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Doctors to promote GlaxoSmithKline through Interpretive Dance

Following bribery and corruption allegations leveled at GSK, the pharmaceutical industry plans to promote their products through the power of ‘ribbons’, ‘spandex body suits’ and a judicious...

Wrenfoe 14.04.14 10:33am
Piers was 'fired with enthusiasm' says kind job reference for ex chat show host 1
ronseal 14.04.14 10:30am
CNN Reports - Tombola Outbreak About to Sweep Through Southern England

The first case of Tombola in the UK has been reported in Bournemouth, it is thought that by the end of the Easter weekend it might easily spread to the Home Counties., Unusually, Justin Welby says...

Rumour Control 14.04.14 9:40am
UN Says Carbon Emissions Must be Reduced – Ukraine Told to Stop Burning Tyres

The Pro-Russian population have been advised to stop inflaming the situation and the Ukrainians have accused them of providing a smokescreen for an Invasion...

Rumour Control 14.04.14 9:37am
Future CPS Sex Charges To Be Restricted To Only Old Or Dead DJs, Not Politicians 0
Titus 14.04.14 9:09am
Journalists defend right to spout shit with ‘taped-up arsehole selfie’ campaign

Hundreds of television journalists have taken photographs of themselves with bands of sticky tape fixed to their anuses. The images form part of a campaign aimed at telling the world the relentless...

nedge 14.04.14 7:58am
Government agrees to 'gentlemen's agreement' with G4S over being ripped off.

Whitehall has agreed to allow G4S to bid for lucrative contracts again, on the condition that they 'don't make it too obvious' when they're defrauding the public purse of hundreds of millions of...

Electrelane 14.04.14 7:55am
US threaten Russia with more sanctions, starting with the export of Disney films

Barrack Obama has stepped up the rhetoric in the dispute with Vladimir Putin over Russia's actions in Ukraine. He has confirmed any further threats to Ukrainian sovereignty would lead to drastic...

James Pluside 13.04.14 9:11pm
Jesus questions Harvard report

A new report from Harvard suggests that Jesus was married, particularly because in an eighth century text it quotes Jesus referring to 'my wife'. Apparently irritated by the report, Jesus has weighed...

throngsman 13.04.14 8:14pm
Beavers homes not as good as they used to be, claims damming report. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 13.04.14 8:10pm
Cowboy offended when not treated like the stereotype 1
Dumbnews 13.04.14 7:27pm
Lab-grown vaginas 'are nothing new', says Piers Morgan 0
Oxbridge 13.04.14 6:01pm
All of man's shortcomings exposed in his choice of clothes, says Psychiatrist 0
Dumbnews 13.04.14 4:29pm
.. 0
Dumbnews 13.04.14 4:27pm
Babies to be fined for crying in public places

It was revealed at the House of Commons today that children up to the age of 6 could be fined as much as £90 for [quote]crying, screaming and/or wailing in public places, including pubs, bars,...

SirCleft 13.04.14 4:05pm
NHS resurrection performance slammed

The NHS is failing to meet government targets to raise people from the dead according to a new report from the NHS watchdog Nicene. The finding follows recent claims of long waiting times for people...

roybland 13.04.14 10:56am
Increase in the number of complaints about plot holes in British road movies 0
Ian Searle 13.04.14 10:40am
Ian Searle
Tamiflu last drug to be named after a country singer 13
custard cream 13.04.14 9:35am
Do not miss the "All About Gods Show"

From Arena Displays to a Fun God Show, All About Gods is packed full of fun competitions and games for your god. From spectacular god display teams to entertaining fun and games, the All About God...

GreyWolf 13.04.14 8:48am
Al OPecia
Teacher Fails Student

Dayvon Terrell of Detroit, Michigan, was recently failed by his third grade teacher, Mrs. Deborah Leigh. "Unfortunately, Davyon did not meet the standardized reading comprehension benchmark," Ms....

bengedrink 12.04.14 11:07pm
Feminists demand Isle of Man change to Isle of Gender Neutral 5
camz 12.04.14 10:48pm
Delete the paedophile, not the photos, say experts

After several days of furious debate regarding the retention of explicit material on a paedophile's laptop, a cleaning lady at an NHS hospital has offered a forensic examination of all sensible...

Squudge 12.04.14 9:05pm
Journalistic talent wasting as Ukraine Crisis fails to worsen for second week

Journalists are finding themselves increasingly sidelined as Russia's actions continue to be increasingly un-newsworthy., "We are dying on the vine out here." commented one reporter "Every day I see...

gaijintendo 12.04.14 7:30pm
Australian PM running out of time to leverage more publicity from missing plane 0
throngsman 12.04.14 5:51pm
Parkinsons' charity collector fined for shaking tin. More soon. 2
Al OPecia 12.04.14 5:01pm
Prince Williams wows NZ crowd in bespoke navy

Impressing the crowds in New Zealand yesterday, Prince William has spoken out about his fashion choices in a bid to divert attention from his wife. The prince is said to favour handmade suits from...

Coco 12.04.14 2:15pm
Gove praises Pakistan nursery education after 9 month old baby planned murder

No more soon because he has been acquitted...

Not Amused 12.04.14 1:56pm
Not Amused
Putin About to Send in 40,000 Bailiffs for Unpaid Gas Bill

The Russian Parliament has denied any inference that an invasion of the Ukraine is imminent, “These are only bailiffs” said Mr Lavrov, “Perhaps a bit better equipped than usual, but there are...

Rumour Control 12.04.14 1:07pm
Rumour Control
The Verve accused of peddling inadequate flu-remedy

The songwriter Richard Ashcroft and his band have come under close scrutiny with regards their connection between 90s rock music and the UK stockpiling £473m of Tamiflu in 2006. The Cochrane...

Wrenfoe 12.04.14 12:48pm
Bootle man to marry lab-grown vagina

A 47 year old has become the first man in Britain to marry a lab-grown vagina in a short civil ceremony held in Liverpool. Peter Nicholas first met Fanny at a drinks reception in a local university...

Underconstruction 12.04.14 12:02pm