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Tour de France cyclists blame P.M. Hollande for increase in road tacks

please accept my sincere apologies. I'm 84 you know...

Tomfinger 16.07.12 8:43am
Extinction fears as Britain's milkmen down to last 3 breeding pairs

Once an abundant sight in the early hours of the morning on the Streets of the UK, the indigenous populations of milkmen have declined, to almost extinction. Some observers even report that there are...

simonjmr 17.07.12 7:29am
Solar flares attacked as being "So 1970s"

Fashion experts, Trinny and Susannah have reacted with disdain to the increased solar activity. "Flares? No way they should be seen again."...

apepper 16.07.12 7:20am
Isle of Wight to get steam trains. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 16.07.12 7:07am
Al OPecia
Man With Erectile Dysfunction Selected For Limpprick Games. 3
arthurminnit 16.07.12 6:50pm
Calls for new goal-line technology to also detect irony and sarcasm. More soon.

(Wish I had time to develop further. Anyone welcome to run with it.)...

DorsetBoy 16.07.12 3:40am
Troops to get Olympics Conflict medals

Soldiers serving in the militarised East London Province will be awarded medals on completion of their Olympics tour of duty, the Defence Secretary announced today. The move virtually guarantees...

Boutros 16.07.12 10:56am
Beatification may be just down the road for the Olympic Flame

With a little over a week to go before the games’ opening ceremony, the Pope is to fast-track an application for recognition of the Olympic Flame as a Saint. “Technically, there needs to be at...

dvo4fun 16.07.12 9:33pm
The Masked Frog
MPs directed to address Bob Diamond as "Bobby Baby" at his next hearing. 0
Scroat 15.07.12 9:47pm
Original Thatcher Cabinet to reform for lucrative, one-off gig

Following successful reunions from Take That, Steps, and most recently The Stone Roses, Margaret Thatcher has ended years of speculation with the news that the original conservative line up from 1979...

17.07.12 1:27pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Olympic Games in last minute switch to Afghanistan to improve security. 0
Al OPecia 15.07.12 4:48pm
Al OPecia
Tesco to compete with Quorn with new Disappointing Meat range

the new Tesco Everyday Value ham slices will emulate the taste of Quorn without the need to actually stop eating meat...

gaijintendo 15.07.12 4:50pm
Al OPecia
Police foil evil terrorist plan to bring their own drinks to Olympics

Anti-terrorist police squad members have arrested several people believed to have links with al-Qaeda. Examination of files stored on confiscated computers, indicated that they had a plan underway to...

apepper 15.07.12 2:47pm
British cyclist tests positive for talent. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 15.07.12 1:52pm
Homeopaths mass antibiotic consumption in protest against conventional medicine

Homeopaths the length and breadth of Britain are to protest against conventional medicine today by mass consumption of prescription drugs. A spokesman from the Society of homeopaths told us " Just...

The Masked Frog 15.07.12 1:10pm
Team GB odds on for gold in relay using new rule interpretation.

Team GB are set to shock the athletic world in the 4x100 metre relay next month. While the other teams are sticking to the tradition of four runners doing 100 metres each, the British athletes have...

MADJEZ 15.07.12 12:18pm
China offers 2 million security guards for free

Major Yung Wong Su from the Chinese Peoples Employment Bureau has offered to send the United Kingdom two million of its unemployed Scientists to work as security guards at the London Olympic Village....

gaztop 15.07.12 8:42pm
Whale fined for breaching new Thames Bylaws

A Northern Bottlenose whale has been the first person to be fined under new Thames Bylaws introduced earlier this month. Nanuq Naartok, of The Gully, Nova Scotia, spoke only to confirm his name in...

ginty 15.07.12 9:55am
The Masked Frog
Olympic poncho shortage gives green light to water bomb terrorists

Home Secretary Theresa May says she was unaware of a serous shortage of ponchos for the London Olympics. The shortage means that over three thousand military capes will be redeployed to the Games...

roybland 15.07.12 7:35am
Government announces the 'Electrification of the M1'

The government has today announced the electrification of the M1 between London and Sheffield. Transport Minister Justine Greening also explained many other upgrades to the route that will see safety...

Perks 15.07.12 7:28am
John Terry and Anton Ferdindand share Daddies Sauce Ambassador of the Year awar 1
ronseal 15.07.12 1:26am
Queen to holiday in NZ for duration of Olympics: astonishing revelation 0
Drylaw 14.07.12 7:59pm
Nick Buckles 'disappointed' as G4S works brewery piss up was 'badly organised' 0
writinginbsl 14.07.12 6:47pm
Kazakh Olympians need Horsemeat fix – Equestrian teams warned to remain vigilant

Kazakh Olympians need Horsemeat fix – Equestrian teams warned to remain vigilant...

HIGNFY 14.07.12 5:18pm
Inverdale may be off the hook after gaffe.

A leading sports presenter at this weekend’s athletics Grand Prix in London may face a BBC professional conduct enquiry, after asking an athlete a question that was neither trite nor predictable....

dvo4fun 16.07.12 9:24pm
custard cream
Future of 'World’s fastest traffic jam' is secure, says Bernie Ecclestone.

“Of course there’s always a risk of a selfish egotist making headlines by breaking the overtaking ban, but most drivers were well behaved” said F1’s marketing supremo after reviewing...

dvo4fun 16.07.12 7:39am
John Terry lawyer: we used the OJ defence 'I'm a famous football player' 1
MADJEZ 14.07.12 3:50pm
Olympic Security - Tabloids On Red Alert For Jessica Ennis Wardrobe Malfunction 0
14.07.12 11:28am
G4S blames "staff shortages" for shortage of staff

No G4S spokesman available...

apepper 14.07.12 10:34am
Fully functioning feudal state found in remote part of Norfolk. 3
Thor 14.07.12 11:06am