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Sunni and Shia agree Sonny and Cher best pop duo of all time

‘Bang Bang’ favourite tune. Qatar to invade Germany as World Cup hopes fade Nick Parc revealed to be most powerful man in Britain...

farmer giles 15.09.13 4:50pm
farmer giles
5p levy on junk food wrappers 'would pay for HS2 in a fortnight,' say economists 12
Arthur 15.09.13 4:19pm
Completion Of 2016BC Olympic Venue At Stonehenge Is 'Behind Schedule'. 0
Titus 15.09.13 4:02pm
Cameron reaches out to Putin for advice on charm

David Cameron was today reeling following the publication of a survey which found that women voters consider him to be the most “out of touch” party leader. A whopping 46% of women have come to...

Coco 15.09.13 3:28pm
Doubts Over British Army Plan To Replace Full-Time MPs with Part-Time Reservists 0
Titus 15.09.13 12:30pm
Frustration As Biggest Topic Discussed At Green Party Conference Is ... UKIP 0
Titus 15.09.13 12:22pm
Dusting is "pointless", scientists prove 0
Sfox 15.09.13 11:54am
Lib Dems to offer coalition to Assad, Mugabe and Kim after next election.

More soon., [url=]New Lib-Dem anthem.[/url]...

FOAD 15.09.13 10:56am
Lib Dems Promise To Cull Shoppers Who Use Plastic Carrier Bags 0
Titus 15.09.13 7:45am
Secretary Kerry tells wife he's 'positive' he did dishes last

WASHINGTON–Secretary of State John Kerry, in an address to his wife, announced that it didn't matter who did the dishes because the amount was "unbelievably small." Kerry began the address to his...

Dustybottoms 15.09.13 1:26am
Corte Suprema di Cassazione to review Jesus of Nazareth case 0
Arthur 15.09.13 1:20am
Mail order packer sacked for thinking outside the box. 0
Maverick 15.09.13 12:38am
Government pledges plastic bag levy "will fund badger conservation programme". 2
Al OPecia 14.09.13 11:17pm
Woody Allen Whining Classes Go Viral

A new course in Woody Allen-style whining is spreading rapidly, as a new Youtube video hit the internet this week, reaching a million hits on Friday. The immediate results have been described as...

Silver 14.09.13 11:13pm
Joy as Gareth Bale goes missing from BBC news for 10 mins 0
irreverendJ 14.09.13 10:32pm
Neutrogena expands into bear market after realising new cleanser for paws 0
quango 14.09.13 8:51pm
Faith healers to expand into aircraft maintenance

The Healing Trust, who represents UK faith healers, have announced that they plan to start offering commercial and military maintenance services and promise "significant savings" over conventional...

apepper 14.09.13 8:29pm
Tian Tian eyes superstar future

Tian Tian has been accused of delivering drama queen demands as she lies in her enclosure awaiting the birth of her third cub. With little to do but watch daytime TV and surf the internet, she is...

Coco 14.09.13 8:20pm
Charge to be introduced for the new plastic money 1
Loundshay 14.09.13 7:08pm
Sunni and Shia agree Sonny and Cher best pop duo of all time

‘Bang Bang’ favourite tune. Qatar to invade Germany as World Cup hopes fade...

farmer giles 14.09.13 6:44pm
farmer giles
Shops to pay householders for storing plastic bags

In a surprise move today, Parliament supported the amendment to require shops to pay householders for storing plastic carrier bags in the cupboard under the sink. The new rule also applies to storage...

Sfox 14.09.13 5:00pm
Wife of After Eights inventor says she wasn't that fondant of him

More wafer thin news later...

davetwojackets 14.09.13 4:40pm
Hg wins Mercury prize 0
Sfox 14.09.13 4:37pm
Milliband stuns critics by announcing no policies until after the election.

Ed, you don't expect us to say what we believe in, Milliband has stunned all of his critics by stating that he will not announce any policies until after the general election. In a statement he said...

2escapees 14.09.13 2:47pm
Scientists isolate the “Pickles” gene which could end world hunger

After many years searching, it has finally been possible to isolate the gene that allows Eric Pickles to thrive, and even grow, on only 255 calories a day, one tenth of a normal adult intake. The...

rogerg 14.09.13 12:40pm
McDonald's to "rethink" 50 Shades of Grey Happy Meal toys. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 14.09.13 12:40pm
Google Car in "accident" that didn't involve stealing unencrypted WiFi data

Insurers have been shocked to find that they might actually be liable to pay out on a recent accident after a Google Street View car driver crashed into two buses and a truck in Indonesia. A...

clarksn 14.09.13 12:09pm
Beatles forced to reform

Despite being 50% deceased, the popular beat-combo is set for a surprising comeback. The BBC has agreed to issue a compilation of previously unreleased songs by the Fab Four in reaction to evidence...

Wrenfoe 14.09.13 12:08pm
Socrates appalled that a life examined on Facebook not worth living either. 4
Al OPecia 14.09.13 11:47am
Al OPecia
Phil Mitchell goes to Lawyers4you for claim against Carl!

Yes in a dramatic change of approach Eastenders Phil Mitchell has taken the first step in pursuing a claim against driver Carl for the injuries he suffered in the recent car crash. "Before the crash...

2escapees 14.09.13 11:11am