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Conspiracy Theorist claims most conspiracy theories are made up by government 0
throngsman 15.03.14 8:21pm
Police admit cold weather hindered their search for missing penis.

Police have finally admitted they failed to find the missing penis from the man assaulted in a quiet road because of cold weather. Chief Inspector Willy said he is in no doubt that had the weather...

2escapees 15.03.14 8:00pm
Nigel Farage's morals "hijacked and taken off course" says UKIP 0
Andy Gilder 15.03.14 7:18pm
Andy Gilder
Crimeans vote for the last time 2
Adrian Bamforth 15.03.14 7:09pm
Scientists locate 'Fat Gene'

Fat Gene Williams has been found in a McDonald's in Chester by scientists. 'Although his first given name is Arthur,' said the lead scientist, he answers to his middle name, Gene. Because of this it...

throngsman 15.03.14 5:42pm
Middlesborough man regrets using "Cock of the walk" phrase with Asperger friend

no more soon...

Not Amused 15.03.14 3:13pm
Not Amused
Russian troops withdraw after Crimea agrees to return Putin's hammer drill

They're allowed to hang onto lawn rake as a gesture of goodwiil...

throngsman 15.03.14 1:49pm
Russia set to announce Crimea referendum results at 6pm Saturday evening 0
bookiesfriend 15.03.14 1:26pm
Ryanair to open new Beijing terminus in Indian Ocean 0
pere floza 15.03.14 11:08am
pere floza
Ed Balls furious at missing out on Newsnight Economics Editor job 0
ronseal 15.03.14 10:38am
Flight MH 370 - Police Search Pilots House

An investigator from the FBI said, “It does sound a bit optimistic, even if he could land it in his back garden unnoticed, It would never go through the door. Perhaps we had better look in the...

Rumour Control 15.03.14 10:30am
Ed Milliband even more surprised by the "number of Tories" in the Shadow Cabinet

Mega hat-tip to Bismark...

throngsman 15.03.14 10:22am
No Blame Culture to be Abolished

A spokesman for the government's industry policy think tank has announced that it is reversing its advice to industry on blame. 'For over a decade we've been recommending that industry adopts a 'no...

throngsman 15.03.14 10:19am
Pottery company to bring out Wedgwood-Benn figurine 0
farmer giles 15.03.14 10:11am
farmer giles
Ed Milliband surprised by " Number of Tories" in Cabinet 0
Bismarck 15.03.14 8:29am
Missing Plane- search extended to include- everywhere 0
Bismarck 15.03.14 8:18am
Malaysian government offered aid by GB

The British government today offered aid to Malaysia in the form of an anatomy book, so they might find their arse with both hands-and their arse...

Bismarck 15.03.14 8:15am
Chandelier thief given suspended sentence. 0
FOAD 15.03.14 7:32am
Australian GP postponed to allow drivers to stop laughing at Vettel

The FIA have announced Sunday's Australian Grand Prix has been postponed until Monday to allow the drivers to recover from a bout of hysterical laughter. The seemingly contagious bout of laughter...

James Pluside 15.03.14 7:14am
James Pluside
Feminists campaign for "Cake and Cunnilingus Day" to be introduced 3
Andy Gilder 15.03.14 1:05am
The All New Jeni B
Putin EastEnders cameo cancelled in protest over Crimea

The Government has stepped up pressure on the Kremlin today by forcing the BBC to cancel a forthcoming EastEnders plot line which involved a small cameo by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Foreign...

bookiesfriend 14.03.14 10:58pm
Schumacher wins 1978 grand prix and celebrates with friend Gene Hunt 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 14.03.14 10:54pm
Kittens and Meerkats to fight over ownership of Internet

Negotiations between kitten and meerkat representatives have reached a new low as neither will give ground over control of the world wide web. A kitten representative explained their position: "When...

apepper 14.03.14 10:41pm
Woman so stand trial for using 'men only' product

A woman was arrested today after attempting to turn her sandwich into a manwich by dabbling a few drops of HP Sauce on her bacon. Media commentators are already calling this the most serious trial...

Hooch 14.03.14 10:37pm
Vagisil shoplifter given conditional discharge 6
pere floza 14.03.14 9:23pm
Max Clifford ‘stopped representing own penis’...

Embattled publicist, Max Clifford, today revealed that he and his penis had had an acrimonious split, after the organ’s alleged misdemeanors had been made public. “I told my todger what I tell...

Tripod 14.03.14 9:22pm
Russia sends ships to look for missing peace in Crimea 1
Bigglesworth 14.03.14 9:05pm
Not Amused
Ukip plead 'tighten border controls until flight MH370 is found'

Nigel Farage has warned the UK to tighten border controls as the search for flight MH370 continues. The flight disappeared from radars last Saturday leading to conspiracy theories of kidnap, aliens...

James Pluside 14.03.14 8:47pm
Not Amused
This week at Morrisons. Take one payroll record, get as many as you like free 0
Andy Gilder 14.03.14 8:47pm
Andy Gilder
Inspector Clouseau drafted in to raise competence level of missing plane search 0
bookiesfriend 14.03.14 8:43pm