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North Korea threatens "very strong smelly wind breaking" at Demilitarized Zone. 0
Al OPecia 01.04.13 12:31pm
Al OPecia
Michael Gove 'is a 12-year-old schoolboy' sensation

The man who for over two years has been known as the Secretary of State for Education is in real life a 12-year-old schoolboy it has been revealed in one of the most sensational cases of identity...

roybland 01.04.13 12:28pm
Al OPecia
Liz and Charles in new series of Game of Thrones

Sky1 Thursday 9 pm., Liz has a dicky tummy again, but this time she is blindfolded and has to find the royal commodes among the 345 rooms of Buckingham Palace. Guess right and there will be a royal...

Bogbrush 01.04.13 11:28am
Channel 5 issues apology after fat, sweaty bird reads the news 1
Bogbrush 01.04.13 11:23am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Lord McAlpine To Scan Your Brain For Paedo Suspicions

Well-known non-paedophile, Lord McAlpine, is to check inside the brain of all UK residents for any thoughts that he’s a kiddy-fiddler, and then financially ruin them, his solicitor Andrew Reid...

Matt T 01.04.13 10:44am
WPC Kelly Jones warned by Police bosses to Kerb her insuranceism 0
happi 01.04.13 9:50am
British Summertime calls 'April Fools' 0
Squudge 01.04.13 9:23am
Police in Yewtree investigation to leave one stone unturned 0
happi 01.04.13 9:21am
Buster Unhooked- Tony Hale's Armed for the new 'Arrested' Season

When it comes to his prostatic hand, Tony Hale has publicly said he made a huge mistake. For about half of the Arrested Development original run, Hale's character Buster Bluth has been walking around...

orenmendez 01.04.13 8:28am
Police Stop Employing Daleks "Because They Can't Cope With Steps" 0
Titus 01.04.13 8:27am
Kim Jong Il reveals April 1st joke took some preparation 0
Sinnick 01.04.13 8:07am
Lazio Fans Claim That they Are "Racists but Not Fascists" 0
Titus 01.04.13 8:07am
Phillips Claim Design Of Hot Cross Buns Is Their Patent

They are to be described as "Posidriv" buns in future...

Titus 01.04.13 8:01am
Police Refuse To Attend Crime Scene "Because It's Dark & We Might Fall Over" 0
Titus 01.04.13 7:57am
Long awaited Pope Easter Message starts "April Fools...."

Zombie time!...

anhodika 01.04.13 2:44am
Joke release postponed again. 0
Paddy Berzinski 01.04.13 1:11am
Paddy Berzinski
Earth shattering revelation about to be revealed to unsuspecting public 0
Paddy Berzinski 01.04.13 1:07am
Paddy Berzinski
Sunderland sack De Canio and appoint International Rescue 0
Not Amused 31.03.13 11:29pm
Not Amused
New Sunderland manager vows to “make the trains run on time”... 0
Tripod 31.03.13 11:24pm
Di Canio to sign Giorgos Katidis for Sunderland. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 31.03.13 11:05pm
Al OPecia
Warren Buffet invests fortune in lettucey snacks 0
A.A.Arkwright 31.03.13 10:06pm
Playboy mansion chaos as supplier misinterprets order for huge chocolate bunnies 0
Nowherefast 31.03.13 9:57pm
Budget cuts reduce Grand Old Duke of York's men to three territorials 1
custard cream 31.03.13 9:32pm
Starbucks 'suspended coffee' scheme fails as full cup lands on customer 0
custard cream 31.03.13 9:27pm
custard cream
Nelson Mandela made rapid recovery after Oscar Pistorius 'offered' to visit him 1
custard cream 31.03.13 9:18pm
North Korea stockpiling deadly monosyllables, warns UN 1
sydalg 31.03.13 9:09pm
Sunderland sack Martin O’Neill and sign Martin O’Neill...

Martin O’Neill has been sacked as manager of Sunderland Football Club. Ellis Short, the club’s owner, thanked the outgoing manager for his efforts over the past 14 months. “Football is all...

Tripod 31.03.13 9:08pm
custard cream
People who swim with sharks less likely to die of cancer, says Daily Mail 2
sydalg 31.03.13 9:05pm
Norfolk police officer in 'dangerous prick' fiasco

A police officer from Norfolk is suing a petrol station owner for having real sand in a bucket that was intended for putting out pretend fires., A letter from solicitors Patterson & Fuckwits...

Gerontius 31.03.13 8:59pm
Satire is Dead

Immi-Grants Storm the Bastille (sic) There is nothing racist about wanting one’s country to have traditions and a sense of identity. No one wants to visit Venice and find a greasy man from...

Thewoodenleg 31.03.13 8:56pm