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"Overwhelming demand" for lab grown vaginas from banking and political sectors. 0
Maverick 11.04.14 9:21pm
Catholic church comes out against slave trafficking - no news yet on paedophilia 4
blacklesbianandproudofit 11.04.14 8:43pm
Porn cinema closed : "Penis Growing Lab" claims rejected 0
camz 11.04.14 7:47pm
Lab swamped by applicants for 'Vagina Quality Tester' post. 0
camz 11.04.14 7:43pm
Multiculturalists Celebrate As Last Real Londoner Leaves

The last real Londoner has gone to live in the Falklands as its the only place he can feel British...

Dun Dunkin 11.04.14 5:53pm
Adrian Bamforth
Russia May Invade Ukraine on the Pretext of Sex Abuse Against Miners

The Duma has protested to the Ukraine about attacks on Donetsk coal miners by fascists from Kiev. One miner said, “With the drill switched on you cannot hear them creeping up behind you, it is...

Rumour Control 11.04.14 5:46pm
Rumour Control
B&Q Launches Export Range of Bullet Proof Doors and Grenade Resistant Toilets.

The Pistorius Internal Door – offers partial proof against dum-dum rounds and total proof against cricket bats. The Piss-Tory-Arse Range of non-porcelain toilets made from high quality grenade...

Rumour Control 11.04.14 5:42pm
Rumour Control
'James Arthur Rants' inducted into Cockney Rhyming Slang. 0
MADJEZ 11.04.14 4:56pm
Lab growing vaginas flooded with orders from single men.

and probably a few married ones as well. More soon...

MADJEZ 11.04.14 4:53pm
Doctors grow vagina in lab - expected to be judge on X-Factor by 2035

More to follow...

apepper 11.04.14 4:49pm
Leaving Irish President asks Queen If She Has any Scrap Metal

One for the road...

Dun Dunkin 11.04.14 3:44pm
Geldof fans pay tribute by not tweeting for 3 minutes. 0
Adrian Bamforth 11.04.14 3:24pm
Adrian Bamforth
PC Keith Blakelock - The Only Policemen, Apparently, To Cut His Own Head Off - 2

Must be; apparently the courts have decided that no-one else did it...

Titus 11.04.14 3:23pm
Google Glass on sale for £900 as company replaces R&D workers with suckers

Google has announced that trials of its new "Glass" spectacle-mounted computer will be carried out not by employees, but by members of the public paying almost £900 for the privilege. The glasses go...

Sir Lupus 11.04.14 3:13pm
Sir Lupus
Doctors implant lab-grown vagina. Whereabouts of Piers Morgan still a mystery 0
RobArmstrong 11.04.14 2:32pm
Miller apologises again

I’m very sorry that I got caught out simpered Miss Piggy. I hope the people of Basingstoke, wherever that is, will forgive me...

farmer giles 11.04.14 2:23pm
Rumour Control
Easter Message. Rich Men Finally Get Camel Through Eye of Needle. 0
Dun Dunkin 11.04.14 2:20pm
Dun Dunkin
Pistorius Reveals Reason for Pistol Shots - Machine Gun Jammed

Prosecutor - “Mr Pistorius, tell the court why did you fire your pistol four times through the door into the bathroom”. Pistorius in whining voice of a three year old “ My machine gun had...

Rumour Control 11.04.14 1:34pm
Rumour Control
Westminster tries to placate Scots voters - A1 to be motorway by 2038 0
camz 11.04.14 1:11pm
School Weekend Bear Expenses Scandal

Outrage and shock have gripped Westdene Primary School in Brighton after a freedom of information request revealed that Cornelius, the Year Three Weekend Bear, has been misclaiming expenses for his...

james_doc 11.04.14 12:49pm
Arrogant vicar develops altar ego. 7
Maverick 11.04.14 12:44pm
EU Referendum: Cameron wants neither in or out, prefers to 'shake it all about' 1
custard cream 11.04.14 11:59am
dyslexic Luther fans suspected of causing viral outbreak in Guinea

WHO are worried that fans of the detective series who insist of touching their favourite district inspector in person are spreading the virus across West Africa. sorry folks...

Robert Koch 11.04.14 11:03am
Outbreak Of Scrapie, Foot Rot And Blackleg Blamed On Poor Welsh NHS Care

More casual racism later...

Titus 11.04.14 10:00am
Many PPI compensation claims 'mis-sold', compensation could run into millions

More later...

throngsman 11.04.14 9:16am
Next German invasion of France to happen after 6pm to prevent email alerts

The German Ministry of Defence has announced that any future invasion of France will be timed for 1800 hours or later. "The French won't be looking at emails after 6, so we can get in, install a...

deceangli 11.04.14 9:06am
Middle-aged D&D aficionados still not getting the respect they deserve

Although Dungeons & Dragons is celebrating its 40th anniversary, many participants are concerned that their contributions to society, heavy metal t-shirts and virginity have been overlooked....

Wrenfoe 11.04.14 8:05am
CPS 'Should Only Prosecute Heterosexual Alleged Assaults' Say Campaigners 0
Titus 11.04.14 7:38am
Women Who Eat On Tube Trains Resent Being Seen Eating On Tube Trains

More grazing later...

Titus 11.04.14 7:34am
Jesus- 'Don't blame Big Society on me'

In a break from tradition, Jesus has given a press conference following a statement from the Prime Minister. 'Let's be clear,' he said to the gathered journalists, 'I don't do Cameron and I didn't...

throngsman 11.04.14 7:23am