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Syrian government considers using force to make people run Damascus marathon 0
sydalg 23.04.13 3:13pm
Cameron Undermining Never Tires

Or just the initials...

B.E.P. 23.04.13 2:38pm
Scotland's New Currency - The 'Jock?'

And if it hits hard times - 'The Jock Strap?'...

Jesse Bigg 23.04.13 2:37pm
Dyslexic Parisian detective still hunting Moulin Rogue 1
sydalg 23.04.13 2:08pm
Athiest particle discoved to wide shouts of disbelief from scientific community 2
irreverendJ 23.04.13 2:06pm
Trainer admits injecting horses with herbs and spices

Yet another top name has been dragged into the horsemeat scandal after a trainer at the Godolphin stables admitted injecting thoroughbreds with a cocktail of flavour-enhancing herbs and spices,...

grumblechops 23.04.13 12:46pm
Independent Scot's currency to be called The Dole 1
A.A.Arkwright 23.04.13 12:36pm
Heston Blumenthal to experiment with Suarez method of dining 0
Scronnyglonkle 23.04.13 11:27am
Man Utd launch new App - “Win it Like Fergie”

In the heady wake of securing their 20th League Championship - MUCK - the Commercial arm of Manchester United FC - today launched it's first ever App, predicted to earn several billions of pounds...

23.04.13 11:27am
Harry Rednapp gave his name as "Vicky Price" to Devon Cops. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.04.13 11:05am
Al OPecia
Suarez: "I always like to leave a good impression on my opponents" 0
AReader 23.04.13 10:34am
Woman at fancy dress orgy admits “I don’t know what came over me”... 2
Tripod 23.04.13 10:31am
Marathon bombings believed to be race related 2
topfotogmw 23.04.13 10:28am
Sun-reader refuses to 'bask' in warm weather.

More (rain) soon...

riesler 23.04.13 10:17am
Godolphin stable doping enquiry...something fishy going on here 2
irreverendJ 23.04.13 9:37am
Huhne regrets not 'doing a Broadchurch' and giving the ending away at the start

Series 2 will be interesting, who will take his points next time....

Ian Searle 23.04.13 9:06am
Ian Searle
Syrians likely to vote with their feet, warn extremists 0
Dick Everyman 23.04.13 7:05am
Dick Everyman
Chelsea defender Ivanovich "thinks he's a bit tasty" 0
ronseal 23.04.13 6:25am
"Why wasn't he muzzled?" Daily Mail asks Liverpool manager 0
sydalg 23.04.13 5:08am
Cash-strapped NHS asks measles victims to paint large cross on door 0
sydalg 23.04.13 4:57am
Penalty shot closely followed by rabies shot in Liverpool game 0
sydalg 23.04.13 4:42am
John Major flattered but not coming back

No more gray...

Not Amused 22.04.13 11:39pm
Not Amused
Latest Government Stats Prove Half of All UK Schools Now Below National Average

The latest figures released by the Department for Education show that half of all state schools are now below the national average. Ministers have used such falling standards to push for a wider take...

thisisall1word 22.04.13 10:03pm
Sir Lupus
Judge tempted to release Huhne early "just to see her face". More soon. 2
Al OPecia 22.04.13 7:26pm
Frustrated FBI to question Boston Bomb suspect through the medium of dance. 2
Al OPecia 22.04.13 7:24pm
sponge finger
NewsBiscuit declares war on itself.

The UK’s top satirical website News Biscuit is today in turmoil after a group of writers decided to leave and start their own site. The group known only as the Harold Spring left to start the...

godly1966 22.04.13 7:17pm
sponge finger
Dyslexics advised to be inoculated against Maltesers. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 22.04.13 6:43pm
NORTH KOREA TO ADOPT 'STAR WARS' MISSILE DEFENCE SYSTEM. Langley, Virginia- Sources within the CIA have revealed that they are close to proving that North Korea has been developing a...

Chris Stacey 22.04.13 6:06pm
Al OPecia
Cars to be scrapped to build 'galactic spacecraft'

It has become known in the past few hours that, to help reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions, the UK and US government will be requiring all citizens to bring their cars to a local 'drop-off' centre,...

22.04.13 5:58pm
Germ warfare alert after terror suspect caught with a bag of measles. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 22.04.13 5:20pm