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Cash joins Buckley spinning in their graves after Leona Lewis adds new victim 9
simonjmr 3 years

Tennessee earthquaked blamed on Cash Spinning in his grave after Leona Lewis's misguided cover of "Hurt". 10 and 11 December 2011 - the days that music truely died - "Hurt", "Cannonball" and...

Man arrested for importuning claims to be transplant surgeon 0
medici2471 3 years
Would-be mum shock at faecal transplant error 0
medici2471 3 years
X-factor audio actually recorded in cat strangling factory admits ITV 0
Screenie 3 years
Further faecal transplant research reveals 81% of people couldn't give a shit 0
Screenie 3 years
People who complain about the faked Frozen Planet scene told Get a Life on Earth 0
Ian Searle 3 years
BBC concede that the planet is not actually frozen after all 0
charlies_hat 3 years
'Jurassic Park' in a row over 'fake' scenes shot at film studio. 0
Ian Searle 3 years

‘Jurassic Park’ has become embroiled in a row over 'fake' scenes, after it was revealed that parts of the movie were shot in a film studio. Part of the film which showed a man driving a car has...

Man cured from 10 year constipation is 'overwhelmed by a motion' 0
charlies_hat 3 years experts to give school children lessons on how to avoid bad debt 0
kimllfixit 3 years

Education Secretary Michael Gove today reported on the department’s radical new initiatives to prevent the next generation of debt-ridden youngsters by introducing lessons on fiscal responsibility...

BBC announces new series of "Coast" to be filmed at Thorpe Park. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 3 years
Foul tasting Yakult drink mystery ingredient revealed 0
medici2471 3 years
BBC apologies for misleading public saying they have moved to manchester 0
tonyhill 3 years

The BBC issues an apology Some news itesm have given the impression we are or have moved to media city in Manchester. In reality everyone knows that it would be impossible to produce programmes "up...

Man who vandalised library given long sentence 1
Major Clanger 3 years

Librarian lost for words...

Cameron runs from veto talks shouting "me no speaky Englisch" 0
kimllfixit 3 years

Any reason to avoid coming up with more lame excuses...

Hague "stiffened Cameron's spine as he entered the meeting" 0
simonjmr 3 years

As quoted by the Times today - I bet old Willie did...

Coldplay crowned winners in surprise X Factor vote 0
medici2471 3 years
Nick Clegg admits he had his fingers crossed when he made election promises 1
Vertically Challenged Giant 3 years

Coming to the end of what has been another difficult year for him, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has finally admitted what many have suspected for some time – he had his fingers crossed when he...

Stiff opposition expected to increased funeral expenses 0
Major Clanger 3 years
Man hurt drinking bubbly admits it was sham pain. 0
Westsider 3 years
New South African mineral drink "tastes like Boer Water" say health experts.. 0
Westsider 3 years

New South African mineral drink "tastes like Boer Water" say health experts....

New Bundesliga team Möbius United unveil strip 0
DorsetBoy 3 years

<insert other football/mathematical puns here>...

"Halfwitz is our national tragedy" admits Tory MP 0
Username 3 years
Depressed mathematician proves Möbius strip has no funny side. 0
Username 3 years

.. hattip to JohnA...

6000 years of Merkel cult? 0
Username 3 years

"With a curvaceous figure and short stubby arms, the discovery of a 6,000-year-old earth mother in France shows "...

Health and safety demands of looters finally being met 0
Username 3 years Good start, but there must be hundreds of innovative technologies and operational improvement...

'Too soon to rule out modelling as next career' reveals top cop Hogan-Howes 0
Username 3 years

.. [would be a shame to waste this as a ticker] 'I'd love to be a detective - that would be my dream job - and autopsies, anything about that. I'd like to go to a murder scene and try to work out...

von Clegg... 0
Username 3 years

is the punchline of tomorrow's ticker. How did it go again?...

Little Mix thrown back as 'undersize' under European 'good taste' guidelines 0
Username 3 years
"August Ferdinand Möbius couldn't see the funny side" says biographer 1
JohnA 3 years

Yes, NB is going to shirt. Deal with it...