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Meat Loaf admits, 'Actually, I would do that' 0
Smart Alex 03.11.12 9:03pm
Smart Alex
Costa Coffee opens new 'in-your-kitchen' outlet

When Barry Hughes from Dunstable returned from holiday to his modest two bed terraced home, he didn't expect to see a Costa Coffee outlet established in his kitchen, but that is exactly what happened...

custard cream 03.11.12 7:35pm
Yogi Bear wins Yabba Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 0
custard cream 03.11.12 5:29pm
custard cream
Government warns of new threat from "Antimatter IRA"

Police and security forces in Northern Ireland have issued a stark warning about a new and potentially more deadly terrorist threat, as fears of a fresh campaign of paramilitary violence grow in the...

jamsieoconnor 03.11.12 5:24pm
Signal of recovery as rate of unemployement rate rising is going down 0
Dumbnews 03.11.12 4:54pm
Comet collapse leads to fire sale 2
custard cream 03.11.12 4:30pm
custard cream
Barack neck and neck with Mitt in silly name poll

With just a few days to go, the race to find America’s silliest name is now too close to call. ‘It is a vintage contest’ said American silly name analyst John Smith. ‘We haven’t seen the...

Yikes 03.11.12 4:27pm
Campaign to re-shout “NO PUBLIC SECTOR CUTS” underway

Shouters have joined forces to support Stuart Rodger, the man convicted and ordered to carry out 100 hours community service for shouting at PM David Cameron. The shouting community has been angered...

button 03.11.12 4:23pm
Minister decides to restart badger cull as they can fed on diseased ash fungus

"It's a double whammy," claimed DEFRA Minister Owen Patterson, "We can wipe out the badgers and restrict the spread of the diseased ash fungus."...

custard cream 03.11.12 3:52pm
custard cream
British Anartartic Survey merger abandoned as it would 'polarise science' 0
custard cream 03.11.12 3:46pm
custard cream
Years of media searching is over as witch finally blows her cover 0
charlies_hat 03.11.12 2:46pm
BBC bans all tribute shows and retrospectives "Just in case" 2
Nowherefast 03.11.12 1:50pm
Journalists accused of hacking seances to implicate dead actors 2
riesler 03.11.12 1:40pm
custard cream
Suspected North Wales paedophile to be outed as a Conservative 0
custard cream 03.11.12 1:38pm
custard cream
Bastard in the Black accused of using racially offensive language 1
Ironduke 03.11.12 12:56pm
Nick Clegg calls for 50 year cooling off period before eulogising dead celebs 0
Nowherefast 03.11.12 12:55pm
Cameron won’t buy ‘rent boy’ allegations...

David Cameron has reacted quickly to allegations that boys from Welsh care homes were abused by Tory politicians back in the 1970s. “Moral standards were different back then. It was thought...

Tripod 03.11.12 12:42pm
Senior Tory cannot be identified as “he is the victim of identity theft"

The senior conservative figure at the centre of rumours alleging he was part of a paedophile ring says he cannot be named as his identity has been stolen. “I was the victim of identity theft last...

nickb 03.11.12 12:32pm
US Spigot of the Year Award criticised

US bath accessories and overflow pipes reacted in anger at the awarding of the Spigot of the Year prize to a stainless steel mixer tap in Cincinnati, yesterday. “This award is an insult to all...

nickb 03.11.12 12:20pm
Tree that looks like a wind turbine could silence countryside moaners.

A tree that looks remarkably like a wind turbine could be the answer to objections from country dwellers who disapprove of the unnatural appearance of windfarms. The new species, which was discovered...

Boutros 03.11.12 12:18pm
Women's Institute on stand-by in case of strike by prison officers 3
Ironduke 03.11.12 10:52am
Denis MacShane: "If it wasn't for that pesky BNP I'd have gotten away with it" 4
PeterB 03.11.12 10:50am
Looters protest at demise of Comet

Police were on high alert last night as hundreds of youths gathered in high streets across the UK to protest at the closure of electrical retailer, Comet. Not long after the news broke social media...

Dick Everyman 03.11.12 10:49am
"It was more than just the damp that was rising", admits Miss Jones 0
Nowherefast 03.11.12 10:07am

Since the story broke, several hundred people have come forward alleging that they did not find the 1980s television performer funny. One of the first was Sandra from Buckinghamshire. Now in her...

pippip 03.11.12 9:47am
Apple launch new, larger iPad mini

Apple computers have released a larger version of the iPad mini. Dubbed the iPad mini maxi, it has a 10 inch screen. Superficially, it looks identical to the existing, regular iPad, but fans...

apepper 03.11.12 9:15am
Times: "Press Editorial Freedom Championed by Heroic Adonis Rupert Murdoch" 0
Ironduke 03.11.12 12:09am
Potholes on East Grinstead street ‘a haven’ for international cavers

Residents have been left stunned as teams of cavers flock together each weekend to explore 134 potholes in a stretch of road less than 350 yards long. Locals living in Hackenden Close in East...

Dick Everyman 02.11.12 11:56pm
Dick Everyman
“Practice safe sex”, Woodland Trust tells tree-huggers. “Wear mittens”... 0
Tripod 02.11.12 8:34pm
Elephant learns Korean in a Gangnam style. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 02.11.12 8:30pm
custard cream