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United offer £37m for Mata or £50m plus Moyes 0
Ref Minor 22.01.14 11:59pm
Ref Minor
Twitter man abused for mentioning beating his girlfriend and going dogging. 0
MADJEZ 22.01.14 10:42pm
Bill Roache pays tribute to all the back room girls at National TV Awards. 0
MADJEZ 22.01.14 10:38pm
Syrian top brass take break from war crimes to watch Hayley Cropper snuff it

While common ground amongst diplomats about how best to solve the ongoing war in Syria may be in short supply at the summit in Switzerland, one hot topic of conversation during the breaks for tea and...

Mike Peters 22.01.14 9:37pm
Mike Peters
Syrian tensions escalate after The Wanted break up 0
David K 22.01.14 6:52pm
David K
Syrian tensions escalate after The Wanted break up

BEIRUT (AP) — Activists and Syrian state media reported clashes in different parts of Syria after boyband The Wanted announced that they will split up after their current tour. As a peace...

David K 22.01.14 6:52pm
David K
Neo Nazi's withdraw properties from Zoopla 3
Scronnyglonkle 22.01.14 6:45pm
Mandela statue: New row over hare up Nelson's nose 2
Dick Everyman 22.01.14 5:09pm
Not Amused
Becks devastated to discover Delboy and Rodney are actors 0
Bigglesworth 22.01.14 4:38pm
Stan Collymore told he is special snowflake and to wipe away those tears 0
needabettergig 22.01.14 4:19pm
"Rabbit with pocketwatch" found in ear of Sir Alex Ferguson statue

Manchester United executives have ordered sculptors to remove a white rabbit, depicted holding a pocketwatch, they hid in the ear of Sir Alex Ferguson's statue outside Old Trafford. It was reported...

Vulcanised Rubber 22.01.14 4:15pm
Vulcanised Rubber
Rolex "call time" on sponsorship of Andy Murray after Australian Open knock-out

More later...

Vulcanised Rubber 22.01.14 3:21pm
Vulcanised Rubber
Miserable Scot knocked out of Australian open

The Joke is not just for Wimbledon...

beau-jolly 22.01.14 2:44pm
Man with revolving spice rack admits he's insufferable on the subject of food

More after some thyme...

Vulcanised Rubber 22.01.14 1:53pm
Internet kitchen discord as fridge spews twitter abuse at washing machine 1
custard cream 22.01.14 1:49pm
Nicolas Anelka makes canal gesture...

Nicolas Anelka awaits a ruling from the FA, following his ‘holding his nose and making a face’ gesture, which some commentators have deemed to be anti-semitic. According to the controversial West...

Tripod 22.01.14 1:27pm
Matt Baggot retires to spend more time with other Tolkein characters

No more soon...

Not Amused 22.01.14 12:54pm
Not Amused
UK economic recovery: Cooper facing ‘Balls sack’ blow 0
farmer giles 22.01.14 12:10pm
farmer giles
"Some of my best friends are Russian", claims Elton John

And he agrees to discuss 'Soviet issues' with Aleksandr Meerkat...

Ian Searle 22.01.14 11:14am
Ian Searle
Bayeux Tapestry ‘contains world’s first photobomb’

An astonishing solution has emerged to a mystery that has long vexed historians of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. A recently rediscovered memoir by Aelfflaed the Badger-Legged, one of the nuns who...

Oxbridge 22.01.14 10:40am
Son of Barnabas
Rennard suspended by the Cleggs. Coughs to the lot. 0
BewsNiscuit 22.01.14 9:06am
Wolverhampton man 'snubbed' as invitation to Syria peace talks withdrawn

Father of three Steve Baxter was all packed and eager to go following a surprise invitation to attend the Geneva II peace talks, aimed at finding a resolution to the two-year-long Syria conflict. ...

Bravenewmalden 22.01.14 8:47am
East End star to join Westenders. More soon. 0
MiracleFirefly 22.01.14 8:00am
Nasa "faked Apollo splashdowns"

A new report claims that Apollo 11 never splashed down in the Pacific. "That footage was faked; it actually splashed down in the Atlantic."...

apepper 22.01.14 12:01am
Thai government accused of "massaging rioter figures". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 21.01.14 10:27pm
Al OPecia
South Korea declares state of eMergency. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 21.01.14 10:11pm
Al OPecia
Police fingertip search finds thirty seven fingertips. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 21.01.14 10:07pm
Al OPecia
Internet-connected fridge keeps re-ordering Spam... 3
Tripod 21.01.14 9:24pm
Energy chief admits key to cheapest tariff is buried in his head 0
Squudge 21.01.14 8:57pm
FIFA proposes two for one sendings off on Orange Wednesdays. 0
deskpilot3 21.01.14 8:41pm