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Isle of Wight attraction that does NOT feature Dinosaurs exposed as hoax

Following the statement earlier this year by the British Museum naming the Isle of Wight as the “Dinosaur Capital of Britain”, the plethora of recent dinosaur finds including nine year old Daisy...

clarksn 27.08.13 9:51am
Farmer accused of stealing straw released on bale 20
John Wiltshire 27.08.13 9:43am
Obama lists further coloured lines the Syrians must not cross

President Obama today listed a number of further lines that Syria must not cross. Addressing the nation, he said: 'Syria was told quite categorically that they must not cross the red line. However,...

John Wiltshire 27.08.13 9:35am
John Wiltshire
Wayne Rooney told to choose between hair loss treatments

Unsettled Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has been told that he needs to end speculation about his future and decide once-and-for-all which hair loss product he wishes to be associated with....

Long Distance Clara 27.08.13 9:32am
Long Distance Clara
Obama threatens missile strikes against DEFRA over massacare 0
Scronnyglonkle 27.08.13 9:13am
RAF in chaos as pilot cull begins

A spokesman for DEFRA has admitted "some confusion" as several RAF pilots have been shot by ministry marksmen...

apepper 27.08.13 9:10am
Princess Di ‘still alive’ says expert

Expert bunny rabbit breeder Tom Hare insisted one of his most prized examples ‘Princess Di’ was still alive today, amidst gossip in ‘Pedigree Rabbit’ magazine she had met her death by being...

farmer giles 27.08.13 8:55am
farmer giles
Protesters Claim HS2 Track Could Spread TB By Aiding Diseased Badger Movement 0
Titus 27.08.13 7:45am
Syrian Military Intervention Threat Prompted By Gas Threat To Syrian Badgers 1
Titus 27.08.13 7:31am
Government Denies Badger Cull Protester Cull Plan 0
Titus 27.08.13 6:59am
Mountaineers Suffer Frostbite, Hypothermia & Starvation In Snowdon-Climb Queues 0
Titus 27.08.13 6:54am
Three wise men came, bearing gifts for a new-born Prince.

Lo and behold, flashes lit the sky above the hospital and three wise men came bearing gifts for the new-born Prince. The first to arrive, Miliband, brought a gift of a three-year-old apple tree, a...

forviemedia 27.08.13 4:19am
"Fictitious Panda Cub Is Just Tourist Bait" Says Loch Ness Monster


Titus 27.08.13 1:35am
Panda Cull Launched Whlie Public Distracted By Possible Badger Pregnancy 1
Titus 27.08.13 1:08am
Editors no longer valued for literary skills says survey, lol 5
Arthur 27.08.13 12:39am
Ethically-slaughtered bacon company to be called Pignitas 7
sydalg 26.08.13 10:18pm
Eric Pickles calls for wider parking spaces in town centres. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 26.08.13 10:12pm
'Panda Cub Rumour Is Bollox' Says Loch Ness Monster

'Just an imaginary invention to attract the tourists...

Titus 26.08.13 9:57pm
Panda father ‘ate, shot and left’, now being sought by Child Support Agency... 0
Tripod 26.08.13 9:56pm
Geneticists think Jobseeker DNA and NHS DNA may be related

A team of genetic scientists from Oxford University has submitted a revolutionary paper to Nature Magazine which sets-out the theory that UK slobs and members of the Royal Family who did not attend...

antharrison 26.08.13 9:45pm
Viagra before bed gives man firmer glory 0
Smart Alex 26.08.13 9:13pm
Smart Alex
Intellectual defined as able to watch Celeb Big Brother & not recognise anyone. - 2 40
MADJEZ 26.08.13 8:06pm
Militant feminist dyslexics are procastrination, but not today 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 26.08.13 7:38pm
Bo Xilai denies loss of sheep

The former Communist Party leader refutes charges of bribery, corruption and livestock abandonment. He also denies links to a similarly agriculturally inept and 'quite contrary' accomplice. The...

Wrenfoe 26.08.13 7:25pm
Al OPecia
Outbreak of masturbation-induced gonorrhea in Zen monastery - one-hand clap 0
sydalg 26.08.13 3:23pm
Man who took LSD in 1969 still hallucinating in pounds, shillings and pence 0
sydalg 26.08.13 3:13pm
Mr. Muscle to face European Court of Justice after removing Greece and Staines 0
Ian Searle 26.08.13 11:08am
Ian Searle
Reading Festival highlights UK's poor literacy skills, says Gove. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 26.08.13 9:56am
New fixed penalty fines for middle-of-the-road tastes and opinions

From this week anyone found listening to Chris de Burgh or settling down to watch an episode of Midsomer Murders will face a £100 on-the-spot fine. The new penalties are intended to tackle the...

Ludicity 26.08.13 9:00am
Unmarried Teenage Panda 'Only Pregnant To Get A Council House' Claim 0
Titus 26.08.13 7:38am