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Woman footballer comes out as straight

Not been done has it?...

Rootin Tootin 10.02.14 9:18am
Rootin Tootin
Stand Up Britain!…...

….So we can get this flipping water off you!...

Jesse Bigg 10.02.14 8:42am
Jesse Bigg
Somerset village idiot "was right all along"

A village idiot in Somerset is making fortunes after his prophecies came to pass. Yokel Ono, 48, who changed his name by deed poll in honour of his hero John Lennon, has for most of his life been...

GingerClive 10.02.14 7:50am
2022 Winter Olympics Awarded to Wonsan, N. Korea

INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE PRESS RELEASE, 10 February 2014, 2022 Winter Olympics Awarded to Wonsan, N. Korea The International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted today to award...

mbt62 10.02.14 7:34am
Team GB wins first Olympic medal.... but its the shit one. 0
MADJEZ 10.02.14 12:50am
"50 is still the old 50" reveal Cambridge mathematicians 0
Bigglesworth 10.02.14 12:23am
Flood warnings issued for Manchester and North London as tears flow 2
Not Amused 10.02.14 12:12am
Not Amused
Mr Cameron's 'Hug a Scot' plea falls on deaf ears 1
custard cream 09.02.14 11:41pm
Loch Ness Monster evicted after mortgage default

Scotland is counting the cost of losing one of its top tourist attractions following the eviction of the Loch Ness Monster from its 64-million year old home after it repeatedly failed to pay its...

jamsieoconnor 09.02.14 11:26pm
Bees' knees greatly over-estimated, claims arthritis expert 0
sydalg 09.02.14 11:05pm
Ken Barlow to head Environment Agency

'You shouldn't dredge it up" he was quoted as saying at the job interview...

vulture1 09.02.14 10:23pm
Man on ledge of Shard to FB friends "I DO NOT want to play Candy Crush!"

Streets around the Shard skyscraper in the City of London have been cordoned off after reports of a 32 year old office worker standing on the 48th floor window ledge threatening to jump unless every...

blokefromstoke 09.02.14 10:11pm
Jesus H
Dawlish to be rebuilt between London and Birmingham

The government has announced that they will take decisive action to avoid future flooding of the Dawlish railway by rebuilding the town between London and Birmingham where it will be on the new HS2...

apepper 09.02.14 9:15pm
Pope launches own XXL underwear label, Pantifex Maximus 3
sydalg 09.02.14 8:39pm
custard cream
Somerset to adopt the 'sandbag' as its official currency 0
Underconstruction 09.02.14 8:35pm
Government minister’s cleaner resigns after discovery of falsified CV.

Iain Duncan Smith is looking at a growing pile of unfinished laundry following the news that his cleaner has resigned. ''The shock disclosure of false qualifications from the University of Perugia...

Robert Koch 09.02.14 8:35pm
Dick Everyman
Surprise as Cornwall achieves independence before Scotland 3
GrumpyCat 09.02.14 8:32pm
Moyes warned "Don't go to Dagenham"

Fears for his safety as United fans rebel...

GingerClive 09.02.14 8:28pm
Dyslexic Buckinghamshire man starts petition against construction of H2O 0
Underconstruction 09.02.14 6:52pm
Professor Mary Beard and Sister Wendy Beckett to co-host 8 out of 10 Catholics

In a bid to address the issue of too many all-male panel shows, the BBC’s director of television has announced plans to tackle the issue head-on, by revamping existing output. In an effort to kick...

Dick Everyman 09.02.14 6:32pm
Robert Koch
Border agency offers reward for information re whereabouts of 'Cillit Bang'

HM Border Control Agency has offered a six figure reward for information leading to the capture of 'illegal' cleaning duo Cillit Bang and a second individual using the name Mr Sheen., Bang, believed...

Underconstruction 09.02.14 6:08pm
Pickles eats whole scapegoat in one sitting. More soon. 3
Al OPecia 09.02.14 6:03pm
Computer runs out of storm names and generates: Gefutzsbttx

The Met Office has announced a new naming convention for storms, after experts ran out of common names, then words in the English dictionary, last week. The new algorithm has been described as...

Squudge 09.02.14 5:58pm
BBC TV boss: No more funny pannel shows 3
Bigglesworth 09.02.14 5:54pm
Plans to scrap "all straight" line-ups on QI declared misguided 0
Bigglesworth 09.02.14 5:47pm
"the novelty of shooting humans has worn off" Prince Harry

Prince Harry has gone shooting deer and wild boar in Spain with his brother, Prince William, as "the novelty of shooting humans has worn off"...

bigyeti 09.02.14 5:06pm
Cleaner resigns after discovering boss was Tory minister 2
Not Amused 09.02.14 4:35pm
Al OPecia
Confusion as Jo Brand arrives in Sochi for judging duties

"Ms brand is not needed here" said a spokesperson for the games. "We have our own comediennes to deliver pre-prepared self-deprecating witticisms."...

Adrian Bamforth 09.02.14 3:44pm
Adrian Bamforth
Nature Notes: New crater spotted in Somerset.

A bid to drain the Somerset Levels by dropping Eric Pickles from a great height has failed dramatically, causing what many initially believed to be an 'extinction event'. Birds everywhere are...

Kevin the Swan 09.02.14 3:40pm
Cornwall branch of HS2 to be called QE2... 1
misterjingles 09.02.14 3:31pm
Kevin the Swan