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Pharmaceutical giant dismisses herbal Viagra as a "soft option" 6
sydalg 05.05.14 11:10pm
Nigerian Authorities Monitor eBay As Part Of Search For Abducted Schoolgirls 1
Titus 05.05.14 10:04pm
Teachers' strike : Students sue teachers for loss of learnings 1
camz 05.05.14 9:11pm
Adrian Bamforth
Scientists discover element of Surprise. Element of Chance as elusive as ever

Adrian Bamforth 05.05.14 9:11pm
Tesco to launch "Pound Zones" featuring Imagist poetry readings by fascists 2
sydalg 05.05.14 8:41pm
Uk To Send Morris Dancer Peacekeepers to Ukraine

Foreign office says it shows the UK is a serious player on the world stage...

Dun Dunkin 05.05.14 8:11pm
Isle of wight residents excited by More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 05.05.14 7:51pm
New Clarkson storm as wife describes divorce settlement as "niggardly" 2
sydalg 05.05.14 7:08pm
Men demand multiple-orgasms in exchange for equitable pay

As one of the key electoral issues of the Scottish independence debate emerges, men have said they are willing to concede ground on equal pay provided they are compensated from areas of female...

Wrenfoe 05.05.14 6:06pm
Russian Balaklava Sellers BoomTime

Get the new look. Colour black one size fits all...

Dun Dunkin 05.05.14 5:25pm
Dun Dunkin
Labour role gaming 'Life on Mars'

It won't be bad. The music was better in the 70s...

Dun Dunkin 05.05.14 5:22pm
Dun Dunkin
Children arrested in terror probe after leaving pin on teachers chair 1
Bigglesworth 05.05.14 4:57pm
Oklahoma residents agree death penalty 'good in principle, bad in execution.' 1
Adrian Bamforth 05.05.14 3:48pm
Jeremy Clarkson to test drive an expensively priced divorce. More soon. 2
Al OPecia 05.05.14 3:45pm
Seventies nostalgia week continues

Labour to nationalise British rail, unions on strike, IRA angry, BBC rubbish, house prices soar, Tories venal and corrupt. Jim'll fix it to be brought back…no only joking...

vulture1 05.05.14 1:35pm
Jeremy Clarkson announces engagement to Ashley Cole. 0
godly1966 05.05.14 1:06pm
Article on Communion wafers dismissed as "man bites God story" 3
sydalg 05.05.14 1:04pm
Air France told to stop flying monkeys; Dorothy Gale unavailable for comment. 1
Adrian Bamforth 05.05.14 12:51pm
Adrian Bamforth
Isle of Sheppey retailers report surge in sales of hard hats 4
Dick Everyman 05.05.14 11:20am
Dick Everyman
Pistorius a broken man. Still able to run, do media appearances though. 0
MADJEZ 05.05.14 10:01am
Payday loan staff to be retrained as maths teachers. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 05.05.14 10:00am
McEnroe tells Murray "You cannot be serious!". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 05.05.14 8:58am
Clarkson refuses to disassociate himself from the IRA

Ulster loyalists have accused Jeremy Clarkson of complicity with the Sinn Fein party due to the timing of his bizarre racist outburst. It is alleged that Clarkson was tipped off as soon as the news...

Mork 05.05.14 8:45am
Max Clifford's penis given own cell for protection

Prison officials have confirmed today that Max Clifford's penis, Justin, has been segregated for his own safety and is undergoing assessment in the prison hospital wing after earlier being spotted...

Squudge 05.05.14 8:25am
Kevin the Swan
Jeremy Clarkson given final warning about being Jeremy Clarkson...

Jeremy Clarkson has been given a final warning, by Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC, about being Jeremy Clarkson. “With Jeremy Clarkson”, said Mr Hall, “what you see is what you get. A...

Tripod 05.05.14 8:21am
House of Frazer entering Russia; Putin to follow suit 0
throngsman 05.05.14 8:06am
Men amazed Submarine Service finds three women who enjoy going down 0
Duncan Biscuit 05.05.14 7:56am
Duncan Biscuit
Oklahoma prisoners advised to order extra snack with last meal "just in case" 0
sydalg 05.05.14 6:45am
Sinn Féin leader released due to bomb scare shortly after Adam's one phone call 1
Adrian Bamforth 05.05.14 6:33am
Max Clifford’s penis to play small part in 'Carry On At Your Convenience' remake 0
farmer giles 05.05.14 6:21am
farmer giles