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Man Sectioned After Being Overheard Asking 'What World Cup?' 0
Titus 17.05.14 7:25am
Pickles slams Greens for ‘irresponsible use of chip fat’

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has hit out at the Green Party after it emerged one of the campaign buses they used on a tour of Berkshire had been converted to run entirely on recycled chip fat,...

Gerontius 17.05.14 7:23am
Conservatives To Announce Privatisation Of Workhouses 0
Titus 17.05.14 7:20am
Sudanese girls get punctuation lessons to learn where the apostasy goes. 2
Maverick 17.05.14 7:15am
Statin Controversy Resolved By Government Making Taking Them Compulsory 0
Titus 17.05.14 7:11am
Boko Haram demands 'unrealistic' insist Nigerian government

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has told Nigerian President Goodluck Johnson the Islamist militants would be prepared to swop half of the kidnapped schoolgirls for a World Cup sticker of Belgium...

Gerontius 17.05.14 7:00am
'What European Court Decision?' Say Google After All Links To Judgement Vanish 3
Titus 16.05.14 11:09pm
Sir Lupus
Pfizer buys Tizer and launches Pftizer

Eyebrows in the carbonated drinks industry were raised when pharmaceutical giant Pfizer launched a refreshing soft drink which they claim "will tackle erectile dysfunction and summertime thirst in...

nickb 16.05.14 10:40pm
Crisis at the BBC as too many World Crises override UKIP scandal stories .

"We've spent weeks researching this stuff" spoke a spokesperson " Now we have to report all this news shit instead. We nearly had to cancel the cat fights dog story to fit in the Nigel Farage once...

vulture1 16.05.14 10:38pm
Man Fails Job Interview Because Of 'Unexplained Gaps' In His Google CV 0
Titus 16.05.14 10:19pm
People who demand to be forgotten online can't remember why

Google, Bing and the other search engine have been deluged with requests from people asking to remove details from their past, that may appear when people put their name in a thingy. But many...

nickb 16.05.14 7:20pm
‘Breathe now’ app saving lives, says Apple...

Hank Schwimmer, Head of Irrelevant Software at the Cupertino company, had only praise for the new respiration app. “Some people are so overwhelmed by the pace of modern life, and the bewildering...

Tripod 16.05.14 6:49pm
Welsh Medical Journal raises concerns over safety of Prestatyns. More soon. 6
dominic_mcg 16.05.14 6:32pm
Ongoing caviar shortage 'affecting morale' at Police Federation HQ 0
Dick Everyman 16.05.14 5:20pm
Dick Everyman
Mo Farah only athlete so far to commit to Commonwealth Games

Double Olympic gold winning athlete Mo Farah is the only athlete who has confirmed participation in this summer’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, it has emerged. While many high profile athletes...

bookiesfriend 16.05.14 5:15pm
Agnostic Muslim accused of eating uncommitted lamb 0
custard cream 16.05.14 4:42pm
custard cream
Tabloid editors rejoice as Tottenham youth found 'safe and well'

Editors of national tabloids breathed a sigh of relief today as the 9 year old boy missing overnight in Tottenham was found. 'Every missing child is a tragic story' said one, 'but let's be honest,...

RobArmstrong 16.05.14 3:59pm
Al OPecia
Youtube commenters denounce UKIP as "fake" after online debate 2
Bigglesworth 16.05.14 3:54pm
Al OPecia
Google now has to remove every link that made us look a twat

A landmark court case has today paved the way for members of the public to reinvent their online persona, now that they have grown up a bit or are temporarily sober. Ordinary members of the public,...

Squudge 16.05.14 3:25pm
Multiple small right-wing parties ‘could split fruitcake vote’

What should be UKIP’s night of triumph at the European elections next week could yet be spoiled, pollsters have warned. Although the latest poll gives UKIP a 31% share of the vote and rapidly...

Oxbridge 16.05.14 1:41pm
Stuart Hall cleared after producing oversize Joker playing card at last minute 0
Adrian Bamforth 16.05.14 1:18pm
Adrian Bamforth
Nigel Farage: I took a train across glasgow and nobody was speaking English

Nigel Farage stirred the immigration topic today, when he complained that he'd got a train across Glasgow -and hadn't understood a single word. "Since joining the EU", Mr Farage said, "our doors...

steve_l 16.05.14 1:05pm
Web porn disappears overnight as Google erases mammaries 0
sydalg 16.05.14 12:12pm
Google Search: Holocaust? Did you mean Hollow cast? 1
Underconstruction 16.05.14 12:06pm
Google gets rebooted...

Adrian Bamforth 16.05.14 12:04pm
Adrian Bamforth
FA Cup Trophy Recast;: Jean Reno and Les Dawson Confirmed... More soon. 0
ick-head 16.05.14 11:01am
Sudanese President commutes apostasy sentence to burning at the stake 0
Bigglesworth 16.05.14 10:31am
Nigerian schoolgirls seriously considering distance learning option 0
sydalg 16.05.14 10:17am
Competitions are dumbing down TV? A) True. B) Chicken. C) Jordan 4
James Pluside 16.05.14 8:03am
Robert Koch
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fail to mate, according to keepers

Scientists working at Kensington Palace have announced the mating window of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has closed after the pair failed to conceive, despite several romantic encounters in a...

Adrian Bamforth 16.05.14 7:58am