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Editors Deny Spoof News Articles Sponsorship Deal

Editors of several spoof and satire news websites have angrily denied that they have “sold out” and will now allow corporate sponsorship of articles and submissions. One editor, sipping a...

HIGNFY 18.07.12 3:10pm
Sparta to backfill G4S shortfalls...

In a move that surprised no-one, King Leonidas from the newly reformed state of Sparta is to send 300 of his men to help the beleaguered London Olympics Committee. When questioned by BBC reporters...

hardev 17.07.12 10:47pm
Local Councils Start ‘Bin Day Roulette’

For people across the UK Wednesday means the Mid Week Lottery draw, but for those lucky enough to live in the right postcode it can also mean it’s time for their local council’s exciting new game...

Quaz 17.07.12 9:20pm
World finally agrees on international distress sign 'AAAGH'.

In Britain it's 999. In America it's 911. On a submarine it's S.O.S. In the air it's Mayday, mayday. And in space it's 'Houston we have a problem'. Amid all this confusion, it's good to know the...

Boutros 18.07.12 4:46pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
FBI Investigation Launched as Meat Found In US Airline Sandwiches

HIGNFY 18.07.12 11:59am
Top NASA scientist still burns toast

Nasa's foremost rocket scientist, Marc Millis, has admitted he still doesn't know how to use a toaster correctly. "I tried it on 3 but the 'toast' just came out looking like dirty bread. When I...

Psycadelic Squirrel 18.07.12 6:07pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Lady boys acceptable in surprise church compromise on gay marriage

In a surprise olive branch from the Church of England, Doctor Rowan Williams this morning announced that the church would support marriage between two men as long as one of them looked like a woman. ...

The Masked Frog 18.07.12 2:10pm
Family slams ‘sick’ insurance company after receiving dead meerkat by post

A family from Swindon has condemned an insurance stunt as ‘tasteless’, after receiving a decomposing meerkat in the post. The Gorestones had been nagged into contacting the company after their...

18.07.12 10:37am
Belgium excused Olympics after note from mum

Belgium will not compete in the 2012 Olympics because of a sore throat, according to an announcement made this morning. It's understood  Belgium's mother wrote the note at the request of the Benelux...

nickb 18.07.12 11:42am
Lane Closures Adding To Olympic Chaos

Unscheduled lane closures are causing another headache for London 2012 Olympic Games organisers adding to the security and logistical nightmare that has already tarnished the games with delays,...

HIGNFY 18.07.12 4:01pm
Nick Buckles under pressure. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 17.07.12 4:41pm
Batman after a night on the Guinness- Dark Shite Rises 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 17.07.12 4:33pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Vaz Sticks The Boot In As Nick Buckles 0
pinxit 17.07.12 4:06pm
BBC Rogue Traders presenter complains about the hard cell 5
charlies_hat 18.07.12 12:05pm
Batman / 50 shades mash up on the cards "The Grey Slong Rises" 0
simonjmr 17.07.12 3:44pm
Bottle Boys remake 50 PInts of MIlk commissioned

50 Pints of milk is a remake of the 1984 sitcom Bottle Boys which starred Robin Askwith as football-mad milkman Dave Deacon, the series mined comedy of the broadest sort from randy Dave's amorous...

simonjmr 17.07.12 3:41pm
Government documents to be "sexed up" after success of 50 Shades of Grey 0
Nails UK 17.07.12 3:24pm
Nails UK
An idiots guide to ........ idiots

The term idiot was invented by Fyodor Dostoevsky in his novel The Idiot, originally called the screaming fuckwit, publishers had to temper the language for a more gentile readership.. "Idiot"...

simonjmr 17.07.12 7:21pm
Al OPecia
UK Government passes new laws

As from mid-night yesterday anyone in the UK who wishes to buy a new or used 4X4 vehicle will have to agree to undergo a small surgical procedure. This will involve removing the prospective...

humph 18.07.12 11:12am
Watchdog star and rogue traders were 'all in it together' 0
ronseal 17.07.12 1:19pm
Contract to Backfill Police Drafted to Cover Olypic Security is Won by G4S

Shortages within local Police forces are to be filled through a short term contract with private security form G4S., "This is a good contract for us to win and will more than cover recent losses we...

thisisall1word 18.07.12 11:42am
Olympic Village Opens to US and Chinese Condom Crisis

Within hours of the Olympic Village opening it's doors to thousands of excited athletes, an international crisis developed over the controversial supply of free condoms. After early trials, first...

17.07.12 12:20pm
Leaflet explaining Olympic copyright rules deemed a breach of Olympic copyright. 1
rustytruss 28.12.15 8:04pm
Al OPecia
Bolt Snr out of the Dad's race following positive trace of Sanatogen in sample 1
charlies_hat 17.07.12 11:19am
It's only a crap novel, everyone is reminded

There is growing concern in government circles that large numbers of ostensibly sane BRitish adults are devoting too much time to reading and even discussing 50 Shades of Grey, an inexplicably...

Oxbridge 17.07.12 10:01am
Greece flogs off bits of philosophy to cover debts

Greece; with support from the IMF and the Germans is selling off bite- size chunks of its massive contribution to western thought in a bold attempt to meet some of its debt payments., ‘There’s a...

Chris Hitchcock 17.07.12 1:14pm
Traditionalists attack Scottish cabinet plans for same-sex Gay Gordon couples 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.07.12 8:33am
Duncan Biscuit
MPs draft in Theresa May after GS4 boss fails to turn up to answer questions 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.07.12 8:33am
Duncan Biscuit
Little surprise Yahoo’s search for its new boss took so long 5
Duncan Biscuit 17.07.12 9:09am
Psycadelic Squirrel
First Olympic swimmers find German team’s towels already at pool side 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.07.12 8:32am
Duncan Biscuit