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Cowardly cloning scientist told to "grow a pair" 0
sydalg 04.07.13 3:30pm
Concern grows as Mick Jagger can't remember what comes after "I can't get no..." 0
sydalg 04.07.13 3:28pm
Bust-up at comedy festival dismissed as "pun fight." 0
sredni vashta 04.07.13 1:48pm
sredni vashta
Soundtrack of Sharapova v Larcher de Brito sold to porn baron

The audio recording of a ladies tennis match between two of the loudest screamers in the professional game has been bought by a businessman from the pornographic film industry. The man who bought...

Midfield Diamond 04.07.13 1:34pm
Computer mouse inventor to be boxed up and taken back to PC World 0
victimms 04.07.13 1:04pm
50 cent blames actions on trauma since the break up of Dollar 2
blacklesbianandproudofit 04.07.13 12:02pm
Egyptian rioters demand UK style by-elections 'to make a pointless protest vote'

Demonstrators in Tahrir Square have issued an ultimatum to the governing Muslim Brotherhood Party: ‘Give the people of Egypt a mid term by elections or maybe some boring council elections,...

Skylarking 04.07.13 11:52am
SETI Project finally receives response from aliens : "Send more Abba." 0
sredni vashta 04.07.13 11:39am
sredni vashta
Kim Jong-Un names successor : Kim Jong-Deux 0
NewBiscuit 04.07.13 11:34am
NB Contributor Plays Khat And Mouse With Latest News Headlines 0
Titus 04.07.13 11:16am
Khat Ban After Government Suddenly Notices Mrs Slocombe's Double Entendres

[There's got to be a better joke there somewhere. Anyone?]...

Titus 04.07.13 11:11am
Feuding sex therapists urged to reconsider their positions. 3
sredni vashta 04.07.13 11:05am
New donor scheme backfires as people start building their own Welshmen

Evidence is being uncovered of the new "opt out" donor scheme being misused by unscrupulous hospital workers who are hijacking deliveries to start building Welshman. A member of the Welsh parliament...

apepper 04.07.13 11:03am
Proofreader admits ex-boyfriend not her typo and that she never really loved ham 2
Smart Alex 04.07.13 10:47am
Dorset police to be replaced by the Famous Five

Dorset's Police and Crime Commissioner has announced that he is replacing his entire police force with Enid Blyton's Famous Five. At a press conference today, David McKenzie said: 'It is clear that...

John Wiltshire 04.07.13 10:35am
John Wiltshire
U.S backs Africa's next top 'model'

Barack Obama used his Tanzania speech to endorse an African-based franchise of the ever popular reality TV show. Shown internationally in 170 countries, The CW extravaganza is yet to crack the...

Wrenfoe 04.07.13 9:58am
Dogs' hopes "raised then dashed" by qat ban

"At first we couldn't believe our luck," said Yorkshire terrier Jumble Smythe. "At last, we thought, human beings have come to their senses and banished these irritating creatures with their annoying...

nickb 04.07.13 9:50am
Village in shock as local park 'melts in the dark'

Residents of Somerset village Curry Mallet awoke to a shocking sight this morning. It appears that during the night, popular recreational facility MacArthur's Park had melted in the dark. The park...

Oxbridge 04.07.13 9:44am
Men finding love in a charity shop celebrated in new film 'Bric a Brac Mountain' 0
ronseal 04.07.13 9:30am
Hotel California checkout policy means man can 'never leave'

Ron Drear of Epping spoke of his disappointment today after finding out that the five-star Hotel California to which he had brought his wife for a second honeymoon would not allow them to 'leave',...

rickwestwell 04.07.13 8:14am
John Wiltshire
Supermarket gives free food to customers who ignore their staff

Unfortunately, this is true....

Arthur 04.07.13 7:57am
Scotland launches new desert - the Irn Brulée 2
bonjonelson 04.07.13 7:51am
Egyptians head home after William Hague calls for restraint

Tahrir square is eerily quiet after tens of thousands of Egyptians heed William Hague's warning to "not get too excited, it'll only end in tears". One demonstrator said, "Britain has the finest...

grottymonty 04.07.13 7:46am
Toilet hippo swallows toilet duck 0
Dick Everyman 04.07.13 7:18am
Dick Everyman
Computer mouse inventor to be taken for environmental disposal. 0
Boutros 04.07.13 7:16am
Morsi forced to throw in the finest Egyptian cotton towel 1
Dumbnews 04.07.13 7:16am
Islamic Brotherhood of Man releases 'Save all your curses for me' 2
antharrison 04.07.13 7:13am
Poland's last remaining flush toilet breaks down 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 04.07.13 6:44am
Dyslexic gunfighter challenges opponent to a duet 1
Smart Alex 04.07.13 12:06am
Arab world in shock as Muslim Sisterhood concedes defeat in counter coup attempt 0
Dick Everyman 03.07.13 10:43pm
Dick Everyman