:40pm
Kevin the Swan
Presenter celebrates as BBC commissions 125 new episodes of 'Coast'. 1
Adrian Bamforth 10.02.14 8:19pm
Unsuccessful naked marathon runner bemoans long losing streak. 2
sredni vashta 10.02.14 8:15pm
Pickles Performs Perfect Parliamentary Pirouette. Socchi Skating Selection Soon? 0
BewsNiscuit 10.02.14 7:44pm
Woman scared of lesbians in jail. Husband wants to watch 3
GingerClive 10.02.14 7:39pm
Grave national floods crisis. Extended commons debate on smoking in cars. M-more at 1, f-folks....

blokefromstoke 10.02.14 7:38pm
Local morons will one day be referred to as "Our ancestors" 0
Dumbnews 10.02.14 6:48pm
Flooding of Egham and Chertsey 'may be a policy desicion' 0
Electrelane 10.02.14 6:37pm
Surprise that nations with most winter sports participants winning most medals 0
Dumbnews 10.02.14 6:36pm
Love Starved Somerset Owl 'Too Wet Too Woo' 3
JETFAB 10.02.14 6:34pm
Kevin the Swan
OED revises definition of 'upon' to mean 'within' 0
AdrianJ 10.02.14 6:32pm
New gym machines offer more ways to look ridiculous 0
Dumbnews 10.02.14 6:30pm
BBC moves 2nd series of Atlantis to Somerset in new cost cutting measure 0
irreverendJ 10.02.14 5:47pm
Deputy Prime Minister to be culled

Surplass to requirement and questions over in-breeding...

Robert Koch 10.02.14 5:41pm
Robert Koch
‘Sinister’ Gove calls on OFSTED to recruit zombies as school inspectors

Education Minister Michael Gove has instructed OFSTED to employ members of the undead community to frighten the shit out of teaching staff more effectively. Under the guise of raising the standards...

Midfield Diamond 10.02.14 5:23pm
Flappy Bird creator pulls game due to Angry Bird rant.

Flappy Birds, the popular online game has been removed from online stores due to threatening and abusive tweets from Angry Birds...

carlosmanwelly 10.02.14 4:47pm
Freud exposed in visa systems scam is all in the mind 0
irreverendJ 10.02.14 4:43pm
Levels left undredged 'to conceal New Labour body dump' 5
Electrelane 10.02.14 4:30pm
Brown-paper-bag-on-head stunt backfires as Claire Short woos opposite sex 0
Landfill 10.02.14 4:16pm
PM declares new Somerset reservoir open in grand ceremony involving armed forces 0
Bigglesworth 10.02.14 4:09pm
Man charged with cannibalism denies he is a people person 10
sydalg 10.02.14 4:09pm
Eric Pickles accused of muddying the water after using Somerset toilet. 1
godly1966 10.02.14 4:09pm
Centre Piece of New National Gallery Wing "The Ascension of Pickles"

In a move to make High Art more accessible to a wider audience, the National Gallery today opened the David Cameron Wing, showcasing previously lost or unseen art treasures. The main room of the new...

blokefromstoke 10.02.14 3:36pm
BBC World Service Radio to add subtitles

In light of the recent improvements to the World Service Newsday programming using authentic regional accents, subtitles are to be streamed simultaneously for those native English speakers who have...

Robert Koch 10.02.14 3:04pm
Robert Koch
Flood of northerners into London brings their weather down with them

Northerners have been blamed for the grim new weather profile that has hit London and the south. Traditional southern ways of life could be destroyed, as people are forced to talk to each other, and...

ronseal 10.02.14 2:54pm
Top Is The New Bottom As Set Top Box Spotted "On Top Of Set"

That must-have status symbol amongst British badgers, the "Set Top Box" has undergone an extraordinary transformation over recent months. A recent survey by the BBC's Natural History Unit, The One...

BewsNiscuit 10.02.14 2:45pm
Panic in Norfolk as killing of lions at Safari park is done due to inbreeding 0
tonyhill 10.02.14 2:43pm
Pope gets bigger oar to stick into Middle East conflict

Levels of papal interference into international affairs is set to rise this week, with the unveiling in the Vatican of a bigger, more-eye catching papal oar, shortly to be stuck into the global...

nickb 10.02.14 2:40pm
Robert Koch
Eric Pickles advises Somerset residents to Neknominate the flood waters.

The communities secretary, Eric Pickles has told residents of flood hit Somerset to embrace the fast growing craze of neknomination, by drinking a pint of the flood water and nominating a neighbor to...

carlosmanwelly 10.02.14 2:28pm
custard cream
Reading and Slough to be Dredged to Alleviate Everyone 0
BewsNiscuit 10.02.14 1:41pm