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Kate carrries George off flight. Osborne sorry he had one too many with Ms Bush

more soon. William Hague stood back and let her carry him....

Not Amused 07.04.14 10:57am
Not Amused
Confusion as Police use water-cannon to quell angry Sheffield runners 0
bookiesfriend 07.04.14 10:50am
Needle found, haystack still missing 0
nickb 07.04.14 9:16am
Air crews warned 'not to use black boxes for karaoke practice'. 0
nickb 07.04.14 9:12am
Royal Navy in new production of The Ping and I. 1
Maverick 07.04.14 8:59am
Malaysian Airlines declare new stealth plane a success. 0
godly1966 07.04.14 8:30am
Malaysian Airlines express regret over early implementation of new stealth plane

It was meant to say "Malaysian Airlines express regret over early implementation of new stealth passenger jet" but I didn't fit...

godly1966 07.04.14 8:24am
British submarine collides with MH370

HMS Tireless, a Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine, was recently despatched to the Indian ocean to help in the search for the lost Malaysian aircraft, MH370. The Royal Navy has a proud history of...

Squudge 07.04.14 8:15am
Kevin the Swan
Which is more lethal? Tebbit's comdemnation or Cameron's 'unequivocal support'? 3
Titus 07.04.14 8:10am
Kevin the Swan
Sanpower Group confirm store rebranding to 'House of Flaser'

Velly solly if I offend anyone...

throngsman 07.04.14 8:03am
Concern As Mobs In Scotland Storm Public Buildings & Raise Russian Flag 0
Titus 07.04.14 7:07am
"I Ping, Therefore I Am" Says Wrecked Airliner

More soon, we all hope...

Titus 07.04.14 6:49am
Charles and the trees talk, Jack and the beans talk. 0
Maverick 07.04.14 4:12am
Call for change to smell of gas as energy complaints reach record high

Ofgem have received several thousand complaints regarding the scent which is added to gas to alert consumers of its presence. In a recent survey, it was found that consumers would prefer a more...

Mork 07.04.14 1:25am
First Gay Marriage widower demands he be called a 'widowim'. 9
camz 06.04.14 9:59pm
Kevin the Swan
She’ll do whatever you want, while you watch: yes, it’s the Widdicam... 4
Tripod 06.04.14 9:56pm
Kevin the Swan
Culture Club exposed as Crazy Gang. 0
Ref Minor 06.04.14 9:43pm
Ref Minor
"We Only Found A Bright Orange Drum, Not A Black Box, So We Threw It Back" 0
Titus 06.04.14 8:41pm
Black box found. Ride on time....

I'll get my coat (and someone must have done this already)...

MADJEZ 06.04.14 8:29pm
Bo Diddley “less diddley than first thought”, says new book. 1
nickb 06.04.14 6:49pm
David Cameron blames his deputy, Nick Clegg, for absence of water in Sheffield!

The collapse of the Sheffield half Marathon was the fault of Nick Clegg whose constituency hosts the race, says the PM. LibDem policies can't keep the water flowing let alone keep the lights on say...

2escapees 06.04.14 6:02pm
"Toaster,... iron, ...cuddly toy, ...P45....oh...". 1
Al OPecia 06.04.14 5:58pm
custard cream
Under pressure flasher vows to get a grip 0
custard cream 06.04.14 5:53pm
custard cream
Criminals to police themselves

The government is to introduce self-policing for criminals. Government spokesman, Maria Miller, explained; "The old saying is 'it takes a thief to catch a thief' and this measure is simply an...

apepper 06.04.14 5:28pm
Lifelong long life milk drinker dies, ‘disappointed’ aged 57.

Mike Smithers of Christchurch died a disillusioned man. According to his wife, he had made it a point only to drink Long Life Milk, steadfastly believing this would do what it said on the Tetrapak....

nickb 06.04.14 3:20pm
'knights who say ping' , rediscovered in Indian Ocean, will appear, Python say 3
Not Amused 06.04.14 2:41pm
Al OPecia
Ukraine complains to Ofgem about difficulty of switching providers 6
Bigglesworth 06.04.14 1:06pm
Not Amused
Pornsite launched to cater for ‘elderly, unattractive virgin’ market: Widdicum 2
Tripod 06.04.14 1:03pm
Culture Secretary blasted with Cameron's 'full confidence'

The Culture Secretary Maria Miller's position is said to be 'untenable' today after the Prime Minister was forced to express full confidence in her actions. The revelation occurred after Miller was...

Squudge 06.04.14 12:20pm
Kevin the Swan
Oxford / Cambridge race cancelled as course declared too waterlogged

Well done to the runners in Sheffield...

irreverendJ 06.04.14 12:18pm