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I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here abandons plans to film in Nigeria. 0
deskpilot3 12.05.14 10:23pm
Boko Haram offer prisoner exchange for jailed celebrities

In a surprising move, the Islamic militants have offered to release all the schoolgirls on the condition that numerous, imprisoned celebrity offenders are set free. The top of their list is Max...

Mork 12.05.14 9:16pm
Early parliamentary recess allows MPs to spend more time at second homes 0
Smart Alex 12.05.14 8:14pm
Smart Alex
Pistorius' anxiety disorder diagnosed as 'hearing the truth' 0
irreverendJ 12.05.14 8:10pm
Pfizer and AstraZeneca agree Death Pact. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 12.05.14 8:07pm
"No Voters Want Us To Quit The EU" Say Major Parties "So Why Is UKIP Popular?" - 2

"This is a complete mystery. Obviously we cannot allow any discussion of the EU, our continued membership or any possibility of actually quitting, so let's just mock the personal character of UKIP's...

Titus 12.05.14 7:44pm
Boko Haram implicated in sales of toasters, wine glasses and fondue sets on eBay 0
pere floza 12.05.14 7:17pm
pere floza
Boko Haram leaders in panic after celebrity Twitter assault

Reports from Nigeria say that the leadership of Boko Haram, the Islamist separatist group that recently kidnapped over 200 school girls, are in "a state of panic" after reeling from a sustained...

bonjonelson 12.05.14 7:04pm
Richard and Judy promote "Kill One, Get One Free" offer 3
Andy Gilder 12.05.14 7:01pm
Judy pre-empts suicide pact by shooting Richard through bathroom door... 2
Tripod 12.05.14 6:42pm

<zip> just saw all the other ones on Richard & Judy's latest lack of dignitas...

Squudge 12.05.14 6:37pm
US First Lady condemns Obama Heckler

The journalists and media of Washington DC were served a rare treat, as Michelle Obama cast away her usual First Lady persona, and condemned a heckler of 'messin with ma man's speech'. Taking time...

camz 12.05.14 6:12pm
The All New Jeni B
Twitterati beg Roy Hodgson to ‘bring back our boys’...

Roy Hodgson, the England manager, is on the receiving end of a Twitter campaign, hoping that ‘our boys’ can be rescued from the jungle before they come to any harm. Mr Hodgson acknowledged that...

Tripod 12.05.14 5:55pm
Ref Minor
HMRC offers Waitrose deal: file three tax returns this year for the price of two 0
ronseal 12.05.14 5:38pm
Richard and Judy stockpiling AK47s, promise to "take half of ITV" with them 0
sydalg 12.05.14 5:17pm
Stuart Hall ‘refusing to play his joker’... 0
Tripod 12.05.14 4:48pm
Procol Harum to re-issue entire back catalogue on wave of publicity

Now that it is the #1 item on Google searches and satirical news websites, the 70's prog rock band has decided to re-release all originally recorded material, including the only song anyone can...

NewBiscuit 12.05.14 4:46pm
Cocaine traces in drinking water. Homeopaths warned of possible overdose risk. 0
MADJEZ 12.05.14 4:43pm
Boko Haram issues new White Shade of Pale video 1
custard cream 12.05.14 4:36pm
Nigerian girls to be swapped for ‘full set of Panini World Cup stickers’... 0
Tripod 12.05.14 4:28pm
Barlow a saint who shouldn't pay tax says Cameron.

Not like that Labour supporting Jimmy Carr...

MADJEZ 12.05.14 3:40pm
Richard and Judy sign 'suicide pact' - really.

Sometimes the actual news is funnier than pretend stories Story is here:,...

custard cream 12.05.14 3:38pm
Putin slams Eurovision as 'Wurst case scenario' 0
Scroat 12.05.14 2:47pm
Little surprise as Roy Hodgson names England squad.... England 0
custard cream 12.05.14 2:45pm
custard cream
Baggies part company with Pepe Le Pew 0
custard cream 12.05.14 2:40pm
custard cream kicked out of... No, stuff this. He's not worth the keystrokes 0
Bigglesworth 12.05.14 2:28pm
BBC last to twig public don't give a s*** about Commonwealth games.

More overboard coverage soon...

MADJEZ 12.05.14 2:26pm
Ashley Cole pleased it won't be his fault England get knocked out of World Cup. 0
MADJEZ 12.05.14 2:25pm
Barlow offer HMRC ultimatum over tax affairs

Take That frontman Gary Barlow has given HMRC a ‘take it or leave it’ ultimatum concerning his sordid tax affairs., Barlow insists he either gets to keep the money he has embezilledor he...

Gerontius 12.05.14 2:13pm
Take That's Gary Barlow hands back OBE over tax to become 'Tak That's Gary Arlw' 0
Ian Searle 12.05.14 2:08pm
Ian Searle