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Salmond Overlooked The Major Issue: Money. So Can He REALLY Be Scottish?

No more from [s]Scot£and[/s] Scot?and...

Titus 13.02.14 2:19pm
Banker With Thames-Side Home & No Sand Stuffs Sandbags With Money

More £ater...

Titus 13.02.14 2:13pm
Scotch Alex Salmon a ‘fish out of water’ and dead on the rocks 0
farmer giles 13.02.14 1:47pm
farmer giles
Sochi News - Belgium Ski jumper disqualified

Belgium jumper denied gold after being disqualified. Bart Hendrix took the gold after an impressive jump of 247 metres only to be told he would not be awarded the medal., Apparently the young skier...

footinmouth 13.02.14 1:40pm
'A saaaandbag?!' inquires well-bred Bracknell resident as flood waters rise. 9
Skylarking 13.02.14 1:15pm
Son of Barnabas
COBRA meeting attendees ‘fork-tongued snakes in the grass’ 0
farmer giles 13.02.14 1:07pm
farmer giles
Suspicious package outside Army office found to be sandbag. 0
MADJEZ 13.02.14 12:57pm
Sales of helium-filled balloons go 'through the roof’... 1
Tripod 13.02.14 12:42pm
seymour totti
Bankers ‘arranged floods to divert attention from massive bonuses’

Insider dealing suspected as shares in waterproof clothing manufacturers skyrocket...

farmer giles 13.02.14 11:28am
farmer giles
Oceans, seas and rivers ‘up to waist level and beyond’ in places

Outside broadcast journalists’ shocking revelations scare nation – floods of Biblical proportions spotted just off coast of UK...

farmer giles 13.02.14 11:28am
farmer giles
Foreign war criminals 'sheltered inside Labour party'

A shocking report has brought to light the numbers of war criminals who are hiding inside the Labour party, saying that they fear retribution if they were returned to the general public. A particular...

Electrelane 13.02.14 11:27am
Cobra meeting told Thames Barrier "built on wrong side of London" 0
DorsetBoy 13.02.14 11:10am
IDS: unemployed should be used as sandbags or no benefits

Mr Ali G from Staines said: “That is well out of order, just cos I is black innit?”...

farmer giles 13.02.14 11:05am
farmer giles
Royal Holloway Students Swim to Lectures as Egham Floodwaters Continue to Rise

Despite the fact that Egham is mostly on a hill, flood waters have miraculously surrounded the town centre and are rapidly rising up the university buildings at Royal Holloway. Water levels have now...

Alice Barnes-Brown 13.02.14 10:52am
Alice Barnes-Brown
'Actually it's only 5 Mickles to the Muckle' admit Scottish Economists 0
Skylarking 13.02.14 10:51am
'Yeah? Well you can't keep the shortbread either then,' says Salmond

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has retaliated to an announcement by George Osborne that an independent Scotland would not be able to share the pound with the remaining parts of the UK by...

Oxbridge 13.02.14 10:38am
Being on holiday is 'totally brilliant' says Prince George

In an exclusive interview for the Daily Mail, Prince George has told Royal correspondent Rebecca English that going on holiday to somewhere really warm and sunny is ‘totally brilliant’ and...

Gerontius 13.02.14 10:15am
No No Feckin No
Cannibal on hunger strike refusing visitors 0
sydalg 13.02.14 9:34am
Kent police not planning to investigate M2 sinkhole

Kent police spokesman confirmed the police will not be investigating the sink hole that recently appeared in the central reservation of the M2 motorway., "Stories of a hole mysteriously appearing...

footinmouth 13.02.14 9:12am
Surprise! Wind Farms Unable To Cope With Wind Will solar panels melt in the sun later on?...

Titus 13.02.14 8:57am
Sending Jade Rabbit to the moon 'not a euphemism', Chinese government insists 0
Oxbridge 13.02.14 8:57am
Alex Salmond Demands Right To Leave Home But To Continue To Use Bank Of Mum&Dad 1
Titus 13.02.14 8:49am
BBC to build on failure of "Reginald Perrin" by screwing up other comedy classic

Following on from the success of the revival of "The fall and rise of Reginald Perrin" with the "Reginald Perrin" series, the BBC have announced they will attempt to screw up other old comedy...

footinmouth 13.02.14 8:32am
BBC rocked by "blew Peter" scandal 0
sydalg 13.02.14 4:24am
Siemens finds second reason not to locate factory in Staines 0
sydalg 13.02.14 4:22am
Ed Miliband: Under Labour, money would be even less an object

In a statement today, Labour Leader Ed Miliband pledged that a Labour Government would be less prudent with money than the Tories when it comes to flood relief. "The government's disregard for the...

Adrian Bamforth 12.02.14 11:12pm
Adrian Bamforth
Staines on Thames renamed to Thames on Staines 0
AReader 12.02.14 10:59pm
Cornish Bishop transfers his allegiances to Poseidon; suggests others follow 0
Adrian Bamforth 12.02.14 10:32pm
Adrian Bamforth
Holland fails to flood, no questions asked.

Despite not having David Cameron in charge, Holland continues to cope with the extra rain falling this winter. It's a total mystery., "They appear to build actual dams and dykes that work as opposed...

vulture1 12.02.14 9:10pm
Venice tourist industry "losing millions" as gondoliers re-locate to Slough 0
Underconstruction 12.02.14 9:09pm