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"Not the kind that grows between our toes," says Mayor of Hull. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 20.11.13 6:37pm
New Co-Op Bank Chief Demands Virgins

Pledging to uphold its ethical and environmentally friendly ethos, the newly appointed chairman of the Co-Operative Bank, Mr Vlad Drakul, today pledged to restore customer confidence, return the bank...

blokefromstoke 20.11.13 5:27pm
BBC accidentally reports less-than-positive Europe story

Shock and anger today as the BBC news website published a story related to a recent report which was not entirely supportive of EU government. The report hinted at the recent problems that the...

NewBiscuit 20.11.13 5:14pm
Nicorette develop new patch to help people quit telling people they quit smoking

Nicorette have revealed today they are to launch a new line of products which help people who are addicted to telling people they quit smoking stop. These range from a series of ‘mouth patches’,...

TobiasBV 20.11.13 5:13pm
After seeing content of her husband's tweets, Harriet Harman issues statement

Here is that statement in full....

pinxit 20.11.13 4:48pm
Ex-Co-op Chairman Resigns to Focus on Race for Toronto Mayoral Bid 0
thisisall1word 20.11.13 3:16pm
Local resident Penny Cillin to resist any attempt to bring culture to Hull 0
irreverendJ 20.11.13 2:43pm
As City of Cultures 2017, Hull will really be under the microscope. 0
irreverendJ 20.11.13 2:36pm
The Incredible Hull…...

…..Rises again...

Jesse Bigg 20.11.13 2:14pm
Jesse Bigg
"DON'T PANIC!" pleads Corporal Hodgson

Despite the Lads Army's brave but futile attempt to keep the German's at bay at Wembley last night, the England football team's heroic leader Lance Corporal Roy Hodgson was predictably upbeat.,...

cinnahmon 20.11.13 2:11pm
Prescott to express joy "through the medium of dance" 5
nickb 20.11.13 1:23pm
Grimsby chippies deny balsamic vinegar promotion is “sour grapes”

“Hull is other people,” said Stan Smith, who runs the Oh My Cod fish and chip shop in central Grimsby. “So many of my customers have said this to me over a pickled egg or a battered saveloy,...

nickb 20.11.13 1:19pm
Misprint admitted - Hull to be "City for Cull" - more soon. 0
james_doc 20.11.13 12:37pm
Phil Redmond retains his sense of irony 0
medici2471 20.11.13 11:27am
'Not my fault,' says Co-op boss. 'I was put out to grass.' 0
Loundshay 20.11.13 11:17am
Princess Anne’s ‘Dine Equine’ cookbook tipped for Christmas top spot

Amazon and WH Smith have announced their Christmas sales projections today, revealing that Princess Anne’s ‘Dine Equine’ cookbook has a ‘strong chance’ of reaching the festive top spot for...

Jesus H 20.11.13 11:09am
Jesus H
Hell and Halifax inexplicably overlooked as City of Culture...

The residents of Hell and Halifax are furious about being overlooked as City of Culture 2017. Jackie McNeil, mayor of Halifax, was scathing about the credentials of Hull to claim any prize other than...

Tripod 20.11.13 10:56am
Labour counters Boles' National Liberal Party with new National Socialist Party 0
cinquecento 20.11.13 10:45am
Overly edited war film abridged too far 2
Smart Alex 20.11.13 10:32am
Gibraltar Bravely Beats Off Second Spanish Armada 3
Titus 20.11.13 10:24am
Lens Cap
Peter Snow to report on impromptu re-enactment of Battle of Trafalgar 1
Sinnick 20.11.13 10:15am
All cheeses expected to be out of stock again soon. 1
Maverick 20.11.13 8:29am
Government to begin Conscription to Territorial Army

Following news that the government plans to reduce the number of personnel serving in the regular armed forces and replace these soldiers with reservists, the Ministry of Defence has issued...

james_doc 20.11.13 8:27am
"Mannschaft" conquers Pussies

Yesterday, the German national football team conquered England at Wembley. "Die Mannschaft", as they are known in Germany, gave a firm and metronomic performance that could have repercussions for...

Spiritmonger 20.11.13 7:53am
Texas D.A. seeking death penalty for lion. More soon.

"Worst case of leocide I've ever seen"...

Maverick 20.11.13 12:08am
Rob Ford lumbers into Monty Python reunion

Toronto mayor, Rod Ford, tried to turn his run of bad luck into a positive today by announcing that he was hoping to regain respect by joining Monty Python’s stage reunion. Ford dismissed his...

Coco 19.11.13 9:16pm
Space Nappies - A step too far for mankind

In an attempt to bring realism to the recently released space drama film Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock, director Alfonso Cuarón originally intended that the cast use space nappies. However, when...

Racechick 19.11.13 9:12pm
Al OPecia
Downton Abbey dumbs down as Lord Grantham lets working classes camp in his wood.

Viewers were shocked to see this weeks Downton episode which in a departure from the usual format had a host of new characters sleeping outdoors rather than in the big house. Scandalously several of...

MADJEZ 19.11.13 8:28pm
Body in well victim was roped into making hoax calls 0
davetwojackets 19.11.13 8:10pm
Homo Clericus Erectus placed on endangered species register

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has called for urgent measures to prevent the genus Homo Clericus Erectus becoming extinct by the end of 2014. In accordance with the Endangered Species...

Racechick 19.11.13 8:07pm