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Minister claimed wind-turbine was huge garden ornament 0
Underconstruction 3 years

A conservative MP is facing expulsion from the House of Commons after submitting an £800,000 claim for a wind-turbine at his Staffordshire home., A routine audit of the peer's expenses highlighted...

The Daily Mail warns.... 0
godly1966 3 years

The Daily Mail warns if all wind turbines point in the opposite direction as the world rotates the earth will stop spinning...

Lollipop men adopt 'suck it and see' approach to new work patterns 0
Underconstruction 3 years
Daily Mail latest: Climate scientists PC's "warm ambient atmosphere" shock. 1
Al OPecia 3 years

Morons Soon...

Hodgson vehemently denies that he was woo'd 0
Underconstruction 3 years
World looks "kinda flat from here" claims Daily Mail Science Correspondant. 0
Al OPecia 3 years
Off-duty arrests overtake on-duty arrests for killers at large 0
Underconstruction 3 years

Off-duty Police Officers were responsible for apprehending a staggering 95% of all at-large murder suspects in the UK in 2011, according to figures released by the National Association of Chief...

BBC Chief: “Murdoch’s BSkyB would have degraded UK TV”. 3
woodymellor 3 years

Special report tonight, after ‘Total Wipeout’...

Ferguson 'too ill' to play mind games... 0
Underconstruction 3 years

Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has hit back at critics who claim that he is playing 'mind games' as the Premiership title reaches it's climax., "I'm an old man with barely enough energy...

Vocal, light-exercise loving poet found guilty of walk rhymes 0
Underconstruction 3 years

I'll get my coat shall I?...

Mother of six legged baby names Ant as the father 0
Underconstruction 3 years
Rising unempoyment blamed on Miliband's calls for everyone to resign 1
Perks 3 years

Following on from another set of disappointing unemployment figures, David Cameron has blamed the numbers of jobless on Ed Miliband’s constant calls for people to resign. ‘We understand him...

Wikileaks releases Hodgson resignation speech. 0
Thor 3 years
British Horseracing Board find horse presenting The One Show to be "unethical". 0
woodymellor 3 years
A Culture of Cliches. Why women aren't as happy as their campaign counterparts. 1
Ollymace 3 years

Unfortunate though it may be, it is a fact universally acknowledged that in the modern day, consumer based society; our reflection can be seen clearest through advertising. Though I feel that I would...

Obese candidate to fight lo-cal election. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 3 years
Ford beats Toyota in underwater car contest 0
Nails UK 3 years
Heavy rain "worse than The Blitz" 0
woodymellor 3 years

Some rain fell over the last few days, leaving millions of Britons in extreme nonchalance. Some people have resorted to getting the bus, or using umbrellas creating widespread minor inconvenience....

2012 Olympics Approaching At World Record Speed. 0
Mark66 3 years
Experts brought in to investigate 'Westminster Amnesia' 6
Perks 3 years

Scientists and neurologists have been drafted into Westminster this week to investigate an alarming rise in amnesia amongst politicians. Although the problem is not a new one, the last few weeks have...

England manager in 4 year deal. To end after we get knocked out of Euro 2012. 0
MADJEZ 3 years
Red light district threatened with hoe's pipe ban 2
Screenie 3 years
Turner Prize shitlist announced 1
virtuallywill 3 years
FA to give Premiership Managers with facial spit guards for Old Trafford visits 0
simonjmr 3 years
GP found beheaded on Salford street: local PCT claims responsibility 0
Nails UK 3 years
James Murdoch; "No more Mr Nice Guy" 0
apepper 3 years

James Murdoch has reacted with fury to criticism by MPs. "There going to be less of the happy go-lucky nice guy from now on."...

A level exams to be taken on the moon to reduce pressure on students 2
Screenie 3 years

more soon....

FA appoint another manager unable to speak english 0
Perks 3 years
Ferguson in intelligible and measured discussion with Mancini during derby match 0
Nails UK 3 years
Royal Navy to deploy depth charges near strategic olympic sewers. 6
bonjonelson 3 years

London Olympic security received another boost today with the announcement that major sewers interconnecting with the east-London venue would be protected by teams of Royal Navy officers armed with...