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Russian athlete reconsiders: “Hanging’s NOT too good for gays”, she now says... 0
Tripod 16.08.13 2:44pm
Rookie spoof news writer to face libel charges

He says he confused spoof for truth...

Robopop 16.08.13 2:31pm
Sacked poofreader claims unfair discrimination 3
nickb 16.08.13 2:28pm
Shock as rough diamond CEO who does his own radio adverts turns out to be actor.

My name is Paul Duckanddiver and I am not an actor (no really I'm not). I am the very successful CEO of You'llneverusethem Office Supplies Limited. Due to the unprecedented success of our...

Andrew Mack 16.08.13 1:05pm
Andrew Mack
Homosexuals smuggled into Russia inside Kiev Cakes

Moscow has banned imports from the Ukraine's main confectionary makers, Roshen, claiming that there were trace elements of 'glee and delight' in their buttercream-like filling. Russian homophobia has...

Wrenfoe 16.08.13 12:56pm
Lindy Moone
Eric Pickles in anorexia scare...

after learning that an anorexic looking in a mirror tends to see a fat person...

Smart Alex 16.08.13 12:48pm
Smart Alex
Trojans complain their horsemeat burgers "taste like sawdust" 0
sydalg 16.08.13 12:01pm
Male porn stars accused of wooden acting 0
sydalg 16.08.13 12:00pm
Special edition Ford Mondeo Stalker, has follow-me home headlights as standard 0
Iamstillthestig 16.08.13 11:37am
Highways Agency Adds Safety- Paints Chevrons Closer To Ensure 2 Between Each Car 0
Titus 16.08.13 11:34am
Prison Reform Reformers Say "Letting 'Em Off Doesn't Work - 50% Re-Offend"

"And at least prison keeps 'em out of the way for a while...

Titus 16.08.13 10:29am
George Michael finds line of coke with his name on it 3
Smart Alex 16.08.13 9:40am
Pandas Hunted As Traditional Cure For Potency and Fertility 1
Titus 16.08.13 9:34am
Chicken In Shell Suit Attacks Miliband 2
Titus 16.08.13 9:13am
New driving rules dubbed "The Audi Tax"

yes it was one off those commutes...

Scronnyglonkle 16.08.13 7:42am
New Fantasy Premier League: teams play for the love of the game, not for money 0
John Wiltshire 16.08.13 7:11am
John Wiltshire
Huge gas reserves discovered in Coalition Pants

Energy analysts have revealed that huge quantities of gas have been found in the pants of Coalition Ministers. They believe the pants of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Eric Pickles and Vince Cable alone...

Starchy 16.08.13 3:36am
Uri Geller detained in Luton airport after concealing a spoon in his underpants

Following reports of women concealing cutlery in their underwear to avoid forced marriage it has emerged Uri Geller has found a new use for his large spoon collection. Geller claimed he was being...

ChairmanMouth 16.08.13 3:36am
Kelloggs concede “It’s a bad time to launch new ‘Hairy Cornflake’ cereal"... 3
Tripod 15.08.13 9:26pm
Documentary maker faces his toughest challenge; making a film about someone else

Documentary maker Clark Luvvie is facing a far tougher challenge than he ever faced in the ring, on the field or in a TV production development meeting. At the age of just 35, he's been told he has...

ronseal 15.08.13 7:18pm
UKIP considers ‘offensiveness quota’, as they run out of daft things to say... 0
Tripod 15.08.13 5:24pm
Man goes into bank to check balance and falls over 3
John Wiltshire 15.08.13 3:12pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
'Fatbergs' to be removed from charities

Thames Water reports a 'bus-sized lump' sitting on the board of the British Red Cross. The blockage comprised of food fat, wet wipes and a annual salary in excess of £184,000, may have been cutting...

Wrenfoe 15.08.13 3:11pm
Ed Miliband advised to wear Dolce & Gabbana Pour Omelette on future outings 0
sydalg 15.08.13 2:19pm
Wayne Rooney 'keeping his options open' after finally collecting A-Level results

Exactly ten years after sitting his exams, unsettled Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney has finally returned to De La Salle College to collect his A-Level results, to find 'straight A*s'...

Jesus H 15.08.13 2:14pm
Jesus H
Labour leader to appear on Egg Heads. 0
godly1966 15.08.13 2:03pm
110% pass rate in this year's maths A levels 7
Rootin Tootin 15.08.13 1:18pm
John Wiltshire
Study shows amusingly named mining techniques “unlikely to be successful”

A study by Manchester University has shown that mining techniques with amusing names are rarely as successful as ones with serious sounding names. “There was no way Fracking was ever going to gain...

cleggmaniac 15.08.13 1:15pm
Milliband's hair greys and appearance changes following egg incident

Hours after the egg throwing incident Ed Milliband appeared outside labour party headquarters. He emerged looking like almost a completely different man, with greying hair, prominent teeth, an older...

antharrison 15.08.13 12:47pm
Judge says gallows-cheating criminal has "suspension deficit disorder" 1
sydalg 15.08.13 12:41pm