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Peru drug bust nabs Minnie Mouse...

MADJEZ 14.08.13 4:02pm
Ref Minor
Gay Gibraltarian athelete in mercy dash to free Peru drug mules. more soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.08.13 3:29pm
Al OPecia
Spaniards show little interest in campaign to return Benidorm to Spanish control 0
bonjonelson 14.08.13 3:26pm
A kick in the ghoulies !

Tower of London ghost admits to phantom pregnancy!...

Andrew Mack 14.08.13 3:23pm
Lens Cap
New BBC series: Nick and Margaret Despise...

This autumn, the BBC will launch a new series entitled Nick and Margaret Despise In it, Nick Hewitt and Margaret Mounford from The Apprentice will travel the country in a chauffeur-driven car, and...

John Wiltshire 14.08.13 2:21pm
Tenacious D release tribute to One Directions 'Best song ever'

Harry Styles claims he made the song up during a duel with the devil. More soon...

MADJEZ 14.08.13 1:11pm
Met Police rebrand sees it become Crime Industry regulator, OFLET 0
ronseal 14.08.13 12:49pm
Trading Standards: 'One Direction "Best Song Ever" title is highly misleading'

A spokesman from Trading Standards has ordered the immediate ban of failure faced, zygote stains One Direction’s latest vacuous effort “Best Song Ever” on the grounds that the title is...

theinvisiblecitychannels 14.08.13 12:34pm
John Wiltshire
Cairo 'massacre' to be referred to as a 'LG product launch'

Diplomats in Washington were left in the unenviable position of finding a label for the murder of supporters of the deposed President Morsi. Having already defined Egypt's Military Coup D’Etat as...

Wrenfoe 14.08.13 11:42am
Cricketers threaten Boycott

In Durham Bar last night former Yorkshire and England was threaten by several helmeted players. The incident took place in the Gazza Arms in the high street and it was rumoured a well know spin...

Scronnyglonkle 14.08.13 11:23am
'Love Me Tender' played at cannibal victim's funeral 2
sydalg 14.08.13 11:22am
Queues to leave the Isle of Wight “normal” say police

Queues, some of them seven or eight cars long are forming at ports across the Isle of Wight as islanders insist they wish to remain British, and port authorities delay departures “while they look...

nickb 14.08.13 10:49am
Near-death experiences 'due to watching Saturday evening television'

Scientists investigating near-death phenomena such as seeing bright lights and hearing voices have realised that this always occurs when the subjects are watching Saturday evening television....

John Wiltshire 14.08.13 10:06am
John Wiltshire
Wheelwrights upset about demarcation claims spokesman 0
Smart Alex 14.08.13 9:30am
Smart Alex
Diet book causes crime spree in Nordic country.

Diet book causes crime spree in Nordic country. Norway’s standing as a peaceful and low crime country, has taken a severe hit after a new diet crazes has hit the country. The book “steel what...

p and k inc 14.08.13 9:29am
p and k inc
Tesco self-scan machine develops consciousness

There was excitement at a Haslemere branch of Tesco Local yesterday when one of its self-scan machines exhibited signs of heightened awareness and began communicating with shoppers. ‘For a few...

Ludicity 14.08.13 8:54am
Pigs spotted flying over Lima Airport 0
Drylaw 14.08.13 8:16am
IoW Breaks Off Diplomatic Relations With UK After Repeated NewsBiscuit Insults

In tribute to nickb...

Titus 14.08.13 5:26am
Mona Lisa's womb opened. Smirk explained.

well that other ticker looks lonely...

GrumpyCat 14.08.13 5:20am
Germany moves to contain the islands crisis engulfing Europe

Shocked islanders woke this morning to find German battleships blockading the Orkney and Shetland Isles and the Isle of Man. BBC World Radio reported that this seemed to be part of a concerted...

Starchy 14.08.13 2:58am
Samsung blames Vulgar Latin for Brazillian labour violations

After public prosecutors began legal action last Friday, the South Korean technology peddlers have gone on a defensive offensive, offering a catalogue of excuses for their questionable treatment of...

ChairmanMouth 14.08.13 1:11am
Lesbian Geriactrics Wed 2
sillybugger 13.08.13 10:11pm
Popular site lets users opt-out of confirmation emails to opt-out of newsletter 2
Dumbnews 13.08.13 9:41pm
Priests beating confessions out of reluctant Catholics

The sacrament of Confession has become so unpopular that priests are now holding churchgoers against their will and beating it out of them, a new investigation has revealed. One visibly traumatised...

sydalg 13.08.13 9:06pm
Aged Fetishists Confound A&E

A&E specialists have demanded more training for staff after a series of incidents found staff unable to cope. "We have had several instances in recent weeks of older patients coming to us unable...

sillybugger 13.08.13 7:56pm
"Paxman ignores Occam's Razor"

One of Not Amused's really, even if he won the Neat-O by breaking the rules...

Al OPecia 13.08.13 6:55pm
Al OPecia
Paxman assumed he could borrow Occam's razor.

no more soon., I'm sure there's a better Occam's razor headline there somewhere., Hat tip to nickb whether he wants it or not...

Not Amused 13.08.13 6:54pm
Al OPecia
Celebrating 'A' Level Student still leviating from last year.

Mrs Mary Potts, mother of Abigail Potts, has warned parents to be on watch for excessive celebrations associated with 'A' Level success this week as her own child is still levitating from last year's...

Milo Shame 13.08.13 6:14pm
Argentine forces invade Isle of Wight

Argentine takes control of Isle of Wight and installs Diago Maradonna in Osborne House. UN says island disputes threaten to engulf Europe in bloody conflict...

Starchy 13.08.13 3:13pm
Gov to send the Isle of Wight to Gibraltar ...

Many of its residents are still on 'Armada watch'...

Kramaring 13.08.13 2:42pm