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Barlow to HMRC - "Rewrite My Tax Return" 1
Andy Gilder 10.05.14 4:25pm
'How deep is your debt?' HMRC ask Take That members 0
Skylarking 10.05.14 4:05pm
Amazon doing a newsbiscuit?

I was going to post this in chat, but feared it might not get the coverage: ☆☆☆☆☆...

camz 10.05.14 4:04pm
London woman told to take it even easier

An 88-year-old London woman who has been taking it easy for 88 years has been told by her doctors to take it even easier. The woman, who owns several properties where she often takes it easy, has...

roybland 10.05.14 1:51pm
Not Amused
Next UK Election To Be On Pancake Day…...

….Suits you Cameron, sir...

Jesse Bigg 10.05.14 1:39pm
Jesse Bigg
Halal slaughterhouses "still way ahead of Oklahoma prisons" 1
sydalg 10.05.14 1:37pm
Al OPecia
Uproar at Eurovision as Ukraine entry sung by man in camouflage gear & balaclava 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 10.05.14 12:47pm
Drone collides with commercial flight. More soon.

Al OPecia 10.05.14 12:45pm
Al OPecia
World Cup teams praying for El Niño to reduce all-conquering England's chances

More weather soon...

Not Amused 10.05.14 12:31pm
Not Amused
El Nino to undo Isle of Wight crown green bowling tournament

Shanklin Bowling Club’s bid for Crown Green Bowling glory this summer could be undone by a much-feared weather phenomenon. Climate researchers at the University of Southampton say there is a 60%...

Dick Everyman 10.05.14 11:59am
Dick Everyman
'Meat must be prepared away from salad and impaled on a large spike', demand men

Pub-going men up and down the country have stated clearly today that meat is only acceptable to eat if it's basted in a thick orange grease, impaled on a large rotating metal spike, and is of...

Jesus H 10.05.14 11:36am
Al OPecia
Bald eagle under threat from Regaine in water supply 0
sydalg 10.05.14 10:15am
Watford FC welcome 'Bee League' 5
James Pluside 10.05.14 10:12am
Not Amused
Rolf Harris to be sentenced, judge says 'Can you guess what it is yet'

Way too early but I'll have forgotten it in a few weeks...

MADJEZ 10.05.14 9:52am
Gerry Adams admits to involvement in the 'passive aggressive' wing of Sinn Féin

While still denying his part in the 1972 IRA murder of mother of 10 Jean McConville, the republican politician acknowledged his part in a systematic campaign of 'sustained grumpiness'. Hiding behind...

Wrenfoe 10.05.14 7:54am
Revenue sing to Barlow 'I want your BACS', Barlow says Take That

No more later...

throngsman 10.05.14 7:25am
Rolf admits the extra leg wasn't a prop - 'there were kids in the audience'

More later...

throngsman 10.05.14 7:23am
Gordon Brown announces, "I had no idea I'd damaged the economy" 0
topfotogmw 10.05.14 6:57am
Judge rules use of mock toilet door at Pistorius trial not a joke.

Even though people are pistoriing themselves...

Maverick 10.05.14 5:28am
Man unsure if 8 billionth edit to online profile reflects his true self 0
Dumbnews 10.05.14 4:59am
'Happy carcass' food labelling launched

Food regulators have again this week condemned the confusion caused by lax labelling on meat supplied to the food industry. 'Finally they are getting the correct animals, however the consumer is now...

Squudge 09.05.14 11:05pm
Rolf Harris claims "kangaroo court" trying to "tie him down" 3
sydalg 09.05.14 10:27pm
UKIP to adopt Leo Sayer's "One Man band" as Election backing track. 0
Al OPecia 09.05.14 9:29pm
Al OPecia
Prosecution admits Abu Hamza's hand-to-eye co-ordination is rubbish 0
sydalg 09.05.14 8:22pm
Problems for entertainer mount as Animal Hospital dog is asked to name abuser 1
LittleSpender 09.05.14 8:13pm
Adrian Bamforth
Toughen up on 'incompetent' MPs, say Electricians

Tougher rules are needed to ensure MPs have enough training to create new laws for the rest of us without making a complete hash them, the NICEIC have warned. Rules in England for Electricians state...

rogerg 09.05.14 8:12pm
Abu Hamza denies he was "eyeless in Gaza" 1
sydalg 09.05.14 7:59pm
Boy builds working gun out of Lego

A Lewisham boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been arrested and charged with firearms offences for being in possession of a firearm built entirely out of Lego. A police spokesman said...

donsayers 09.05.14 7:47pm
Changes to utility bill make it easier to find how much you are being ripped off 0
Dumbnews 09.05.14 7:38pm
Adrenaline junkie surfs web without anti-virus protection 0
Dumbnews 09.05.14 7:35pm