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Shake'n'Vac to be reclassified as a chemical weapon. More soon. 4
dominic_mcg 09.09.13 8:47pm
Al OPecia
John Kerry issues Red Line II - 'this time we mean it!' 0
custard cream 09.09.13 8:47pm
custard cream
Obama adds box of chocolates and a card to list of Assad demands. 0
Al OPecia 09.09.13 6:51pm
Al OPecia
Osborne admits UK economy turning a corner into a cul-de-sac. 0
Al OPecia 09.09.13 6:48pm
Al OPecia
BBC pay deals not so much a plot as a sit-com. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 09.09.13 6:45pm
Al OPecia
Trustee Savings Bank denies it's being run by pirates

to Jim lad Naughtie...

A.A.Arkwright 09.09.13 6:43pm
Cameron apologises for death of invading Scots at Flodden atrocity. 0
A.A.Arkwright 09.09.13 6:25pm
Mandatory refuelling WILL spice up Formula-E say FIA

Disappointed by a luke warm reception to the new Formula E championship launching in 2014, FIA bosses have already said they will be implementing a rule change to make refuelling stops manadatory....

clarksn 09.09.13 6:23pm
PAC fails to find out who commissioned Horne and Corden. More soon. 0
deskpilot3 09.09.13 6:18pm
USA denies that street level intel from Syria comes from Google Street View.

Google: just what you need when searching for chemical weapons...

deskpilot3 09.09.13 6:17pm
Outrage as Cameron leaves Clegg unattended on train 1
Scronnyglonkle 09.09.13 6:15pm
Syrian ‘red line’ looks a bit ‘orangey’

Historians and even goldfish, have become somewhat puzzled by the U.S.’s memory loss and assertion that Syria is the first nation in ‘100 years’ to break the Geneva Convention’s ban on...

Wrenfoe 09.09.13 5:43pm
sredni vashta
Ann Widdecombe starts modelling career as face of Specsavers 4
sydalg 09.09.13 5:07pm
UK economy is turning Pooh Corner, George Osborne says 3
Blake 09.09.13 5:05pm
Fame-Hungry Whore Dumps Fame-Hungry Whore for Being a Fame-Hungry Whore

Entertainment News: A fame-hungry whore has ended their latest relationship with a fame-hungry whore citing that they are a fame-hungry whore. "They're just fame-hungry whore." Said the fame-hungry...

phil_smith 09.09.13 5:03pm
Chancellor Blames Tom Tom For Delay in Economy Turning Corner

George Osborne has today blamed Tom Tom for the slow manner in which the economy has found a corner to turn., "We had a road map from the offset" he said, clearly flustered as he restarted his...

Flugelbinder 09.09.13 4:57pm
Banks to re-introduce old names in an attempt to gain trust

Following Lloyds Bank's re-introduction of the TSB brand, other banks are to follow suit. High Streets are expected to see the return of names such as Midland, Woolwich, Cheltenham & Gloucester,...

John Wiltshire 09.09.13 4:08pm
Tsp to face mis-spelling inquiry 0
virtuallywill 09.09.13 4:08pm
New 'cash-less' catering system at school leads to 'cash-less' parents at home 3
Ian Searle 09.09.13 3:57pm
Ian Searle
New 3Ghz smartphone processor optimized for calculating your phone bill 0
Dumbnews 09.09.13 3:34pm
Women conductors to be allowed "slightly bigger batons"

The International Orchestra Association (IOA) is set to allow female conductors to use bigger batons, to make sure they command the attention of the whole orchestra. The development came as the ...

nickb 09.09.13 1:47pm
Union of Tossers, Wrinklers and Allied Trades forms alliance with Conservatives

In a shock move the amalgamated TWAT union has broken with tradition and switched allegiance from the Labour Party to the Conservatives. “We just saw a natural fit” said Dave Kensington, leader...

rogerg 09.09.13 1:42pm
World Report: Assad denies using chemical weapons

“What’s the problem? I’ve only killed 700,000 of my country’s citizens so far” he asserted “and that was with conventional weapons supplied by both the East and West.” “As soon as...

farmer giles 09.09.13 1:40pm
farmer giles
TSB to face huge mis-selling inquiry 0
Backup Brian 09.09.13 1:29pm
Backup Brian
Disgruntled addict complains that e-cigarettes don't contain any e.

Trade descriptions, innit...

deskpilot3 09.09.13 1:18pm
Ian Collier
Discovery of Damascus gay-scene forces Putin to reconsider Syria options

Opinions in the Kremlin have dramatically shifted today following the discovery of a 'thriving gay-scene' on the outskirts of Syria's capital Damascus, forcing Putin to 'strongly reconsider' his...

Jesus H 09.09.13 1:09pm
Jesus H
Police apologise for not shooting Prince Andrew 2
sydalg 09.09.13 12:57pm
Man survives 3 James Blunt album ordeal, just 0
simonjmr 09.09.13 12:27pm
Ryanair join commercial space race with launch of 'SolarSaver Galaxy Experience'

Budget airline Ryanair have thrown down the gauntlet to Virgin Galactic this week by officially announcing their own plans to launch a commercial space flight package, named the 'SolarSaver Galaxy...

Jesus H 09.09.13 12:18pm
Jesus H
US Policy in Syria Influences Scientists to Perfect "Magic Bullet" Cancer Cure

Medical scientists at the University of Alabama have come a step closer to the coveted "magic bullet" cure for cancer. "It has long been the holy grail to create an effective cancer treatment that...

phil_smith 09.09.13 12:09pm