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Tech-savvy gardener delighted at prospect of iris-recognition software 1
Smart Alex 29.05.14 7:40am
1D disprove hypothesis that drugs help unlock musical genius. 0
irreverendJ 29.05.14 7:34am
Police move in to disband Folkestone refugee camps

Police in the English port of Folkestone are removing around 800 migrants suspected of trying to flee the country., The migrants, mostly from Romania and Bulgaria say they have made a catastrophic...

Gerontius 29.05.14 7:29am
Doncaster UKIPs aghast after remembering the town has a polish sibling

Basking in the glory of the Euro victory they neither voted for nor understood, Doncaster UKIP followers have been brought back down to earth after recalling they have a Polish twin named Gliwice....

Mork 29.05.14 6:31am
Rolf Harris Held Up by Ukip As Example of UK's Failed Immigration Policy 2
Schoolboy 29.05.14 6:25am
Mr Target
Google self-drive car will allow hands-free racism for Top Gear

To packed conference in California, Google co-founder, Sergey Brin revealed plans to manufacture a vehicle that will allow BBC presenters to focus less on steering and more on 'pejorative terms for...

Wrenfoe 29.05.14 6:16am
Dark Side Deny Entertainer is a Sith

"Nothing to do with us"...

Dun Dunkin 29.05.14 5:36am
Smart Alex
Taffies more prejudiced than rest of UK research says 0
roybland 28.05.14 10:12pm
Lord Oh-ker-shit ! Exclaims peer as dissent leaked. 0
MADJEZ 28.05.14 9:43pm
Doves' government in chaos after coo 0
Schoolboy 28.05.14 9:31pm
EU calls for standardised cat skinning methodology.

"It's all over the place" said a spokesman. "Do you know how many ways there are to skin a cat? More than one, I can tell you."...

Maverick 28.05.14 8:52pm
5p for plastic Bag

Born free-but everything else is extra...

Dun Dunkin 28.05.14 8:42pm
Dun Dunkin
Politician Denys 3 Times that He Knew Anything About a Lib Dem Lord 0
Dun Dunkin 28.05.14 8:36pm
Dun Dunkin
Rolf Harris: 'Pictures wern't the only things I painted' 0
custard cream 28.05.14 8:29pm
custard cream
Chaos on beaches as imam Intifada al Spooner calls for 'Mottle of all Bathers' 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 28.05.14 8:24pm
'Kangaroo was 18 and consented to bondage threesome' claims Harris 0
Skylarking 28.05.14 8:15pm
Salmond insists Scots will be £1,000 better off after independence

£5 Scottish = £1 Sterling...

blacklesbianandproudofit 28.05.14 7:52pm
Williams sisters blame 'concerns over UKIP' for failure at French Open

avantage Monsieur Farage...

blacklesbianandproudofit 28.05.14 7:48pm
Nick Clegg to appear on Wipeout 0
custard cream 28.05.14 7:26pm
custard cream
Gideon's cat may or may not be in cahoots with Schrödinger's cat

Coco 28.05.14 7:21pm
England to be granted independence from Scottish independence debate

The utterly indifferent residents of England have been promised a referendum on whether tedious arguments about Scottish independence should be broadcast or discussed south of the border. The...

jackc5755 28.05.14 7:18pm
Lord Coe For BBC Chairman Shows GreatandGooditis Fever Still Widespread 1
Dun Dunkin 28.05.14 4:14pm
Robert Koch
'I am your father' takes on new meaning as Harris' dark side discussed in court 0
RobArmstrong 28.05.14 3:40pm
Comic Relief no longer to invest in unfunny comedians for its shows

Comic Relief today released a press statement after criticism following BBC's Panorama investigation which showed it had invested time, money and effort in direct contradiction of it's core values...

irreverendJ 28.05.14 3:18pm
Clegg Survives 'Bomb in Bunker'. Suspects being Rounded Up 0
Dun Dunkin 28.05.14 3:15pm
Dun Dunkin
The guy who said "it's the economy, stupid" turns out to be stupid.

Turns out being untrustworthy liars is more important...

vulture1 28.05.14 2:28pm
BBC looking for anyone with an attic to help lose most of its 70's archive 1
Bigglesworth 28.05.14 2:23pm
MI5 Say they will share National Secrets with 'less than a 1000 subcontractors'

A review into procedures after the Snowden documents said that while mistakes were made it was 'unrealistic' that secrets could be kept secret. "We are obliged to share our data with the USA and they...

Dun Dunkin 28.05.14 11:47am
Dun Dunkin
Judge asks jury for verdict in Rolf Harris trial - 'Do you know what it is yet?' 0
electrelane 28.05.14 11:41am
Free Farage Air Freshener Inside

Got a dusty musty room or European Union you need to freshen up? Then use the Ferage Air Freshener Free inside this weeks issue...

Dun Dunkin 28.05.14 11:37am
Dun Dunkin