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This is homeopathic comedy 5
bonjonelson 24.06.12 7:02pm
Queen Actually Scheduled To Meet Paddy McGuinness.

What was thought to be a historic meeting between the Monarch and the Sinn Fein MP is actually a meeting about the possibility of a Take Me Out Royal Special, it has been revealed. One of the...

Hooch 24.06.12 10:59am
Last of the summer swine of a swirl...

hits West Yorkshire...

Jesse Bigg 24.06.12 10:24am
Jesse Bigg
France........... 0
Jesse Bigg 24.06.12 10:13am
Jesse Bigg
MoneyBiscuit: Allied Irish Bank shares could be worth a punt 0
Nails UK 24.06.12 9:48am
Nails UK
New Law Sounds Death Knell For HR Departments

Coalition plans are well advanced, that if implemented, will trim excess layers of fat from UK businesses and will spell the end of Human Resources Departments everywhere. A bill is to be rushed...

Duff 24.06.12 9:31am
New Tesco Creates High Skill Jobs in GlowBall Delivery & Steak Holder Enhancing

Tesco has answered its critics by creating a number of high skilled jobs at its new hypermarket, including a Glow Ball Delivery Executive, a SteakHolder Engagement Evangelist and a Key strategist....

ronseal 24.06.12 7:10pm
"Chuggers" to switch to "choplifting"

After mounting concern over the tactics of their High Street charity collectors, TAG Campaign has responded by promising their operations will now be much more discreet. “Collectors will now...

Yikes 25.06.12 4:08pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Major religion 'most definitely waffle' states PM in retort to Archbishop

More soon....

24.06.12 8:17am
Wombles "may be" evicted as Olympic security ramps up

Great Uncle Bulgaria and his family could be "cleansed" from their ancestral lands. LOCOG has referred The Womble family to The Borders Agency to determine immigration status: none of the family...

Iscariot 24.06.12 12:04am
ITV 2 An Instrument of The Devil

The schedule on the digital channel is pure evil, it has been revealed. The discovery was made by Father Timothy Earl. ‘I was just making up the latest patch of my famous Holy Water, old family...

Hooch 23.06.12 11:18pm
McGuinness' voice must be dubbed by an actor when he meets the Queen 0
bonjonelson 23.06.12 8:55pm
Tots to learn politics with new BBC series of "Dimblebeebies"

Under fives are to have their  own BBC current affairs programmes, made by the producers of In the Night Garden and Teletubbies.  The Dimblebeebies are a pair of brothers who are far from dim....

nickb 23.06.12 7:06pm
Queen to present McGuinness with ticking "clock" in parcel

The Queen is to present former IRA commander Martin McGuinness with a symbolic ticking parcel. Precision built by specialist MI5 "clock-makers", the time-piece is described as the "ultimate alarm...

apepper 23.06.12 8:29pm
Rooney lashes out at Oxlade-Chamberlain for '..calling Roy Hodgson a Polyglot!'

Because "The gaffer shouldn't have to put up with language like that from anyone!" according to the follically augmented toe-brained simian simpleton...

Jammydodgers 23.06.12 3:54pm
Duke of Edinburgh seen buying Joy Buzzer in preparation for McGuinness handshake 0
Nails UK 23.06.12 3:48pm
Nails UK
New "N-Wii" games console gets lukewarm reception from reviewers 10
Nails UK 24.06.12 2:33pm
custard cream
Noel Deals Blow To Ofcom

Neat-bearded celebrity presenter, Noel Edmonds, was feeling a great deal better today following an Ofcom ruling that found him not guilty of misrepresentation during the hosting of his hit Channel 4...

Duff 23.06.12 3:18pm
Network Rail renames flooded West Coast line, "The train flume". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.06.12 3:12pm
RBS say 'computer glitch' that caused credit crunch should now be fixed

The Royal Bank of Scotland has today come out and apologised for the ‘minor glitch’ in it’s computer system that caused it to almost crumble into bankruptcy and need a multi-billion pound...

Perks 27.06.12 12:32pm
Midfield Diamond
NatWest fix computer erro$£$£(2,,,.

More to $£"!¬(")...

apepper 23.06.12 2:39pm
Cameron refuses to condemn individual tax evading tory party donors.

did someone mention philip green?...

arthurminnit 27.06.12 8:57am
Vince Cable's rinsed labels mince table

Whilst other politicians appear to be playing a permanent game of one-upmanship, it was good to see Vince Cable doing something positive for Britain. The Business secretary took it upon himself to...

The Masked Frog 24.06.12 7:31am
John Terry agrees to shake Queen's hand despite her being 'a bit foreign'.

John Terry agrees to shake Queen's hand despite her being 'a bit foreign'...

monty 23.06.12 12:18pm
Newsbiscuit Contributors "A Catty Bunch Of Jealous Queens", reveals study - 2

There seems to be some truth in it....

TiffindeVere 26.06.12 7:40am
IOW festival boss refuses refunds. Says terms are bog standard for industry. 0
weematt 23.06.12 10:59am
Kofi Annan "This is just getting Syria and Syria"

more soon. Is my coat over there?...

dvo4fun 23.06.12 10:07am
Dalai Lama disappointed by lack of virgins in Inverness. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.06.12 9:50am
Isle of Wight residents flee as 4 wheeled beasts rise from the mud. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.06.12 9:15am
More bad news for Jimmy Carr as he receives backing from Jim Davidson 0
medici2471 23.06.12 8:37am