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Sports historians finally piece together how the game of rugby came about.....

"Initially, it was the usual 300 a side football game between two villages, until some thieving git ran off with the pig's head," said a spokesman...

Jesse Bigg 28.06.12 7:54am
Jesse Bigg
Miami face-chewer had only marijuana in system - munchies to blame says coroner 2
Haywood Manley 28.06.12 10:01am
Barclays bankers "not just a bunch of lying, thieving bastards" says Barclays 0
dvo4fun 28.06.12 7:12am
Dsylexic extremist chants 'Death to UAE" 0
Dumbnews 28.06.12 4:04am
. 0
dvo4fun 27.06.12 11:03pm
Barclays Bankers Found Guilty Of Knocking Out Another One

Bob Diamond (Geezer) is tonight under extreme pressure to step down from his position as Barclays Chief Executive, following the financial giant having been found guilty of yet another...

Duff 28.06.12 9:48pm
Gay dyslexic physicist seeks transfer to Large Hardon Collider

(Since we're doing colliders again)...

Maverick 27.06.12 10:02pm
Nora Ephron sleeping in Seattle. No more soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.06.12 8:49pm
Al OPecia
Google to sell Goggles. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.06.12 8:47pm
Al OPecia
House of Lords to be brought into the 18th Century. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.06.12 8:46pm
Al OPecia
Disappointment as dead Ephron not Zac 0
Mandy Lifeboat 27.06.12 8:12pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Chancellor takes on tooth fairy

Chancellor George Osbourne will tomorrow announce to the House of Commons new proposals to take on the tooth fairy. Long a feature on the UK's financial services horizon, more recently the tooth...

Miss Hegas 27.06.12 7:18pm
Miss Hegas
"Long term benefit claimants must ride on a lion" warns Osbourne

As part of a new chapter in 'compassionate conservatism', the government is apparently seeking to change the mindset of long term benefit claimants. In moves to radically improve self esteem and...

The Masked Frog 27.06.12 11:16pm
Artist criticized for setting the bar too high 0
Dumbnews 27.06.12 5:21pm
Queen and Martin McGuinness handshake destined for Sistine Chapel

The historic handshake between the Queen and former IRA leader Martin McGuinness at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast, is to be depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel alongside Michelangelo's Hands...

roybland 27.06.12 7:15pm
Suarez reignites row in handshake snub with Queen

The Queen was left fuming after Luis Suarez dramatically snubbed her in a handshake line-up as the pair went face-to-face. The Queen, angered by the snub had to be pulled back with Prince Phillip...

hardev 27.06.12 4:10pm
Seb Coe "gutted" as Steve Cram beats him to Torch handover 0
grumblechops 27.06.12 3:23pm
Jenni Murray accidently made 4th seed in Wimbledon Mens competition 0
Scronnyglonkle 27.06.12 3:04pm
Ronaldo semi pressure key to performance

Lazy lobs, spearing through the Spanish defence - piercing runs, thrusting attacks to unopen the Spanish defence, probing through the mid field all identified by Ronaldo as the keys to winning More...

simonjmr 27.06.12 2:56pm
Jersey warns it will become "more French" if offshore tax status is harmed

Punitive  taxes on female depilatory products, an optional return to driving on the right for those who prefer it and a ban on the word "jersey" to mean pullover. These are  just some of the...

nickb 27.06.12 2:44pm
Queen and McGuinness suspected of rehearsing “street” handshake

The Queen and Martin McGuinness shook hands today, with onlookers suspecting the pair may have spent some time practising the complex routine. The greeting began with the traditional “palm to...

grumblechops 27.06.12 2:33pm
Angelos Epithemiou signed by Sir Alex, is to join the Old Trafford PR Team

It’s another of one those ….. “never saw that one coming, moments” Leaked by a trusted source, and in advance of an official Old Trafford announcement, this reporter can today confirm the...

HenryMJUK 27.06.12 1:53pm
Queen , Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness performed Macarena together

The Queen, Gerry Adams and former IRA commander Martin McGuinness have performed the iconic Latino dance known as ‘The Macarena’ together after really hitting it off earlier today, it has emerged...

Gary Stanton 27.06.12 1:47pm
Gary Stanton
Guy from can't believe his luck when he rings RBS 0
rustytruss 27.06.12 1:45pm
Teen Heartthrob Rupert Murdoch denies that News Corp has too much power

The Leverson inquiry has opened up a new wave of bullying for News Corp CEO, teen sensation and all round great guy Rupert Murdoch. Losers all over say lame thing like News Corp has too much...

confuzzled 27.06.12 1:36pm
Queen Shakes Hands With Martin McGuinness. She's A Big Fan Of 'Take Me Out' 0
christianmanley 27.06.12 1:29pm
Massive spike of "Sudden interest in Tennis" syndrome reported ...

Doctors say not to panic, symptons last two weeks at most...

Kramaring 27.06.12 12:26pm
McGuinnes being taught to kiss babies and stop biting their heads off. 0
rustytruss 27.06.12 12:24pm
McGuinness accepts his playful 'going for gun' gesture showed poor judgment 8
cinquecento 29.06.12 11:03pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
'Hilarious' hand buzzer prank mars Royal handshake with Martin McGuinness 2
Skylarking 27.06.12 1:51pm
Nails UK