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Possible Confusion Over Grand National Winner….

…Due to 3-D televising...

Jesse Bigg 05.04.14 7:34am
Jesse Bigg
Crossrail unearth bones of passengers waiting for the 8.59 to Totnes. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 05.04.14 6:57am
The Great Tory God Smiles Benevolently On Somerset, Once Again…….

…..Hey! Dave!, What About The Rest Of Us In The Poverty Trap?...

Jesse Bigg 05.04.14 6:33am
Jesse Bigg
Royal Mail to immortalise Vince Cable in special issue hate-stamps

In a conciliatory move, Royal Mail is poised to send special issue stamps, depicting a disembodied Cable, to all taxpayers. Initially the stamps will be valid for first class postage, but, by the...

Mork 05.04.14 6:24am
Findus hope to complete brand rehabilitation with Grand National sponsorship. 0
MADJEZ 05.04.14 12:29am
Nick Clegg to resort to ‘mum jokes’ in all future live debates

Crestfallen Nick Clegg has been advised by his publicists to adopt a more ‘ruthless approach’ in all future live debates, by resorting to ‘mum jokes’ when backed into a corner by his opponent...

Jesus H 04.04.14 11:57pm
Adrian Bamforth
Princess Anne heads for Liverpool for a tasty post Grand Nation snack 0
medici2471 04.04.14 10:05pm
Fully clothed female singer shocks audience 0
Dumbnews 04.04.14 9:53pm
Man buys 3D printer, prints off a new one, then returns original for a refund 0
Smart Alex 04.04.14 9:45pm
Smart Alex
Tate Gallery displays faulty washing machine as genuine Erroneous Bosch 0
Smart Alex 04.04.14 9:34pm
Smart Alex
Sir Alex's sports management course at Harvard to omit succession planning 0
DorsetBoy 04.04.14 9:24pm
Punch and Judy to tone down children-scaring PMQs-style banter

Domestic violence campaigners say both should be banned, or at least watered down to sensible reasoned arguments. Voters are confused about the mixed messages they are constantly receiving via the...

farmer giles 04.04.14 9:17pm
farmer giles
Forsyth to take up role as UKIP Culture Spokesman. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 04.04.14 8:53pm
Al OPecia
Farage success with Labour core voters prompts surprise push for Tory heartland

After last night's Europe debate polls demonstrated his pulling power amongst disenchanted Labour grass-roots voters, Nigel Farage has moved quickly, in what Westminster observers describe as a...

pinxit 04.04.14 8:21pm
Martin Fraser 'surprised but happy' after accepting Chinese offer for his house 0
Not Amused 04.04.14 8:14pm
Not Amused
Misprint causes thousands of DIY enthusiasts to hide from Princess Anne. 0
FOAD 04.04.14 7:49pm
Plainly packaged politicians will save lives

A brilliant scheme to draw all politicians from a small group of well-connected "intelligentsia" so saving ordinary people the stress of choosing between them is being rolled out under a new EU...

vulture1 04.04.14 7:27pm
Micheal Schumacher now more lucid than Brucie. So no change. 0
MADJEZ 04.04.14 7:03pm
Government Health Warnings to carry health warnings

Government statistics out today reveal that one in three health warnings cause an injury of some sort. 'One smoker poked himself in the eye with his cigarette packet trying to read the warning on...

throngsman 04.04.14 5:35pm
Brave firefighters rescue iPhone from drain by lifting fat girl out first

'We're getting a lot of these,' said the Chief Fire Officer, 'and we don't like to refuse calls where a valuable mobile phone is concerned, but the amount of really fat teenagers we find blocking the...

throngsman 04.04.14 5:18pm
Baillifs claim softly softly approach

'They knocked on my door without an 'ow's yer father', they did' said Margaret, stood at her front door. 'Then they took my door knocker, just unscrewed it and popped it in a bag. One said they'd get...

throngsman 04.04.14 5:07pm
House of Frazer Sold to Chinese Company

"We're all doomed"...

Dun Dunkin 04.04.14 3:15pm
Dun Dunkin
Dawlish Rail Link Restored - England No Longer Isolated 0
Titus 04.04.14 3:10pm
New dating site launched to compete with tindr and grindr, called losr 0
Dumbnews 04.04.14 2:54pm
Cameron offers solution to UK air quality…

After criticism from the European Commission's environment agency on the quality of the air in the UK, the Prime Minister has put forward a radical new idea that will tackle the issue. Cameron said...

hardev 04.04.14 2:41pm
Financier cleared of embezzlement after apology & promise to return funds

Derek Miller, Finance Director for BlueTech Industries, has today been cleared of embezzlement charges after apologising and publicly promising to return the million pounds taken from company...

NewBiscuit 04.04.14 12:48pm
UKIP to "cash in" with board game range

Following the recent televised debates, UKIP are looking to capitalise on the extra publicity by producing their own versions of some family favourite board games. Among those believed to be part of...

Andy Gilder 04.04.14 12:40pm
Andy Gilder
Vatican Guards find Pope rolling in the aisles

His Holiness Pope Francis was discovered in the early hours of this morning, rolling in the aisles of St Peter's basilica. The alarm was raised after a nun, on a moonlit vigil, mistakenly heard what...

Lenny Bee 04.04.14 12:23pm
Lenny Bee
Council sites hit by DDoS attacks - No one notices drop in service 0
camz 04.04.14 11:45am
Alex Salmond’s credibility to be demolished as part of games opening ceremony

The credibility of Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond is set to be demolished as part of a thrilling finale to the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony it has been revealed. Games organisers...

bookiesfriend 04.04.14 11:27am