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"We did not buy the world cup" insists Qatar, "we only got it for a year" 0
Bigglesworth 08.06.14 11:07am
Gove denies being Agent Smith from The Matrix

“I put the Gove into Government” he quipped as Muslim leaders warn of ‘extremists’ in Tory party...

farmer giles 08.06.14 10:18am
farmer giles
Sony tell FIFA anyone found guilty of World Cup corruption should walk,man 0
bookiesfriend 08.06.14 10:13am
Journaists Scrupulously Avoid Explaining What Gove & May Actually Disagree About 1
Titus 08.06.14 9:59am
Dun Dunkin
Tories accused of closing the stable door...

You know the rest...

Underconstruction 08.06.14 9:31am
Britain's Got Talent runner-up regrets not having used the phrases...

This is the biggest day of my life, Emotional rollercoaster, Bullied at school, It's been a journey, I've worked so hard for this, My...

Smart Alex 07.06.14 11:04pm
Smart Alex
Antonio Banderas finally agrees he could do better. 0
MADJEZ 07.06.14 10:45pm
good news for insomniacs - only ten more sleeps to Christmas 6
andhrimnir 07.06.14 7:04pm
150,000 men landing on D Day an "exaggeration" says Doris Day

More to follow...

apepper 07.06.14 5:50pm
War hero reenacts celebrating successful offensive with French prostitute

D-Day hero Harold Wiggins, 89, today returned to the spot where exactly seven decades ago he celebrated his part in the Allied offensive by embarking on a bit of how's-you-father with a grateful...

Adrian Bamforth 07.06.14 5:50pm
Kevin the Swan
Westminster fails to see irony of new Truancy law. 1
Ref Minor 07.06.14 4:31pm
John Redwood arrested as Tories aim to show they are tough on extremism. 1
Ref Minor 07.06.14 4:17pm
Tories still undecided on how to avoid winning the next election

David Cameron held crisis talks with his cabinet colleagues recently over the appalling prospect of winning the next election and having to make some pretence of keeping their election promises. With...

vulture1 07.06.14 4:14pm
Catholic Church gives up...

The Pope packed it in, earlier today, following new revelations about child abuse, paedophile priests and dead babies being 'buried' in septic tanks. “It’s a fair cop”, said the beleaguered...

Tripod 07.06.14 3:58pm
Smart Alex
Bidet celebrations marked by ex-servicemen on both sides of the channel

June 6th 1944 is still a special day for ex corporal Mike Smythe of the Devonshire Regiment. ‘I had never seen a bidet until that day, exactly 70 years ago. Less than 10 minutes after leaving the...

nickb 07.06.14 2:20pm
Yorkshireman surprised at online Wrigleys offer: Ebay gum 7
nickb 07.06.14 2:20pm
Normandy Given Poor TripAdvisor Rating For 1944 Visit

Commando Bert Atkins described how he was made to feel "unwelcome" even as he disembarked on the beach on 6th June 1944. "The sea crossing was bad enough" he explained "In an over-crowded boat. ...

Titus 07.06.14 1:17pm
CIA twitter account criticised for following Angela Merkel 0
Bigglesworth 07.06.14 12:56pm
D-Day veteran voices complaint that commemorations are 'dragging on'

97 year old D-Day veteran Charlie Batt has written to the Prime Minister to complain that 'enough is enough' after yet another commemorative commitment led to him missing 'Countdown', having to shell...

Underconstruction 07.06.14 11:46am
Gove: All 10 year olds should know the three strands of Operation Yewtree. 1
MADJEZ 07.06.14 11:37am
Gove seeks to end illiteracy to increase chance someone will read Tory manifesto 0
bookiesfriend 07.06.14 10:45am
Toure threatens to pull out of World Cup

Ivory Coast midfielder YaYa Toure has threatened to pull out of their World Cup opener against Japan after team officials failed to put a chocolate on the pillow in his hotel room., Agent Dmitry...

Gerontius 07.06.14 9:54am
UKIP: 'alien planet found on moon more evidence of failed immigration policy' 4
RobArmstrong 07.06.14 12:33am
OAP Takes Up Hyperbowls - Life Expectancy Extended By Centuries 0
Titus 06.06.14 11:02pm
Mr Kipling giving evidence after "Glitter offered me a sponge finger" claim 1
Underconstruction 06.06.14 8:46pm
sponge finger
Veteran delighted after D-Day beach is finally awarded blue flag

Charlie Skinner was just 17 years old when he last set foot on 'Sword' beach, but despite his failing eyesight it was immediately obvious to the 87 year old that the amount of litter had been...

Underconstruction 06.06.14 8:44pm
Justin Bieber's parents arrested for allowing him to become an enormous git 3
RobArmstrong 06.06.14 8:41pm
God and Allah to reunite for Wembley charity concert

Followers of Allah and Almighty God were said to be ‘extremely excited’ by the news that the two Rock Gods were to reunite for two charity concerts at Wembley Stadium in aid of homeless young...

blacklesbianandproudofit 06.06.14 8:01pm
'A Modest Proposal': 'Clear Your Septic Tank Occasionally' 0
Titus 06.06.14 7:20pm
All Rape Trial Defendants Acquitted In Future To Be Re-Tried Until Found Guilty 4
Titus 06.06.14 7:07pm