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1 in 3 Welshmen are Dai Abetic report warns. 0
MADJEZ 10.06.14 11:00am
Sadness at Barrymore suicide attempt. Jeremy Kyle offers some pointers. 0
MADJEZ 10.06.14 10:59am
People's Republic of England

Plans for the People's Republic of England have been given the green light from the super secret Whitehall future planning department., With the segregation of Scotland almost complete, the next...

MarkEC 10.06.14 5:56am
Gove Says Schools Must Teach British Values

Like the 3 S's Scrounging, Skiving and Shagging...

Dun Dunkin 10.06.14 5:54am
Dun Dunkin
Pakistan airport attack worse since last week 0
Dumbnews 10.06.14 12:02am
Blair pledge to eliminate child poverty making progress...

‘My kids won’t starve‘ said Mr Blair yesterday...

Robert Koch 09.06.14 11:11pm
PM Calls on Lannisters to repeal Tyrions "Barbaric" Death sentence 1
Bigglesworth 09.06.14 11:08pm
XXL is most popular England Shirt Size

Most fans can't do any sport...

Dun Dunkin 09.06.14 8:43pm
Dun Dunkin
'Towel head World Cup 2022' claims are racist says Sepp Blatter 0
custard cream 09.06.14 8:23pm
custard cream
World basks in nostalgia as Walkman manufacturers weigh in over FIFA scandal

A warm wave of nostalgia and reverie has engulfed industrialised nations around the world, as the inventors of the Sony Walkman, Sony, have inexplicably issued a statement about the 2022 World Cup....

Skylarking 09.06.14 8:23pm
Tristan Shout
Britain taken over by "culturally isolated" schools linked to extreme wealth

A joint Ofsted-MI5 report released today revealed the extent to which Britain is run by former pupils of a shady network of schools. Open only to individuals holding extreme wealth, these...

Sir Lupus 09.06.14 8:16pm
Sir Lupus
Guilty gynaecologist puts his hand up 6
Sinnick 09.06.14 5:38pm
No Porking Road marking 'Not Spelling Mistake'

"People think we mispelt it. It's not No Parking it really is No Porking as we have problems with doggers around here"...

Dun Dunkin 09.06.14 5:21pm
Dun Dunkin
National mourning results in roars of laughter 1
Adrian Bamforth 09.06.14 3:57pm
Tesco’s burger blamed for fall in police dog and horse numbers

Animal welfare groups are concerned that government spending cuts may have resulted in an ‘outsourcing’ of police animal units to the fast food sector. During the last year we have seen an 11.6%...

Wrenfoe 09.06.14 3:53pm
Thank-you RIP Mr Rik Mayall

The young ones,, Darling we're the young ones,, And young ones shouldn't be afraid. To live, love, While the flame is strong,, For we won't be the young ones very long. Tomorrow,, Why wait...

Underconstruction 09.06.14 3:44pm
Adrian Bamforth
'Living in a Box' to re-form as 'Living in a Re-cyclable Box'

Doorway to Heaven etc...

Underconstruction 09.06.14 3:44pm
Limbless female artist invents the Labia-Doodle 0
Underconstruction 09.06.14 3:41pm
Harry Potter themed Boy Band "Wand Erection" to tour later this year 1
moanygit 09.06.14 3:24pm
Cameron acts swiftly to deal with controversial 'anti-homeless spikes'

PM David Cameron has launched a ‘practical compassion’ initiative to deal with 'Tramp Studs', the controversial deterrents to rough sleepers in doorways. A crack squad of Indian fakirs have been...

pinxit 09.06.14 2:52pm
London sees spike in number of homeless 2
bookiesfriend 09.06.14 2:32pm
Classics buff points out 'You can't have an Islamic Trojan Horse' 0
custard cream 09.06.14 1:18pm
custard cream
Roy Hodgson names Help the Aged as team sponsor.

‘I have been on the lookout for one of these in my size for a long time' said the manager yesterday, sporting his new rain proof jacket with large-print logo and woollen inner lining., With the...

Robert Koch 09.06.14 12:51pm
Robert Koch
Cameron relegates Gove to the naughty step 0
custard cream 09.06.14 12:38pm
custard cream
OFSTED to put Gove and May in Special Measures. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 09.06.14 12:21pm
Al OPecia
Four year Turing test ends after Clegg reveals he is a 13 year old boy 0
Not Amused 09.06.14 11:46am
Not Amused
Justin Bieber fails Turing Test

More to follow...

apepper 09.06.14 11:19am
Bespoke ruler manufacturer put on special measures. 1
Ian Searle 09.06.14 10:47am
Girls banned and pupils performing strange rituals: Ofsted Eton report published 0
Sir Lupus 09.06.14 9:49am
Sir Lupus
Piers Morgan praying his face is 'really, really evolved'

Professional cnut and celebrity botherer Piers Morgan has tweeted his concern regarding recent research which suggests that male facial anatomy has evolved just so it can 'take a punch'. 'What if...

RobArmstrong 09.06.14 9:47am