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Asda introduce "ordinary bloke" fancy dress costume

Asda has replaced the criticised mental patient fancy dress outfit with another called "ordinary bloke" which consists of a range of jeans, teeshirts and jackets. "We think it's going to be a huge...

apepper 26.09.13 1:35pm
Supermarket to sell Easily-confused-Asda-checkout-assistant Halloween costumes

Scary huh?...

Smart Alex 26.09.13 1:30pm
Smart Alex
Rural theatre seeking character actor to be offered high-speed Broadbent 0
Smart Alex 26.09.13 1:22pm
Smart Alex
Mr. Incredible shuts M5 by climbing a bridge dressed as an unemployed plasterer

In protest at having to spend too much time with his children...

Ian Searle 26.09.13 1:02pm
Ian Searle
Derby steels itself for Derby v Derby "Ultra-Derby"

The midland town of Derby is preparing for one of football's iconic events this weekend, in which its beloved home team plays itself in the time honoured Derby v Derby derby.  "It's the spectacle of...

nickb 26.09.13 12:05pm
Man Adds Americas Cup To List Of Soon-To-Be-Forgotten Unforgettable Moments

Brian Leslie (39) has added the spectacular comeback of the American Oracle Sailing Team in the Americas Cup to his list of unforgettable moments in sport. The 1-8 reverse to a 9-8 victory also joins...

SimonJJames 26.09.13 10:48am
Sting to co-write LP with Sid the Tantric Sexist

Includes the moving love ballad, 'Yee divn't sweat much fer a fat lass'...

clench 26.09.13 10:33am
45 minute fire escape route blamed for 130 IKEA blaze deaths

'The majority of the dead shoppers had just got into the IKEA entrance when the alarm sounded, forcing them into a 45 minute tour of the premises which sadly cost them their lives,' said a Croydon...

jimiedge 26.09.13 10:28am
It's as if you lot are from another planet, says exasperated Plutocrat 0
ronseal 26.09.13 10:10am
Sainsburys withdraw Derren Brown Mentalist fancy dress outfit 0
Backup Brian 26.09.13 9:42am
Backup Brian
Bristol man fights strong desire to join a political party

Bristol man Jim Shaw, 46, thinks he has successfully fought off a powerful compulsion to join a political party. Mr Shaw explained that several weeks ago he was gripped by a growing desire to join...

roybland 26.09.13 9:04am
Tesco bag spotted in Isle of Wight airspace

There were dramatic scenes at the allotments in Ryde yesterday, after a Tesco bag was spotted floating dangerously close to pensioners as they tended their root vegetables in the afternoon sun....

Robopop 26.09.13 9:00am
BBC copyright experts carefully following China's new hit series, 'Dr Hu' 2
sydalg 26.09.13 8:47am
Orbison verdict on Cameron, Clegg and Miliband "Only Baloney, ted de de um um". 0
Al OPecia 26.09.13 8:45am
Al OPecia
Samsung admit new Teenage Boy app "may be turned on by a nipple". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 26.09.13 8:44am
Al OPecia
Peruvian prosecutors demand 'guiltier than the guiltiest thing ever' plea 0
Idiot 26.09.13 7:36am
ITV plan period drama version of Breaking Bad: 'Turning Somewhat Impish'

Producers at ITV have announced plans to film a 'very British version' of the hugely successful US crime drama Breaking Bad, to the excitement of its regular viewers. 'Turning Somewhat Impish', set...

Jesus H 26.09.13 7:11am
Dyson launch vacuum cleaner with pre-bent plug 0
Dumbnews 26.09.13 12:35am
The man from Del Labour, He say Yes!

. yes to whatever you want yes, go on take it, yes have it!...

Boutros 25.09.13 9:34pm
Lib Dems reaffirm their promise not to introduce student fees. 2
deskpilot3 25.09.13 9:16pm
Lord Ashcroft: Ed Balls deep in a Freudian Slip

The former Conservative Party treasurer was forced to apologize for a series of humiliating slips of the tongue, innuendos and 'dirty great big fibs'. Earlier this week and before a packed room of...

Wrenfoe 25.09.13 9:02pm
Man who repairs broken Swan Vestas accused of match fixing. 2
Ian Searle 25.09.13 9:01pm
Milliband promises Winter of Disconnect 0
Loundshay 25.09.13 7:25pm
Tories target pornified youth vote with 'Labour Isn't Twerking' poster 1
Oxbridge 25.09.13 6:13pm
“Suarez still hungry", insists Rodgers...

“Luis is lucky to be getting a second bite at the cherry”, Brendan Rodgers acknowledged. While the toothy Uruguayan’s return to the playing squad may be good news for Liverpool fans, it’s an...

Tripod 25.09.13 4:52pm
Lee gutted at 12 year ban after placing entire savings on getting life 0
LittleSpender 25.09.13 4:50pm
‘Most survey results are biased’ claims new survey

A survey into the results of a wide range of surveys has concluded that the majority of them are flawed. The survey, commissioned by the Questionnaire Hater Society (QHS), found that almost every...

Midfield Diamond 25.09.13 3:43pm
Midfield Diamond
Man still awaiting his iPhone 5s (gold) losing all faith in this world

A man who ordered a gold iPhone 5s on the day it went on sale and has still not received it says he is rapidly losing all faith in this life and the world. And today Robert Wells learned from the...

roybland 25.09.13 3:25pm
Health inspectors find spice five years past expiry date in aftershave factory 1
sydalg 25.09.13 1:54pm
Genetically modified voters "could yield better election results for Labour"

Environmental campaigners are warning of the danger of a “Frankenstein electorate”, as sensational rumours spread that the Labour Party is secretly developing a new breed of citizen who will vote...

sydalg 25.09.13 1:32pm