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Russia signs up to 'Lego for Landmines' treaty

The global campaign to remove stockpiles of anti-personnel landmines is celebrating a significant milestone today, with Russian premier Vladimir Putin putting his signature to the 'Lego for...

NewBiscuit 03.04.14 1:07pm
Genuine 'England' World Cup Replica Knotted Handkerchiefs Only £85 Each

Hat tip to Jesse Big...

Titus 03.04.14 12:56pm
All application packs for Royal Mail shares lost in post 0
Adrian Bamforth 03.04.14 12:48pm
Adrian Bamforth
Ofsted report shock: some 5 year olds 'can't take proper selfies' 0
bookiesfriend 03.04.14 12:40pm
Beer and flour lorries collide:- both drivers battered

rogerg 03.04.14 12:38pm
London man is first victim as deadly Sahara menace falls from sky

A passer-by captures the moment a 35 year old merchant banker was struck down on the City streets earlier today; the first known victim of the so-called 'Sahara Fallout' affecting the Home Counties....

pinxit 03.04.14 12:34pm
Cookie permissions to occupy 99.7% of space on web pages

The Information Commissioner has criticised the ‘cookies’ disclaimer notices on websites as not being sufficiently prominent. “In many cases I can still see the web page behind it”, he told...

deceangli 03.04.14 11:48am
Glasgow Nov 5 spectacle: 3 tower blocks, 2 libraries and the old corn exchange 0
theinvisiblecitychannels 03.04.14 11:09am
Inspired by BBC panel reform, Holy Trinity now to include one woman and one gay 0
cinquecento 03.04.14 11:01am
Mystery disappearance of concern for flight MH370 investigated

The disappearance of concern for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is to be investigated by a global task-force. Concern for the missing flight went missing at some point in the last 48 hours, it's...

johnnydobbo 03.04.14 11:00am
Commonwealth Stadium to be demolished as part of opener 0
Bigglesworth 03.04.14 10:50am
Glasgow to be demolished to make way for Commonwealth Games

A spectacular opening ceremony to the Commonwealth Sportsday has been announced by Alex Salmond, drawing together the pyrotechnics of London 2012 and the slash and burn architectural approach of the...

RobArmstrong 03.04.14 10:36am
Satan admits he uses Lego

In a press conference held in Hell today Satan announced that Lego pieces were 'routinely used.' Answering a question from a Polish priest reporting for the Catholic Times he said 'there has been a...

throngsman 03.04.14 10:32am
Tree-hugger mugged, calls copse... 0
Tripod 03.04.14 10:28am
Time Team dog retires after developing an aversion to dinosaur bones 3
Mork 03.04.14 10:22am
SSE to sell England World Cup shirts for £1966

“We have to make up for our energy price freeze somehow” said a PR spokesperson. “This is disgraceful profiteering” said David Cameron, who thought £19.66 would be fairer, whilst Ed...

farmer giles 03.04.14 9:07am
farmer giles
Extremist alleges extremism in other extremists, more soon 0
RobArmstrong 03.04.14 8:58am
NB contributor sees life flash before him as last page number increases 0
DorsetBoy 03.04.14 8:52am
Sorry, wrong room. Said "Clegg" 2
Not Amused 03.04.14 8:22am
Not Amused
Miliband/Cameron Debate Needed To Decide Who Meets Farage In Final Round 0
Titus 03.04.14 8:00am
Farage storms to victory in debate

UKIP was claiming victory after last night’s televised debate as polls showed a massive 67% of the audience were in favour of Nigel Farage compared to just 33% who favoured Liberal Democrat leader...

blacklesbianandproudofit 03.04.14 7:49am
Hour Glass Manufacturers Should Clean Up After Recent UK Sand Storms 0
Titus 03.04.14 7:13am
Britain Under Threat From Radicalised Fundamentalist Weather From Sahara 0
Titus 03.04.14 7:12am
Commuter speeds home to watch The Simpsons. 1
Maverick 03.04.14 7:08am
Report:Nurseries Should Use More Drugs & Bullying To Prepare Children For School 0
Titus 03.04.14 7:06am
Gay couples to agree which one will put on weight and go off sex after wedding

Homosexual couples are being encouraged to agree which one of them will gain two stone and lose their sex drive before committing to marriage. Following the legalisation of same-sex marriages,...

Midfield Diamond 03.04.14 6:56am
Muslin Brotherhood dismayed at ban prospect

Popular urban fabrics collective Muslin Brotherhood have expressed their dismay at the prospect of being listed as a proscribed organisation by the government. Collective hemsperson Alan Kaida said,...

custard cream 03.04.14 5:14am
Man narrowly avoids banana skin catastrope during heavy smog 0
Mork 03.04.14 12:28am
Red sky at night, shepherds to wear compulsory face masks

New health guidelines issued by the BBC recommend that shepherds, far from being delighted to see the sun sinking into a glorious red sky should take heed of the possible pollution hazard and don...

vulture1 02.04.14 11:37pm
Adrian Bamforth
Right wing cats oppose Siamese immigration

Members of UCIP (United Cats Independence Party) have strongly opposed Siamese and other, so called, "foreign" breeds from entering the UK. Party leader, Mr Tiddles, explained; "They come over here...

apepper 02.04.14 11:10pm