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Amish community divided over invention of ‘corn doll’ jet engine

Amish leaders are locked in vigorous debate after a member of their community accidentally reinvented the jet engine. Hand-woven and finished off with a short length of ribbon, the three-stage corn...

29.07.12 8:07am
Government ready for two weeks of burying bad news.

The government is today celebrating the start of two weeks it has been looking forward to for a long time. With the country’s attention focused on the Olympics in London, not since the death of...

Perks 27.07.12 6:09am
Designer of Smart Car charged with two counts of irony 2
Smart Alex 31.07.12 11:08am
Slovakian Lorry Driver Sheds Skin On M4 - Olympic Lane Traffic Chaos Ensues 6
HIGNFY 28.07.12 10:08am
Workshy Paralympians could stand to lose benefits, insists Iain Duncan Smith

Paralympians who spend their days idle in a wheelchair when not training for London 2012 should stop taking the benefits system for all they can get, an outraged Iain Duncan Smith claimed last night....

Gary Stanton 26.07.12 7:36pm
Nightmare Scenario as Frankie Boyle Asked To Contribute To Olympic Ceremony

It's just a headline, but could you imagine if some Olympic clown had mixed up Frankie Boyle for his equally as ugly brother Danny? Opening ceremony packed with skits about missing children in...

HIGNFY 26.07.12 2:49pm
Olympic lanes to be adapted for Audi drivers

They just need to paint out one of the circles ...

Sinnick 26.07.12 12:35pm
Wiggins has 'heart like a bucket', wife has fanny like myogenic muscular organ 0
button 26.07.12 11:27am
LOCOG concedes it thought it was organising "It's a Knockout". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 26.07.12 10:49am
Transport For Glasgow regrets painting "South Korean Only" lanes. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 26.07.12 10:31am
North Korea wins first 2012 Olympic gold in Women's Flouncing event 0
The Paper Ostrich 26.07.12 10:11am
The Paper Ostrich
More Olympic shame as LOCOG hangs Audi logo from Tower Bridge 7
kimllfixit 27.07.12 10:43am
Rangers relegated to North Korean third division. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 26.07.12 10:03am
Britain secure first Olympic medal with bronze in Opening Ceremony Competition

Britain made a auspicious start, by winning a medal in the opening event at the 2012 Olympic Games in London., Britain were third to light the torch, using a flaming dove - beating Denmark's flaming...

gaijintendo 26.07.12 10:02am
Trebor launches Sherbert double dib-dab as sweet relief to economic recession 0
Iamthestig 26.07.12 9:40am
Manchester Lad Seeks Asylum In Italy

An 11 year old lad from Manchester successfully evaded border controls yesterday and escaped to Rome. Little Liam Corcoran-Fort, told Italian officials that everyone in Britain was in such bad debt...

26.07.12 9:38am
Scottish city changes name to Glasgay in bid to attract more weddings 0
Iamthestig 26.07.12 9:36am
Dr Who becomes suspicious as death toll rises 0
medici2471 26.07.12 9:21am
“I Simply Don't Believe It” - Sighs LOCOG's Lord Meldrew

LOCOG bigwig, Lord Victor Meldrew, threw up his arms in disbelief last night, after officials raised the South Korean flag to honour the North Korean football team. “What in the name of bloody...

26.07.12 8:48am
Deep fried wedding cake company to take on extra staff. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 26.07.12 11:18am
Maybe not 2
Nerys Hughes 26.07.12 8:10am
Disgust as Olympic political discourse breaks out into unedifying sport

Seemingly oblivious to issues surrounding tickets, traffic congestion, G4S, strikes and the cost to the taxpayer, Team GB and New Zealand’s women played football in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium...

Artisan 25.07.12 11:36pm
First Gay Scottish Wedding Cancelled As Both Grooms Are Raging Homophobes

It was meant to be the happiest day in the lives of Barry Boyle and Gordon Darcy. It was the day that they were going to make a lifelong commitment of love to one another and live happily ever after....

Hooch 25.07.12 10:38pm
New more ‘2012’ National Dress unveiled for opening ceremony.

After years of bowler hats, cricket whites, and faux British Airways cabin crew wear Team GB athletes will be sporting outfits that better reflect modern Britain. At a press conference yestrerday...

MADJEZ 27.07.12 5:10pm
Middle Urinals ‘For Emergency’s Only’

Public toilet architects have issued a statement reminding men that any urinal that forces another man to stand directly beside you is to be used only when an explosion is imminent. The announcement...

Hooch 26.07.12 7:58pm
Lord Coe 'appalled to discover' Frankie, not Danny, Boyle booked to open games 6
dvo4fun 26.07.12 6:05pm
Queen Attends All Star Production of Revelations to Mark Diamond Jubilee

An all star cast was in attendance at Downing Street yesterday for the opening night of SamCam’s Production of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Downing Street Footlights headed the bill in the...

scottishbird 25.07.12 9:35pm
Red faces all round as Olympic organisers admit: 'we forgot Archery'.

London 2012 organisers were left with a lot of explaining to do today, as hundreds of excited Olympic Archery competitors waited expectantly to be shown to their venue. "Archery completely slipped...

allmyownstunts 27.07.12 8:26am
Olympic official responsible for Hampden flag mix-up admits wrong Korea choice 11
The Last Detail 26.07.12 5:24pm
Psycho puts faith in Blair.

The chattering classes need wonder no more, Tony is back. In a surprise move that has stunned commentators, Stuart Pearce announced “Over the past few days I have had my fair share of critics, but...

Kieran 25.07.12 9:10pm