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Sports Direct closes down after withdrawing clothing for the mentally ill. 0
Ref Minor 27.09.13 2:15pm
Ref Minor
Barely Acquainted Workplace Colleagues Maintain Eye Contact At All Costs

Workplace colleagues John Dobie and Scott Carlson, who have worked together at Syntech Electronics for 3 years, yesterday walked toward each other for an extended period whilst being extremely...

SimonJJames 27.09.13 1:08pm
Ref Minor
Bondage Dungeon owners in shock as local WI book for a tea party

BDSM specialist dungeon "Tight Corners" based in Little Fiddling in Hampshire were shocked to find their special bondage dungeon had been booked by the local WI for cream teas with scones. "We were...

AReader 27.09.13 11:12am
Lidl Stocks Costume For "Person Just Barely On Autistic Spectrum"

Bargain basement mental illness?...

SimonJJames 27.09.13 11:09am
Trumpton Village Hall booked for bondage workshop

A "relationship support" meeting booked by 'Miss Lovelace', Mitzi, Daphne and Lulu, at the village hall has been cancelled amid fears that it was being used as a bondage workshop. The move comes...

Ian Searle 27.09.13 10:41am
Clam to give the 2014 Reith Lectures

A 500-year-old clam has been invited to give the 2014 Reith Lectures. It is believed it will be the first time a mollusc has been invited to give the lectures since they were inaugurated in 1948....

roybland 27.09.13 9:46am
God Googles himself, starts to doubt own existence 0
sydalg 27.09.13 9:12am
Boy, 15, admits 'Video Game' style Attack on Pigs

A 15-year-old boy who admitted attacking a pig farm with a collection of birds acted as if he was in a "real-life video game", a court has heard. The schoolboy, described as a "model pupil", stole 2...

Flugelbinder 27.09.13 9:05am
How was it for you? Hang on, let me just update my profile

Checking one's iPhone for Facebook updates or following the latest tweet of your [i]fave[/i] celeb, has now surpassed the satisfaction of drawing on a cigarette post-coitus. According to a survey...

Robopop 27.09.13 8:55am
Scientists 95% Certain That Human Is "Dominant Cause" Of Climate Change

Global warming is "unequivocal", according to a landmark report on the Earth's climate and a report by the UN's climate panel details the physical evidence behind climate change. Scientists are 95%...

SimonJJames 27.09.13 8:46am
Concerns mount as Qatar 2022 draft in South Wales slavery consultants 0
simonjmr 27.09.13 8:08am
Shock revelation as to cause of Air India flight crashed over Mont Blanc

Following the discovery of valuable jewels by a climber crash investigators have revealed that both planes were overcrowded with upwards of 5000 people all carrying priceless jewels. Thousands of...

tonyhill 27.09.13 6:26am
Unemployed PhD lands job designing mobile phone plans 0
Dumbnews 27.09.13 2:33am
Expert on flower arrangements for funerals to give 2014 wreath lectures 0
Smart Alex 26.09.13 10:58pm
Smart Alex
'Enraged' Count Dracula to return his Tesco Club Card. 0
Boutros 26.09.13 10:46pm
New IPCC report claims global warming will cool down Britain.

WTF ? [i]Scientists warn that the resulting cooling would mask the impacts of global warming on the country.[/i]...

Maverick 26.09.13 10:44pm
Mollusc to give 2014 reef lecture

Hat tip to Roybland...

Smart Alex 26.09.13 10:11pm
Smart Alex
Teenage wins Stirling prize for creating ruins in the walls of a modern house 0
Mandy Lifeboat 26.09.13 9:48pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Satan warns that fuel shortage could cause Hell to freeze

Prince of Darkness, Satan, has warned that fuel shortages could cause the abode of eternal suffering of Hell to be transformed into a skiing resort. Mr Satan dismissed suggestions that he was...

apepper 26.09.13 9:35pm
Sir Lupus
Casper shocked to find ghost costumes readily available in UK supermarkets 0
topfotogmw 26.09.13 9:26pm
Couple Marries and Files for Divorce on Same Day, Cite Practicality

FLEMINGTON, NJ – September 23rd Kristen Sokolowski and Justin Garnier, both of Flemington, made history last weekend by being the first couple to be married and get their divorce papers on the...

26.09.13 8:56pm
Asda delicatessen worker mistaken for escaped psycho mental patient

http:// sorry don't know how to directly upload a picture ???...

irreverendJ 26.09.13 8:44pm
Man has nose grown on forehead - Blows his Mind

Now awaiting soft tissue donor...

Flugelbinder 26.09.13 8:26pm
Architectural firm sacks half its staff "to create a sense of space". More soon 0
Al OPecia 26.09.13 7:48pm
Al OPecia
Vice President of Investment Bank worked way up from Vice President 0
Dumbnews 26.09.13 7:48pm
Man has close shave at Sweeney Todd-themed barber shop 0
AReader 26.09.13 7:36pm
One in four supermarket employees is mental, claims charity spokesperson 0
Cuckoo 26.09.13 6:30pm
Farmer arrested after police find His 'n' Herd's matching towels in bedroom 0
sydalg 26.09.13 5:26pm
Scouts to vote on Devolution unveils Salmond 0
simonjmr 26.09.13 4:31pm
Only 20% of Scouts describe themselves as Scottish 0
simonjmr 26.09.13 4:29pm