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MP apologising for inappropiate behaviour actually only sorry about being caught 0
Smart Alex 18.06.14 8:17pm
Smart Alex
Vince Cable warns Bank of England: Don't choke off recovery

before the election.boom and bust...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 7:15pm
Dun Dunkin
Iraq calls on UK to unleash barrage of rhetoric. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 18.06.14 7:03pm
Dun Dunkin
White working class 'worst at school' is a Middle Class Observation

House prices will still go up...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 6:52pm
Dun Dunkin
Isis terrorists are planning attacks in Britain Says Cameron

He has a dossier. Look out for people in pick ups waving rpgs near the McDonalds in Birmingham...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 6:48pm
Dun Dunkin
MP sorry for 'inappropriate' conduct

"I never took money for questions, overclaimed for expenses or skived off on freebies"...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 6:45pm
Dun Dunkin
Dentist extracts tooth with first Phil Neville-induced anaesthesia 4
sydalg 18.06.14 6:03pm
Vatican sponsored documentary 'Rhythm Method' axed when leading man pulls out. 0
Thundi 18.06.14 6:03pm
Louis Suarez dives, wins penalty, England out of World Cup

oops sorry, one day early...

vulture1 18.06.14 5:59pm
ISIS in UK needs to be more 'inclusive'.

Or they will stop their benefits...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 4:43pm
Dun Dunkin
Man survives spear attack, hapless assailant gets wrong end of the stick 1
Thundi 18.06.14 4:35pm
'Three-parent babies not at risk', say all three parents of 5-legged cyclops 0
beckfordburger 18.06.14 3:42pm
Axiom ruins RSPB celebrity fund raiser.

A celebrity gathering in aid of the RSPB was rocked today when the event descended into fisticuffs. The day had begun well with several A list Celebrities attending. The day was planned to be a...

Thundi 18.06.14 2:49pm
Jury at Rolf Harris trial asked to decide "didgeridoo it or not?" 3
Iamstillthestig 18.06.14 2:17pm
'DNR Phil Neville' plea to BBC 0
roybland 18.06.14 2:14pm
Jihadists Attack Oilfield - West Suddenly Decides It Needs To Intervene 1
Titus 18.06.14 1:36pm
32% of poor white children achieve good GCSEs - 'that's over half' say parents 2
bookiesfriend 18.06.14 1:33pm
DNAR orders placed on all Tony Blair jokes

In a dramatic move today, the Satirists' Institute placed an immediate 'Do Not Attempt Resuscitation' order on all humourous articles related to Tony Blair. This legally enforceable ban on 'creating,...

RobArmstrong 18.06.14 1:19pm
£6,000,000 stamp ‘still won’t guarantee next-day delivery’, says Royal Mail...

Tip of the trilby to apepper...

Tripod 18.06.14 1:18pm
£6,000,000 stamp gives post office "something to aim for" in new pricing scheme

More to follow...

apepper 18.06.14 1:17pm
Boy celebrates as he finds missing white split tin that completes Panini album 2
Iamstillthestig 18.06.14 1:09pm
Asthmatic tyrant Vlad the Inhaler joins new NHS drug trial 0
custard cream 18.06.14 12:21pm
custard cream
Cameron: Radicalised youths could attack UK within 45 mins of return from Syria 0
RobArmstrong 18.06.14 12:06pm
'Yes Scotland' responds to China: "Fuck off ya bastard" 2
beckfordburger 18.06.14 11:42am
Prophet Muhammad U-turns on policy to send people mocking Twitter to Jahannam 0
tomholder 18.06.14 11:15am
Missing Plane 'might be in Brazil' 1
Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 10:27am
Colonel Bat Guano
Baghdad Dancing Contest – New Shia Team for the AK47 Two Step.

In the Iraqi version of Strictly Shia, teams have performed traditional dances using Kalashnikov Assault Rifles. The style is simple and relies on participants moving around in circles and waggling...

Rumour Control 18.06.14 10:27am
Colonel Bat Guano
Iraq latest- Christian Separatists halt ISIS advance with lightning jumble sale. 1
Thundi 18.06.14 10:25am
Blair Sore Throat – Doctors Say ‘Do Not Resuscitate’

Tony Blair has been taken seriously ill following excessive strain on his vocal cords, brought about by the constant need to give advice to people who have never asked for it. Specialists have been...

Rumour Control 18.06.14 10:07am
Rumour Control
FA preparing 'We woz robbed' statements 1
Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 9:59am