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Hitler confirms invasion of the Sudetenland for 'footballing reasons' 2
Alan Sundry 07.06.12 8:24pm
Austrian town of Fucking in twinning talks with German village of Blöjöb 2
Alan Sundry 06.06.12 8:25pm
Hologram of Duke to insult guests at Jubilee lunch, says Palace. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 06.06.12 11:50am
White Van Man Strikes Again In Transit On The Sun Sensation

Amateur stargazers and top astronomers alike are said to be amazed following a sensational once in a lifetime occurrence earlier today, when reports started to surface from the world's top monitoring...

Duff 06.06.12 11:46am
Grandma (86) was refused a day off work to visit husband (90) in hospital 0
Mark66 06.06.12 11:22am
BBC hits back at Baker and Raworth ‘cheap labour’ commentary allegations 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.06.12 11:16am
Duncan Biscuit
Non-techies in awe as IPv6 launches despite bad weather 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.06.12 11:15am
Duncan Biscuit
Miliband considers austerity re-branding as Cheap Labour 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.06.12 11:15am
Duncan Biscuit
Olympic torch hand-cuffed to Dublin lamp post by British stag party 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.06.12 11:14am
Duncan Biscuit
Industrial action on the cards after al-Qaeda votes for strike 0
simonjmr 06.06.12 10:32am
"Britain's Most Psychedelic Chef" Coming To TV Soon

A new spin on the popular reality cooking show is set to debut this season as Britain's Most Psychedelic Chef hits the air. Competitors will be expected to prepare a wide range of gourmet cuisine to...

Textbook 06.06.12 11:16am
Venus finally finds self after rare trek across the sun 1
simonjmr 06.06.12 9:33pm
BBC to air Philip's infection's transit of his penis 0
simonjmr 06.06.12 10:30am
Greek and Spanish bond yields spike on news of Nigerian email withdrawal

The financial crisis in Europe deepened on news that the Nigerian Email Co-op was ceasing operations in Greece and Spain. Markets were spooked as prevalence of scam emails is seen as a crucial...

Yikes 06.06.12 10:26am
In-Jokes Have No Place In News Media, Says You-Know-Who 0
Textbook 06.06.12 10:12am
Football refs' smelling salts franchise to end soon......

due to clamp down on pitch swearing., Rugby League to follow?...

Jesse Bigg 06.06.12 10:01am
Jesse Bigg
Experts predict Jubilee apathy to take 10 years or a Coronation to wear off 0
simonjmr 06.06.12 9:27am
Venus passes sun, Mars stays at pub 0
Yikes 06.06.12 8:41am
Hodgson calls up Franz Ferdinand as surprise replacement for injured Terry 0
Scronnyglonkle 06.06.12 8:36am
Britain's pomp and pageantry industry booming, but boss is a tax avoider 0
ronseal 06.06.12 6:17am
Cock Robin may have known his killer, says new book 0
ronseal 06.06.12 5:59am
Amateur sportsman excels in making a fool of himself 3
Dumbnews 12.06.12 5:31pm
Queen in rift with Barlow as Coldplay tickets get a last minute ditch.

The Queen's Jubilee Reporting Committee has gotten hold of material showing Her Majesty in a heated confrontation with Gary Barlow, the man put in charge of organising the entire shambles of a...

JohnSmith 06.06.12 9:19pm
BB Housemates Taking Attention Away From Deserving Celebs, says Monarchist 0
Hooch 05.06.12 10:57pm
All benefits stopped in Liverpool after "everyone's a comedian" investigation. 0
dominic_mcg 05.06.12 8:39pm
Boring, Oregon twinning with Dull, Scotland prompts Response

Fucking, Austria & A, Norway announce plans to twin...

RickH 05.06.12 8:03pm
Jubilee catheter to be auctioned for charity 0
05.06.12 5:41pm
Twitter In A Tizz As First Extraterrestrial Opens Account

Twitter and its popularity in celeb circles is no secret; attracting as it does accounts by A-Listers as diverse as Britney Spears and the Dalai Lama. But now in what's believed to be first for the...

Duff 05.06.12 5:28pm
Boring man survives near-life experience 1
Dumbnews 05.06.12 7:12pm
Al OPecia
Merkel concedes kindest thing would be to have Greece put to sleep. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 05.06.12 4:22pm