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Pensioner badly shaken after being shaken badly

An elderly local man was left traumatized yesterday after being inexpertly assaulted by a youth who proceeded to give his full name and address. Mr Robert Brennan, 82, was taking a walk to visit his...

Teenwolf 13.01.14 6:44pm
Dick Everyman
France to introduce post of First Mistress 0
Scronnyglonkle 13.01.14 6:17pm
Research finds people most happy online when complaining 0
Dumbnews 13.01.14 5:09pm
British Talent Still Snubbed by Golden Globes

British Talent Still Snubbed by Golden Globes, The lights have been turned off, the red carpet rolled away and monologue jokes repeated around watercoolers and coffee machines, yet the Golden Globes...

james_doc 13.01.14 4:56pm
This MUST have been written by one of us biscuits (crackers?)

[url=]Philadelphia police searching for Swiss cheese sex pest[/url] This just has to be a hoax. I...

Son of Barnabas 13.01.14 4:42pm
Not Amused
In a moment of vanity, Bing googles itself. 0
Vulcanised Rubber 13.01.14 4:28pm
Vulcanised Rubber
Boy's arm trapped under partner's body for 7 hours in spooning setback

More to follow...

Vulcanised Rubber 13.01.14 4:24pm
Vulcanised Rubber
½ to be made cardinal

The fraction known as ½ is to made a cardinal. More to follow...

apepper 13.01.14 3:58pm
Global warming link to obesity and NHS crisis causes Radio 5 live calls meltdown 0
custard cream 13.01.14 3:26pm
custard cream
'No fanny flashes at this year's Golden Globes,' reports disgusted Mail reporter

More soon....

David K 13.01.14 3:16pm
David K
Francois Hollande in hospital suffering from exhaustion

French President Francois Hollande’s personal and political crisis deepened last night after he was rushed to hospital with symptoms of exhaustion. The Elysée Palace, in a statement last night,...

Vulcanised Rubber 13.01.14 2:07pm
Vulcanised Rubber
BMI for Obesity increased. UK now the least obese country in the world 0
Not Amused 13.01.14 12:03pm
Not Amused
12 years a Martian - the true story of Ed Milliband, 12 Years a Martian is a 2013 British-American epic historical drama film telling the true story of Ed Milliband's extraordinary...

Son of Barnabas 13.01.14 11:57am
Son of Barnabas
Partner of French politician suffers shock ‘at being shocked’ by his infidelity

France’s ‘first lady’ was rushed to hospital on Friday complaining of exhaustion, bad kama and an ironic sense déjà vu. Meanwhile President Francois Hollande shrugged off, in Gallic fashion,...

Wrenfoe 13.01.14 11:20am
No Trousers Day

Women and Scotsmen unsure what's so special about No Trousers Day

ionb 13.01.14 9:37am
BMW added to list of spy agencies The UK Government added the following to the list of agencies that are allowed to speed and break traffic laws: MI5 MI6 BMW...

ionb 13.01.14 9:35am
Australian fury as England insists "only women's results count" in Ashes

More to follow...

apepper 13.01.14 9:06am
After BRIC And MINT, Investment Advisors Suggest Chile, Uganda, Nepal and Tonga 3
Titus 13.01.14 8:36am
Dick Everyman
Tories Decide To Pander To People Who Are Most Likely To Vote

Following their realisation that in order to win the next general election, they need policies which have the support of those who are most likely to actually turn up at polling stations and vote,...

Titus 13.01.14 8:30am
Darts recruit even louder audience to distract how boring it is 0
David K 12.01.14 11:30pm
David K
1st Lady hospitalized with exhaustion now Hollande can't go out to see mistress.

No more soon she says...

MADJEZ 12.01.14 9:07pm
CEO's Pride as Drug Rehab Business Expands

Bryan Michigan, 36, CEO of Narcotica, the nationwide network of drug rehabilitation and advisory centres, celebrated the first anniversary of his leadership by announcing plans to open 26 new...

Teenwolf 12.01.14 7:09pm
Teacher MOTs will not include emissions tests, says Labour Minister 0
custard cream 12.01.14 6:28pm
custard cream
Clarification: Hiscox is an insurance company not a dating site 0
custard cream 12.01.14 6:26pm
custard cream
God praises Ariel Sharon for his bright whites 0
davetwojackets 12.01.14 4:33pm
Iran bans french standup for being non-offensive 0
Bigglesworth 12.01.14 2:54pm
Middle-aged balding men contemplate move to France 7
David K 12.01.14 2:08pm
UKIP Delight As EU Says 'The Only Way To Avoid EU Rules Is To Quit the EU'.' 0
Titus 12.01.14 1:47pm
Labour to introduce breakdown cover for teachers

Under a Labour government teachers would need to take out annual breakdown cover in order to work in English state schools pledged Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt, Mr. Hunt said the...

Gerontius 12.01.14 12:56pm
Jesus H
Arab Spring voted ‘least effective contraceptive device’... 0
Tripod 12.01.14 12:54pm