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'Batman' disappeared without completing paperwork

A man dressed as the caped crusader Batman who handed over a wanted man at a Bradford police station disappeared into the night 'without completing the required paperwork', say West Yorkshire police....

roybland 04.03.13 10:35pm
Pippa Middleton 'bitterly resentful' over attention given to Queen's arse 3
pere floza 04.03.13 8:34pm
baron la croix
Queen tells doctor it's her anus horriblis 1
04.03.13 8:32pm
baron la croix
Smoking found to prevent diseases of old age

Recent statistical analysis of the effects of smoking on health have shown a remarkable correlation between the use of cigarettes and the prevention of the diseases of old age. The research,...

bumtrinket 04.03.13 8:20pm
Not Amused
New doubts cast on Theory of Evolution

Veteran God basher and professor of microbiology at Brayknee College, Oxford, Sir Richard Dawkins, admitted today he was ‘unable to explain’ QPR’s remarkable away win at Southampton on Saturday...

baron la croix 04.03.13 8:09pm
reel STATE of the ARTS

statement of in TENT 4 emin the £$um-body-womb with a view "eminism? F!eminism! art? F!art! gone on the wind again on a GAIN! pen is penis 2 screw ewe. F.U.?C-king speak 2 ewe miss-leading ewe. SH!I...

politics1uk 04.03.13 7:45pm
Proposed Saville “Biopic” causes outrage

Leaked details of the “Biopic,” entitled, “Mummy I Spunked the kids,” has resulted in unprecedented uproar and its future may now be in doubt! More soon…...

hero2zero 04.03.13 7:41pm
baron la croix
Queen ignores Philip's advice to "dress in brown for next few days" 0
sydalg 04.03.13 7:39pm
Philip Tartaglia named interim head of Church, Corleone family "disappointed" 0
reforse 04.03.13 7:21pm
Charles hopeful as Queen calls it squits 0
baron la croix 04.03.13 7:02pm
baron la croix
Traces of Audi driver DNA found in urban cyclists 0
simonjmr 04.03.13 6:31pm
Nigel Farage confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing 2013.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has become the first celebrity to be confirmed for this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing, and he’s putting it down to the party’s success in the recent Eastleigh...

TheNewsWalrus 04.03.13 5:47pm
Cameron statue opposed by anti-litter groups

A proposal to erect a statue of David Cameron in his Witney constituency is being strongly opposed by anti-litter groups. The statue's supporters say it is to commemorate the fact that Cameron is...

roybland 04.03.13 4:45pm
Catholic Churches failure to discriminate against gay Priests lead to hypocrisy

Job application should have included risk assessment to exclude gay men from becoming priests and endanger the all male staff and choir boys with potential sexual activity. After all it is known...

4ty2 04.03.13 4:18pm
Osborne: Pothole-filling ‘more important than Trident’

Sources close to Chancellor George Osborne today sensationally confirmed the UK’s Trident defence programme will be scrapped with immediate effect in the upcoming budget to pay for road pothole...

Reg Herring 04.03.13 3:37pm
Reg Herring
Queen's true medical problem revealed to be the clap. Diarrhoea merely a cover.

Her Majesty's planned trip to Italy, which is now known to have been timed to coincide with Silvio Berlusconi's "come-back special bunga bunga plus" soiree, has had to be cancelled. However, she is...

scribbler 04.03.13 2:58pm

.., Button beat me to it Queen was attempting ultimate Elvis tribute, report rescuers...

cinquecento 04.03.13 1:49pm
Queen vows never to let Charles cook dinner for her again 0
Scronnyglonkle 04.03.13 1:46pm
Queen marks anniversary of IRA hunger strikes with hospital ‘dirty protest’

Her Majesty the Queen has marked the 32nd anniversary of the beginning of the IRA hunger strikes with her own tribute dirty protest, according to reports. In a hitherto unheard of breach with royal...

Gary Stanton 04.03.13 1:36pm
Gary Stanton
Vatican latest: Cardinal O'Brien promoted to 'Senior Hypocrite' 0
writinginbsl 04.03.13 1:30pm
Queen nearly dies on Throne 4
Sinnick 04.03.13 12:31pm
The All New Jeni B
Royal Mint to issue special coin to commemorate Queen bowel movement

Wedgwood, the leading makers of Royal memorabilia say they will be rushing out a range of products to commemorate the Queen’s recent stay in hospital., The high quality merchandise will include...

Gerontius 04.03.13 12:27pm
Dick Everyman
"Give it ten minutes" quips Prince after hospital visit 0
Drylaw 04.03.13 12:26pm

enter Dave : came Ron instead, clutching hisTory's little READ book of Love's Tories : Life in the saddle with the little RED riding hood-cover's Tory. Sew to bed with a BLARE Babe, queen of the BAWL...

politics1uk 04.03.13 12:23pm
Cardinal O'Brien welcomes lengthy and exhaustive internal probe 1
cinquecento 04.03.13 12:19pm
Dick Everyman
Italian police ready for Rome flash mob event

Police in Rome are in readiness for a flash mob event expected within the next few days with Internet and Twitter messages pointing to a gathering of several thousand people in St Peter's Square....

roybland 04.03.13 11:53am
UKIP demand tighter herbaceous border contol. 0
JETFAB 04.03.13 11:39am
Vatican demands to know how Cardinal O'Brien let himself get caught 0
Sinnick 04.03.13 11:39am
Pensioner mistakes mineshaft for 3D pavement art

In a tragic case of life-imitating-pavement-art, Black Country pensioner, Enoch Beasley fell into a massive mineshaft which had opened up in front of his local pub, The Miner’s Arms in Tipton. The...

Dick Everyman 04.03.13 10:56am
Catholic church sure that moral authority "will turn up somewhere"

The catholic church has denied losing its moral authority. "It's not lost, it's probably down the back of the sofa or the pope may have left it in his other dress.", said a bishop via video link from...

apepper 04.03.13 10:26am