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Richard O’Brien can lick his own balls, which makes him 30% Border Collie... 0
Tripod 19.03.13 10:33am
Tests confirm Richard O'Brien is "70% man and 100% pillock". 3
AReader 19.03.13 10:07am
Rootin Tootin
Someone didn't do something that people say they did

Formulaic comedy...

19.03.13 10:03am
Traffic warden didn't give ticket to a driver 2 minutes late 3
19.03.13 10:02am
Postman Pat denies having a black and white cat 2
19.03.13 10:02am
Osborne plan to kick-start economy with massive workhouse building program

Chancellor George Osborne will announce an ambitious program of workhouse building when he presents his Budget on Wednesday. 'Every town and village in England will have its own workhouse,' a...

roybland 19.03.13 10:01am
Bob the builder sued for not fixing it 2
19.03.13 10:01am
11 months pregnant woman still attending procrastinatal classes 2
cinquecento 19.03.13 9:41am
Musketeers sack Bathos for not living up to initial promise 2
cinquecento 19.03.13 9:37am
Francis 1 to be known as the driving papal people meeter. 0
wallster 19.03.13 9:15am
Eurozone Launches "Virtual Banking"

Cyprus is the first country to implement the new Eurozone policy of "virtual banking", where account holders' money can simply diappear without notice. "This is no different from what happens to...

Titus 19.03.13 9:04am
Tabloids report that new press regulator head may be a pCENSOREDle 3
charlies_hat 19.03.13 9:00am
U.S. believes North Korea is capable of launching missiles several feet

North Korea, who was once believed to be years away from developing a fully functional sling shot, now has the capability to launch a full fledged attack at anything in North Korea...

A.J. DiCosimo 19.03.13 8:57am
Teenaged girls anxious Pope will 'do a Bieber' at inauguration mass

Thousands of Catholic teenaged girls are said to be 'worried sick' that Pope Francis will turn up late for his inauguration mass in Rome on Tuesday. 'Oh,my God,' said Teresa Muldoon (14), 'I just...

roybland 19.03.13 8:29am
Man who is indifferent to Marmite refused mortgage by Lloyds Bank

Jeremy Penrose from St. Albans, Hertfordshire was astonished to find that Lloyds Bank would not offer him a mortgage due to his absence of strong views on the taste of Marmite. Derek Ahmed, a...

LensCap 19.03.13 7:25am
Mr Target
Canada legalizes Seal Clubbing citing that everyone should be allowed in clubs 0
A.J. DiCosimo 19.03.13 7:15am
A.J. DiCosimo
Two buses don't come along at same time 0
fink 19.03.13 6:29am
Taxi driver doesn't talk lots 0
fink 19.03.13 6:28am
Sun doesn't come up in the morning

Is this how it works? I find something that happens a lot, then just add "not"? Traffic warden doesn't give ticket, Beatles didn't do anything important - I think I've cracked this comedy lark!...

fink 19.03.13 6:22am
St. Louis Cardinals will decide next Pope 2
A.J. DiCosimo 19.03.13 5:20am
A.J. DiCosimo
Iran sues makers of Argo for not making them look crazy enough 0
A.J. DiCosimo 19.03.13 4:49am
A.J. DiCosimo
Buckingham Palace seeks an 'army of wipers' as Queen is hit with gastro again 0
Gary Gonads 19.03.13 3:25am
Gary Gonads
"We Report Details Of The Secret Discussions Behind The New Press Regulation"

- says the front page of the Daily Bilge, whose editor is currently helping the police with their enquiries into illegal 'phone hacking...

Titus 19.03.13 2:45am
Sun newspaper 'misreported Press regulation deal'. 0
Boutros 19.03.13 2:16am
William and Kate's baby will have super powers, say doctors

Kate Middleton's baby will have various superhuman abilities, it was today announced by her team of doctors. The news came as a shock to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, when they were...

19.03.13 12:32am
Procrastinator 'confused' by premature ejaculation. 0
Perks 19.03.13 12:32am
Everyone's a winner as new press regulator is created

The corridors of Westminster Palace echoed to the sound of back-slapping today as politicians from all parties congratulated each other on how clever they had been in the creation of the new press...

Bogbrush 18.03.13 11:42pm
Fussy mouse not that keen on cheese 0
Truebiscuit 18.03.13 11:24pm
North Korea threatens to nuke itself

In an astonishing error, an announcer on North Korea's government radio has threatened a nuclear strike on North Korea. Launching its most virulent and sustained invective offensive yet against the...

roybland 18.03.13 11:23pm
Some havering bastard just stole my watch 0
FlashArry 18.03.13 11:03pm