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Dyslexic paleontologist who thought dodo extinct surprised by lover in bedroom

more sooooon, more, more, more!!!!...

blacklesbianandproudofit 05.03.14 10:31pm
Cameron compares Scotland to Ukraine and threatens to "do a Putin"

Today at PMQ's in the commons, The Prime Minister of southern England, David Cameron responded to a question about possible Scottish independence by saying that English troops would be deployed to...

sunbeam 05.03.14 10:14pm
DEFRA Apologises over Bodger Typo

After the killing of an acknowledged inept DIY enthusiast in a Torquay B&Q today, hot on the heels of two similar killings in a Homebase and a Wickes last week, DEFRA have withdrawn their cull...

throngsman 05.03.14 10:06pm
Isle of Wight to get BBC3 2
Psycadelic Squirrel 05.03.14 10:04pm
M25 To Add Parking Bays For Commuters To Pull Over & Bawl Their Eyes Out 0
Schoolboy 05.03.14 9:58pm
Coronation St car hits 150mph after mechanic sneezes into carburettor 0
sydalg 05.03.14 9:37pm
Alex Salmond's top ten reasons for voting YES

1. We are a wealthy country with an abundance of natural resources., 2. The Scottish people are best placed to make decisions that affect Scotland., 3. Tartan, bagpipes and haggis., 4. Oil, lots...

blacklesbianandproudofit 05.03.14 9:35pm
Badgers to Be Offered 'Genetic Modification' To Turn Them Into Pandas 2
Titus 05.03.14 9:34pm
Jesus H
Schumacher update

Michael Schumacher ‘was listening to headbanging music’ at the time of his head-banging accident Says Lemmy. The ace of spades, the ace of spaces. Don’t forget the big wart on my cheek...

Damien_H 05.03.14 9:32pm
Russia's Eurovision entry announced

[i](if, and only if, you don't go for Wrenfoe's NiB/FP sub with these additions)[/i] Left alert: [u]Russia's Eurovision entry announced[/u]...

Squudge 05.03.14 9:23pm
Kevin the Swan
Moderator closes thread as Hillary compares Putin to Hitler. 0
Maverick 05.03.14 9:15pm
Isle of Wight would throw lot in with Independent Scotland - Guardian

Holyrood remains tight lipped on the claim...

captainscarlet 05.03.14 8:55pm
Government to rebuild Somerset levels on the moon to save on flood defences 0
Bigglesworth 05.03.14 8:51pm
Steenkamp 'may have spent a bit too long in the bathroom'

Reeva Steenkamp may have been killed because she had been too long in the bathroom, according to eminent criminologist Dr John West. 'If you want a motive, there it is,' he said. 'Everyone has...

roybland 05.03.14 8:44pm
Russia tries to secure Ukraine's Eurovision vote

The Kremlin’s substantial military might is now focused on ‘gerrymandering’ the prestigious, ‘pan-sexual’ music competition by coercing other nations who have consistently qualified for...

Wrenfoe 05.03.14 8:39pm
Large section of Nick Griffin collapses into sea

Several tonnes of chalk was seen dropping off the big racist earlier in the week, spreading fears his remaining structure may be unstable. Griffin has been unavailable for comment. However, it is...

Adrian Bamforth 05.03.14 8:21pm
Adrian Bamforth
Lib Dem MPs Know nothing about politics, claims Cable

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, claims that most Lib Dem MPs know nothing about politics. Speaking to a select group of teachers Mr Cable said that, ‘Most Lib Dem MPs enter parliament...

throngsman 05.03.14 8:12pm
BBC3 to be merged with Ceefax. 1
Adrian Bamforth 05.03.14 8:11pm
England Ladies star apologises for dressing up as a footballer. 0
Ref Minor 05.03.14 8:04pm
Ref Minor
Psychologist to take football team to Brazil 2014 0
Underconstruction 05.03.14 7:59pm
It's an ama-drama ding-dong at the BBC as cuts bite hard

Following hot on the heels of today's news announcing the relegation of BBC 3 to an Internet-only channel, other cuts are being planned at The Beeb and it's understood that nowhere will they bite...

Duff 05.03.14 7:45pm
Hague secures role at Ukraine talks as Ink Well Monitor. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 05.03.14 7:02pm
Clerical error sees Joni Mitchell called as character witness in Pistorious case

One for old musos there...

Duff 05.03.14 6:38pm
Pistorius trial hears every possible joke done on Newsbiscuit at the arrest !

A spokesmans said 'he's stumped, doesn't have a leg to stand on, ran away at the sound of the pistol, couldn't remember cos he was legless .. etc'...

MADJEZ 05.03.14 6:25pm
Cameron orchestrated Ukraine rebels "To get the press off Rebekah's case" 0
GingerClive 05.03.14 5:59pm
Hartlepool vindicated as DNA analysis proves that the monkey was indeed French

The Hartlepool Examiner and Evening Argus was exultant tonight as DNA analysis finally proved that the monkey hung by the people of the town in Napoleonic times was indeed French. "This is a great...

blacklesbianandproudofit 05.03.14 5:04pm
Yanukovich Living at a B&B in Russia Signing Backdated Blank Letters

It has been confirmed that Victor Yanukovich is living under house arrest at a B&B in Smegropol, not far from the border with Ukraine. He still insists that he is the legal President of Ukraine,...

Guillermo De Snookio 05.03.14 4:29pm
Guillermo De Snookio
Richard of York's school Powerpoint presentation unearthed

After further excavations of the infamous council car park in Leicester, it would appear that Richard III was buried with a few of his most treasured possessions, including a school project entitled...

NewBiscuit 05.03.14 4:04pm
custard cream
Brooks calls Piers Morgan as character witness; court accepts insanity plea

More to follow...

apepper 05.03.14 4:03pm
custard cream
Rebeka Brooks Denies Take Away Coffee Placement Adverts on News

It is rumoured that Brooks is receiving payments from various Coffee Shops depending on whose cups she uses when she enters the court buildings. Ross Kemp is to investigate the murky world of...

Guillermo De Snookio 05.03.14 4:02pm
custard cream