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Beijing's overwhelmed fobidden city to limit visitors

BEIJING - Forbidden city, in the heart of Beijing will begin limiting how many tourist it admits, amid worries that its popularity is damaging the site, state media said on Wednesday, The site...

footinmouth 27.03.14 4:42pm
In the interest of balance, LBC will broadcast tonight's argument in the pub

However it is thought that David Cameron and Ed Milliband won't attend. Topics are undecided, but Eastenders is expected to cause a spat between Tracy and Davina, and the size of Max Clifford' knob...

throngsman 27.03.14 4:22pm
Shark gives florida student 2-hour ride and stars in youtube video

ORLANDO. Fla - A Hammerhead shark dragged a college Student in his Kayak up the Atlantic coast for a two -hour ride. Using a camera strapped to his helmet, the student was able to capture the ride....

footinmouth 27.03.14 4:10pm
Police issue new list 'of people not abused by Savile' because it's shorter 0
throngsman 27.03.14 4:03pm
Walkers to launch emotion flavoured crisps

Having exhausted almost every food flavour combination Walkers have now moved on to more esoteric varieties., ‘It was easy in the early days’, explained head of R & D, Mitch Rutland,...

beau-jolly 27.03.14 3:43pm
Vince Cables Gran
Airline safety experts reviewing colour of box

Airline officials are to meet in Basel next week to urgently review the colour of flight recorder boxes after it emerged that the black ones are really difficult to spot in vast oceans, particularly...

Underconstruction 27.03.14 3:42pm
"Satire" declared winner of Clegg-Farage debate. More soon.... 6
Andy Gilder 27.03.14 3:26pm
custard cream
Media surprise at actor from TV show appearing on stage in play by Shakespeare 0
Ian Searle 27.03.14 3:26pm
Ian Searle
Seventies star admits unconscious coupling 0
custard cream 27.03.14 3:23pm
custard cream
Twitter extends character count to 141 per tweet. Newsbiscuit accepts challenge 0
throngsman 27.03.14 3:19pm
ZZ Top "thrilled" with "Easiest Band To Find In Phonebook" award 8
sydalg 27.03.14 3:12pm
Clegg calls for Farage knob size to be made public

Nigel Farage should 'come clean' about the size of his knob, according to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Following hot on the heels of their televised debate on whether Cameron and Obama could...

monkeyrepublic 27.03.14 2:19pm
RSPB survey contributor apologises for form mix-up re 'Vaginal Thrush' 0
Underconstruction 27.03.14 2:02pm
Black Box accused of cashing in with 'Ride on Time and Tide' single 0
Underconstruction 27.03.14 1:52pm
Boy who made black-box shaped sandcastle urged to remember where he left bucket 0
Underconstruction 27.03.14 1:47pm
Obese 1 kernobi "Attack of the Munchies' aimed at new Star Wars generation 0
Underconstruction 27.03.14 1:44pm
Chief Medical Officer's Concern As UK Population Reaches 4.8 million Tons 0
Titus 27.03.14 1:19pm
Father announces sons to join management team of family business

They write the news each day, oh boys...

DorsetBoy 27.03.14 12:23pm
Diana Dors 'Clifford' faeces sells for World Record £5.3m

A two inch (4.3cm) nugget of Diana Dors faeces changed hands for £5.3m at Sothebys last night, breaking the world record for incomplete fragments of long-forgotten British superstar excreta. The...

Lenny Bee 27.03.14 11:27am
Putin keen to annex Chernobyl due its vast untapped resources of Ukranian-235 0
Smart Alex 27.03.14 10:53am
Smart Alex
Move along - nothing to see here 4
Smart Alex 27.03.14 10:33am
pere floza
Publishers criticized for the ‘Where’s Wally edition of Malaysian flight MH370'

(more later)...

Wrenfoe 27.03.14 10:09am
G8 agree on formal name change to Summit Club 7 0
Adrian Bamforth 27.03.14 9:13am
Adrian Bamforth
Failed quantum physicist described as 'thick as two short Plancks' 3
Smart Alex 27.03.14 9:01am
Paul McCartney to perform "Back to the USSR" in Sevastopol. 2
Maverick 27.03.14 8:49am
Max Clifford case : Penis gives evidence

In a move which has shocked legal experts, Max Clifford’s penis has testified against him. Lawyers have dubbed the case [i]Penis v Prick.[/i] “We’ve been together more than 70 years, and...

deceangli 27.03.14 8:32am
Martin and Paltrow to remain Facebook friends "for the children" 2
Adrian Bamforth 27.03.14 8:28am
WW3 still in appeasement phase. Panic buyers told to wait until next month.

Supermarkets advised early panic buyers to wait until after the Easter panic buying spree before starting the pre-Armageddon buying spree. When asked if 10 boxes of candles and 50 cans of condensed...

vulture1 27.03.14 8:27am
Clegg to take on all comers after stopping Farage in the 5th. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 27.03.14 8:26am
Missing plane mystery solved by women talking loudly in open plan office

Welcome to my world...

Adrian Bamforth 27.03.14 8:26am