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Boris Johnson To Digitally Replace Savile In Top Of The Pops Reruns

The BBC have confirmed that, as part of their frantic effort to expunge any archival record of disgraced former Disc Jockey & presenter Jimmy Savile, he will be digitally replaced in all episodes...

Nowherefast 10.10.12 6:10pm
Guy Fawkes fingered my ruff and twirled my sparklers says strumpet.

Historical documents about Guy Fawkes have been found in an archive at the British Museum., Although a once popular figure in British society, it came to light after his death that he had a penchant...

philthefunk 10.10.12 5:43pm
Sighting of Northern Lights in Bedford 'unconnected'...

to burning of enormous Cannabis plant. (Damn the heading restrictions!)...

The All New Jeni B 10.10.12 5:38pm
“Passwords too easy for thieves to crack”, says IT boffin...

“Passwords are a pain”, admits Barry Noakes, head of security at Final Solutions, the well-known business-to-business IT company, “but they’re all that’s standing in the way of a hacker...

Tripod 10.10.12 5:12pm
Midfield Diamond
Following sponsorship deal, club renamed ‘Newcastle Sharks’... 8
Tripod 10.10.12 4:21pm
90% pass rate examiner wins Ofsted ticker of the month award. 0
weematt 10.10.12 3:53pm
European Court of Human Rights condemns 'abhorrent' London Underground.

. "Standing up builds character." retorts Mayor of London...

MarmiteMedicine 10.10.12 3:10pm
Chinless wonder gives speech to chinless crowd in big hall

More details later if anyone is remotely interested...

philthefunk 10.10.12 2:32pm
Explosion at Russian military test site "not unusual" 0
philthefunk 10.10.12 2:26pm
Hucknall receives lifetime award for not putting any albums out recently 0
philthefunk 10.10.12 2:22pm
Savile headstone recycled: “There’s enough marble for two urinals”, say family. 0
Tripod 10.10.12 1:53pm
Government to sell burglar cull licenses

More to follow...

apepper 10.10.12 1:29pm
Worker outrage subsides as announced 'pay slip downsize' proves literal.

Just the headline...

MarmiteMedicine 10.10.12 1:16pm
Newcastle United players in fatwa danger if they play in Wonga sponsored shirts

"Is that worse than a red card?" queries manager Pardew...

custard cream 10.10.12 12:53pm
custard cream
Home Secretary seeks Savile extradition from Hell

The Jimmy Savile saga took an extraordinary twist today when Home Secretary Theresa May announced she is seeking his extradition from Hell. "In this country, the long arm of the law stretches much...

custard cream 10.10.12 12:46pm
custard cream
Occasional Skype user surprised to find that 'Update is available' 0
antharrison 10.10.12 12:43pm
Dyslexic man arrested for attacking bugler 0
philthefunk 10.10.12 12:37pm
Burglar's steal the limelight too....

The new commercial; "have you been injured at work? Did the house you were burgling not have the correct Health & Safety measures in place? Have you been resticted from further burgling because...

philthefunk 10.10.12 12:31pm
Chatroom troll electrocuted after PHSL 0
beau-jolly 10.10.12 12:29pm
Elks stolen from Somerset farm, white bearded man in a red suit a suspect 0
simonjmr 10.10.12 12:20pm
‘Strong’ passwords introduced to reduce use of swear words, reveals IT expert

Many of today’s computer users are forced to use so-called ‘strong’ passwords containing a mixture of upper and lower case characters in combination with numerals and punctuation marks. It is...

Midfield Diamond 10.10.12 12:19pm
Justin Lee Collins' abuse story get's loads of hits on internet... 0
philthefunk 10.10.12 12:17pm
Politicians to get commentary track

A new EU directive that comes into force in 2013 means all politicians must come with a free commentary track that explains in plain English the words behind the rhetoric. More soon...

simonjmr 10.10.12 12:16pm
Justin Lee Collins' Xmas Gig to kick off the domestic violence season

The Xmas Holidays, the traditional curtain raiser to the domestic violence season, are to be kicked off by Justin Lee Collins this year. . MORE LATER. MY CORN ON THE COB IS GETTING COLD...

ronseal 10.10.12 12:02pm
Computer abuse just not PC....

I'll get my coat ;-)...

philthefunk 10.10.12 11:46am
Mafaking Carwongo
Special Release

The much loved folk duo Boris & Osborne, whose string of hits include:, Loans from America. The Sound of the Silent Majority. Homeless Bounders., Paisley, Stooge, Letwin & Thyroid. A...

Mafaking Carwongo 10.10.12 11:43am
Mafaking Carwongo
Rovio release first game for Amazon's Kindle - "Angry Words" 2
bonjonelson 10.10.12 11:37am
Midfield Diamond
Special CHRISTMAS Release

The much loved folk duo Boris & Osborne, whose string of hits include:, Loans from America. The Sound of the Silent Majority. Homeless Bounders., Paisley, Stooge, Letwin & Thyroid. A...

Mafaking Carwongo 10.10.12 11:34am
Mafaking Carwongo
Eric Pickles: There is NO Plan B. Or another other kind of diet. 0
Not Amused 10.10.12 11:32am
Not Amused
Nick Grimshaw quits 'predatory' Radio 1 breakfast show

The newly appointed host of Radio1's flagship breakfast show dramatically announced his departure earlier today, saying 'My remit to attract more 13,14 and 15 year olds is now clearly at odds with...

SpankyMonkey 10.10.12 11:27am