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Lance Armstrong caught giving himself 5 stars on NB sub 1
Lucy4 12.10.12 8:37am
USADA strip Fab Four of No.1 hit records

In a move that has shocked the show business world, the USADA have today stripped The Beatles of all of their number one hits. A USADA spokesman presented a 100 page report which he said proved...

Hong Kong Phooey 12.10.12 8:36am
Savile accusations will continue from now until the end of time...

A librarian in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, reports that Jimmy Saville borrowed a book, in 1973 - “it was either a book about raping children or a Haynes manual for a Ford Capri” - and never...

Tripod 12.10.12 8:29am
Man eating main, hor d'oeuvre, dessert, then starter suffered eating disorder 2
Perks 12.10.12 8:26am
Cheap Skate Cameron Orders British Gas To Introduce Fun Runs For The Elderly....

This winter. Sick and lame next?...

Jesse Bigg 12.10.12 7:38am
Jesse Bigg
Would-be satirist finds login still works but writing ability has been disabled.

I'm having a dry patch. I buy them, 5 for a tena...

wallster 12.10.12 6:55am
Lance Armstrong admits defeat: "it’s hard to pedal with feet of clay”... 0
Tripod 12.10.12 6:39am
Survivalists Threaten Strike Action over Health and Safety Issues

British Survivalists are said at the end of their snare line about recent laws and Health and Safety regulations which they say are making their lifestyle choice unsustainable. Spokesman for the...

Quaz 12.10.12 1:29am
'Restaurant whisky toddler' treated for bourbon and single malted milk addiction 3
charlies_hat 11.10.12 10:01pm
Sir Lupus
Cameron delight as UK wins 2014 World War 1 centenary replay

more soon with better spelling!...

custard cream 11.10.12 8:57pm
custard cream
Cameron delight at UK wins 2014 World War 1 centenary replay 0
custard cream 11.10.12 8:55pm
custard cream
NASA denies allegations Armstrong was spaced out on drugs. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.10.12 8:41pm
"Sharp rise in young stroke sufferers" at the BBC circa 1975 0
woodymellor 11.10.12 7:47pm
Jimmy Savile stripped of Tour de France victories

more (probably not) soon...

custard cream 11.10.12 7:46pm
custard cream
Cameron asks British Gas to sponsor WW1 Commemoration 0
Lucy4 11.10.12 6:43pm
Greggs go upmarket: “How do you like your Steak Bake? Rare? Medium? Well done?” 0
Tripod 11.10.12 5:50pm
Jimmy ’S a vile 3
malgor 11.10.12 5:50pm
Cameraman in Tour de France's 'media race' banned for using motorbike

Following the accusations of cheating against Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, a Cameraman for the event has now been stripped of his fringe 'media race' medals for using a Motorbike. The event...

Perks 11.10.12 5:40pm
90% pass rate examiner wins OFQUAL ticker of the month award.

Correction: Used OFSTED last time...

weematt 11.10.12 4:57pm
More Yen for Mo Yan 0
Scroat 11.10.12 4:44pm
In space no one can hear you sing. 11
Scroat 11.10.12 4:33pm
Ashley Cole opens new FA Centre of Insolence 8
charlies_hat 11.10.12 4:24pm
Lance Armstrong admits he's been pedalling for years 4
seymour totti 11.10.12 2:49pm
seymour totti
Sarah Brightman: “Space not as scary as waking up next to Andrew Lloyd Webber”. 0
Tripod 11.10.12 2:39pm
After Wonga sponsorship deal,Newcastle manager now expects players to give 4000% 4
JETFAB 11.10.12 2:20pm
custard cream
Armstrong autobiography updated and retitled 'It's Really Not About The Bike'

more as soon as I have finished this blood transfusion to remove the EPO out of my system...

custard cream 11.10.12 2:19pm
custard cream
Freddie Starr panics: “I wasn’t there. It never happened. She was over 16”... 0
Tripod 11.10.12 1:59pm
Watch Dave - the politician of repeats

[might be a better 1-liner to be discovered; can't find it myself]...

Sinnick 11.10.12 1:29pm
"Twitter not for me" tweets Hamilton

Seems he's surprised that people read it...

Rootin Tootin 11.10.12 1:12pm
Rootin Tootin
TV star who groped Vanessa Feltz in 1990s 'Still has nightmares' 0
antharrison 11.10.12 1:07pm