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Royal Mail To Deliver Parcels On Sundays. ONLY On Sundays. 0
Titus 21.05.14 8:05am
Tamil Tigers to be reintroduced to Sri Lanka after captive breeding programme 3
bonjonelson 21.05.14 7:44am
Money Saving Expert bounces back

Having recently lost most of his £35M fortune due to a bad bet on the 4.30 at Kempton Park, the future was looking decidedly bleak for Money-Saving Expert Martin Lewis. However a curious twist of...

Smart Alex 21.05.14 7:43am
Smart Alex
Gaffe-Prone Charles Takes On Prince Philip's Role As Well As Queens's

Complete doff of hat to brd888...

Titus 21.05.14 7:42am
Cro-magnon man to sue over copyright to 'music'

The neolithic remains of early man recovered from a peat bog in lowland Germany will today be launching legal action against Sony, EMI and Warner Music for infringement of his copyright on 'music'....

NewBiscuit 21.05.14 7:40am
Charles to take over some duties of father....

But making increasing number of Gaffes as Philip reduces contact with public...

brd888 21.05.14 7:38am
Calls To Nationalise French Railways After Train Size Cock-Up

'Typical shambolic consequence of privatisation.' Oh, hang on...

Titus 21.05.14 7:37am
Political Party Condemned As Anti-Business For Preferring World Trade To EU 0
Titus 21.05.14 7:30am
Emergency Services To Rely On Social Media To Prioritise Future Rescue Missions

Hat tip to Dun Dunkin...

Titus 21.05.14 7:07am
Yaya Touré upset at unimaginative birthday gift...

Yaya Touré’s time at Manchester City may be coming to an end, with the Ivory Coast midfielder seemingly ‘unhappy’ about the way he’s treated by the winners of the Premier League. “The club...

Tripod 21.05.14 7:02am
Dixons / Carphone merger off due to ridiculous cost of the extended warranty. 1
deskpilot3 21.05.14 6:58am
Sussex police claim drowned man was a 'seasoned criminal'

..condiments of the season to you all...

blacklesbianandproudofit 21.05.14 6:37am
Presidential Pork Pie Hats Fashion is So 80s Ska

Goodluck with that...

Dun Dunkin 21.05.14 6:16am
Dun Dunkin
Esteemed sir, my name is Boko Haram, son of the late King Haram of Nigeria.

When he died, my father left me 274 schoolgirls which are rightfully mine, but which I am unable to get out of the country because of the strict laws of Nigeria. I am writing to your most highly...

Maverick 21.05.14 6:13am
Not Amused
Windsorton Abbey- Prince Charles Has 'Episode'

Old Prince Charles who had 3 aunts married to nazis and a close relative convicted as "an important Nazi" admits 'Putin could be part of the family'. part 6 9pm BBC1...

Dun Dunkin 21.05.14 5:24am
Dun Dunkin
Nike gets UK prison footwear contract 0
sydalg 21.05.14 2:21am
Titanic families get search resumed . Probably just holding their breath. 0
MADJEZ 20.05.14 10:43pm
Woman being burgled tweets joke about UKIP

"I just knew it would be quicker than dialing 999" said Cathy Burkes of Tunbridge Wells. The police arrived within 10 minutes and apprehended the burgler. " It did mean answering some difficult...

halfironmum 20.05.14 8:21pm
National ethnic hat shortage after fire at Camden market 7
RobArmstrong 20.05.14 8:01pm
McCartney tour "resounding success" claim Japanese. 0
Ref Minor 20.05.14 7:37pm
Ref Minor
Nigel Farage to record CD single.

The Carnival Is Over...

Tammy Flugh 20.05.14 7:16pm
Tammy Flugh
Man Utd set to sign entire World Cup winning team for £2,000 million 1
farmer giles 20.05.14 6:49pm
farmer giles
Bedroom Tax may force Doctor Who to be evicted from TARDIS

‘We have discovered a single man claiming housing benefit for a property that appears to have an infinite number of spare rooms,’ said Benefits Officer Kimberley Smalls. ‘He is therefore liable...

Ludicity 20.05.14 4:19pm
Thai military to also offer mail-order bridal service

As the army take control of Thailand’s government, martial law is set to extend to marital law - less of a coup more of a ‘Cooeee!’. With lady-boys in combat gear seen marching through the...

Wrenfoe 20.05.14 3:39pm
Male anger as cost of women's clothes pushes up inflation rate

Men across the UK have expressed their disgust as figures reveal that women's clothes and accessories helped push the April inflation rate to 1.8%, the first rise in ten months. 'It's disgusting...

roybland 20.05.14 3:04pm
Wolverine quits playing Hugh Jackman

As there is only a limited period of time left for the new film in the X-Men franchise, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” to hit theaters, a new development has devastated series fans. Successful...

Fake News Agency 20.05.14 2:12pm
Fake News Agency
Police confirm pepper spray is designed to ensure slapstick crime outcomes 0
RobArmstrong 20.05.14 12:57pm
US coastguard admits not wanting to get its boats wet 0
Bigglesworth 20.05.14 12:36pm
BNP: UKIP only pretending to be racist and homophobic to steal the fascist votes

The leader of the BNP <insert whoever the wanker is this week> denounced the UKIP for stealing their voters -while only pretending to be racist, homophobic fascists. "The BNP has long stood...

steve_l 20.05.14 12:36pm
Dixon Carphones threaten Siemens, Staines 0
Adrian Bamforth 20.05.14 12:21pm
Adrian Bamforth