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Labour 100% behind leader Neil Kinnock... MichaeI Foot .....I mean Ed Milliband.

Another uncharismatic bore soon...

MADJEZ 23.05.14 8:32am
Tories lose control.

More every minute...

NewBiscuit 23.05.14 8:19am
Farage triumph: “The Queen has asked me to form a second-hand car dealership”... 1
Tripod 23.05.14 7:46am
Al OPecia
2 Parties Merge To Form UKonservatives - proceed to hold power for next 50 years

Not quite a 1,000 year Reich ...

Titus 23.05.14 7:36am
Army Panics In Face Of Probable Surge In UKIP Support In Thailand 0
Titus 23.05.14 6:58am
Conscientious Ebay customer Changes His Cat's Name To "Password2". 0
Titus 23.05.14 6:52am
Harris Trial Defence Witness: "We Were Not Groped During Our Portrait Painting'. 3
Titus 23.05.14 6:34am
UKIP 'Plan to Free Jerusalem' Looking for Volunteer Army

Buoyed by recent election successes UKIP have upped their foreign policy to 'freeing Jerusalem' and are looking for a volunteer army that will go by coach via europe to Istanbul where they will all...

Dun Dunkin 23.05.14 6:30am
Al OPecia
United Kingdom Ignorant Party triumphs in elections. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.05.14 5:58am
Al OPecia
Vatican to outsource priesthood to BBC

Hat tip to Dun Dunkin...

sydalg 23.05.14 4:07am
Revolutionary new malaria vaccine to be distributed by mosquitoes 0
Mork 22.05.14 10:58pm
Charles Was Wrong

There [i]is[/i] a difference. Hitler kept his shirt on...

Titus 22.05.14 10:48pm
Prince Philip points out Putins slitty eyes.

Like Father like son...

MADJEZ 22.05.14 10:29pm
More BBC Top Talent In Sex Offences

'Thank God we are not like the BBC', say Vatican...

Dun Dunkin 22.05.14 9:15pm
Sprat divorce case cites "irreconcilable dietary differences" 0
sydalg 22.05.14 9:14pm
Charles launches range of diplomatic gaffes under "Duchy Unoriginals" brand. 0
Al OPecia 22.05.14 8:50pm
Al OPecia
Dave Lee Travis hands over to Chris Denning

In a moment reminiscent of BBC Radio 1's glory days, the 'Hairy Cornflake' signed off at the end of his stint in the courtroom and handed over to the Chris Denning trial with his usual cheeky charm....

Adrian Bamforth 22.05.14 8:15pm
Adrian Bamforth
Chris Denning's straight in at No 1 with '41 accusations of sexual abuse' 0
irreverendJ 22.05.14 5:00pm
We're only making plans for Nigel

Almost 27 months ago Barry Knowles signed up to attend evening classes at Stockport College for the Bewildered. During this time Barry has been working to hone and develop his artistic skills. Today...

irreverendJ 22.05.14 4:12pm
"Two girls, one coup" opens in Bangkok 1
pere floza 22.05.14 4:01pm
Pharma Deal Pfizzles Out As Bid Pfails And Prospects Of Takeover Pfade

(Wonder if this will get pfour or even pfive stars? Nah, pfat chance. Probably get pfewer than that - possibly pflip-all if it doesn't pfind pfavour with readers ...

Titus 22.05.14 4:00pm
BBC Asia Dad's Army channel a huge success in Thailand

BBC Asia's niche market channel that shows nothing but Dad's Army, has suddenly become Thailand's most watched. "We don't understand it," says Tom Yumgai, head of programming at BBC Asia. "Normally...

Beer Sampler 22.05.14 3:52pm
Beer Sampler
Danish Pastry Chain Stock Market IPO Held Up By Spell Checker

The latest company in the rush to list on the London Stock Exchange, the Danish Pastry chain 'Fat Cnut' is being held back by a software glitch, claims founder and CEO Hvard Hvardsson. "It is most...

Beer Sampler 22.05.14 3:43pm
Beer Sampler
Moyse charged with launching attack...1st one in 8 months 0
irreverendJ 22.05.14 3:10pm
Asian Billionaire Doesn't Want To Buy Premiership Football Club

"I have no plans, no desire to buy any football club. Please stop asking me WHICH one i'm going to buy i'm not buying any of them. Whats wrong with leaving the money in the bank?"...

Dun Dunkin 22.05.14 2:39pm
Dun Dunkin
Anyone over the age of 18 between 1967-1979 now liable for arrest under Yewtree 0
RobArmstrong 22.05.14 2:27pm
UKIP voters determined to overcome X drawing challenge

Ukip voters are going all out to make sure they can draw a cross correctly on their ballot papers on Thursday. 'I've being practising for weeks,' said Fred Blackstone (67). 'I don't want it get it...

roybland 22.05.14 1:28pm
Thai military sieze coup. Seven chickens held captive. 1
NewBiscuit 22.05.14 1:17pm
Russia annexes most of Eastern Europe in protest of royal "slander" 0
Bigglesworth 22.05.14 12:51pm
Barca bid for Toure - £250K a week plus soft play and ice-cream at weekends 6
bookiesfriend 22.05.14 12:44pm