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New BBC head vows to 'get a grip", something Savile also said to his victims 0
simonjmr 12.11.12 3:03pm
Sri Lanka leads global condemnation of Breivik jail conditions.

Following Breivik’s letter to the European Court of Human Rights complaining of cold coffee, insufficient time for his morning shave and not being allowed the TV remote, Sri Lanka is spearheading...

malgor 12.11.12 2:47pm
Midfield Diamond
BBC Director General sacked on-air by John Humphries...

John Humphries has given George Entwhistle, Director General of the BBC, his marching orders. The irascible anchorman of Radio 4’s Today programme completed the character assassination of a...

Tripod 12.11.12 2:36pm
Midfield Diamond
Qatada wins appeal against Jordan deportation but must release Andre 0
custard cream 12.11.12 2:24pm
custard cream
Head of Channel 4 resigns over shoddy journalism

Channel 5 Director General, John Entwistle, has resigned in the wake of a controversial child abuse broadcast, which contained what is widely regarded as shoddy and inaccurate stuff. The former Who...

Skylarking 12.11.12 1:19pm
John Humphrys “goes rogue” at the BBC. Martial Law declared...

Having sacked George Entwhistle, Director General of the BBC, after an abrasive interview on Today, and declaring himself “president for life”, John Humphrys has established his war-room in what...

Tripod 12.11.12 1:16pm
custard cream
Vatican confirms Hobgoblin not diabolical heresy. Lager drinkers still unsure. 0
FlashArry 12.11.12 1:10pm
Spielberg films buys rights to ‘Schofield’s List’

Philip Schofield was said to be jubilant last night after news that Spielberg films has bought the rights to his epic tome, ‘Schofield’s List’ The film will tell the story of Phillippus...

Dick Everyman 12.11.12 1:01pm
'SKY Movies to remake classic film' says Murdoch

pinxit 12.11.12 12:58pm
Unrest in Muscat may be a bad oman say Sultans spokesman

more later...

virtuallywill 12.11.12 12:43pm
Entwistle to be forced to give up Blue Peter badge and Tufty club membership 0
simonjmr 12.11.12 12:33pm
Radical cleric claims deportation process "a postode lottery" 0
simonjmr 12.11.12 12:32pm
Fred Goodwin 'fully supports' George Entwistle's pay-out 0
dvo4fun 12.11.12 12:27pm
Mr Tumble appointed Director General of BBC to bring integrity to BBC 0
simonjmr 12.11.12 12:12pm
Daily Mail editor resigns after printing a truthful story about immigrants

The editor of the Daily Mail resigned today after the paper published an article that broke "all the paper's established guidelines" The paper had published an article which implied that some...

steve_l 12.11.12 12:10pm
BBC not 'too big and cumbersome' says Deputy Head Acting Vice Director General 1
custard cream 12.11.12 11:12am
custard cream
Newsnight team to report on Invisibility Cloaks 0
Sinnick 12.11.12 10:57am
Newsnight to be presented by Gary Lineker and renamed 'Botch of the Day' 0
weematt 12.11.12 10:14am
No management crisis at BBC. Deputy Deputy Managers on standby. 0
weematt 12.11.12 10:02am
BBC2 launches 'The news on weeknights' to replace Newsnight 1
antharrison 12.11.12 10:01am
Inescapable paradox for football fans as Suarez seriously injures Terry 0
Oxbridge 12.11.12 9:02am
BBC launch 'Newsnightie' in bid to monetize bedtime current affairs output

The BBC is to merchandise dedicated news and current affairs sleepware using branding around the flagship programme Newsnight. The Newsnightie, available in a choice of styles, including Jeremy...

nickb 12.11.12 8:37am
Mesopotamia man in 'cow-lick' heartbreak

A man from Mespotamia is said to be devastated following reports that his wife may have been accidentally licked to death by a cow., The couple, a Mr & Mrs Lot from the Chaldees area had been on...

Gerontius 12.11.12 8:18am
man has sex with Turkish flat bread, admits being a pidephile. 5
arthurminnit 12.11.12 7:38am
Archbishop of Canterbury to deputise as BBC DG

“Where there was discord, let us bring harmony. Where there was Moyles, let us bring Grimshaw. Where there is Newsnight, let us bring nightly repeats of the Blue Planet, till we think of...

nickb 12.11.12 3:37am
BBC to sell Newsnight format to USA

'Newsnight USA' is all set to take America by storm following successful trials in Britain of the unique TV and radio format. It's taken 32 years to perfect the programme but the BBC thinks they've...

Boutros 12.11.12 12:51am
CAMRA to sponsor 'Retch Factor' a new Real-ale-ity show

bring on the one stars!...

Squudge 12.11.12 12:49am
Anfield 'churl on churl action'. Terry injured in collision with Suarez

more later...

dvo4fun 11.11.12 11:53pm
Man 'Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door', told to fuck off. 0
Worth 11.11.12 11:44pm
Male listening device to bring marital harmony

A team of British audiology scientists has designed a breakthrough listening device for men that will bring harmony to husbands and wives throughout the world. Following intensive international...

Dick Everyman 11.11.12 10:55pm
Dick Everyman