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Public Outcry as Opening Ceremony 'Fails to Reflect British Culture'

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Totty 01.08.12 12:28pm
Double dip recession disqualified from Olympic swimming final

More to follow...

apepper 31.07.12 10:01pm
Mitt Romney: Aleppo was my least favourite Marx Brother. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 01.08.12 8:18am
Actual Size
Abridged audiobook "15 Shades of Grey" not so successful. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 31.07.12 9:55pm
Double dip recession - it's not about winning, it's about taking part.

And we're all in it together...

Iscariot 31.07.12 9:45pm
Olympics: Week 1 Round-up

With almost one week gone of the London Olympics, you may have struggled to keep up with all of the news from the games, especially the ‘minority sports’. So we have saved you the time of having...

Perks 02.08.12 6:23am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Paralympic Revamp To Include Paralytics

In an attempt to boost stadium ticket sales for the London 2012 Paralympics, LOCOG have announced that in addition to the traditional T and F competition categories, a new K category will be added....

George Harvey Bone 31.07.12 10:58pm
Where’s Lord Coe?

The Olympic village has today been alive with rumours that Lord Coe has gone missing. The LOCOG leader has not been seen in public all day and officials have been baffled as to his whereabouts. In...

PeterB 31.07.12 9:23pm
Mr Target
TV Channel Guide Abbreviation Horrors?

'The Big Bang Theory,' followed by 'How I Met Your Mot.'...

Jesse Bigg 31.07.12 8:20pm
Jesse Bigg
Womble admits that not everything had been 'left behind'

1970s children's TV stars The Wombles have been plunged into a storm of controversy after their former leader admitted that they regularly stole items from the general public under the guise of...

ianslat 03.08.12 8:54am
Chinese swimmer tests positive for twin outboard Evinrude motors...

Hat tip to Maverick...

Smart Alex 31.07.12 7:59pm
Smart Alex
Romney fails dope test. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 31.07.12 6:30pm
Al OPecia
Man accidentally gives car to complete stranger. More soon.

.. I'm not making it up...

Al OPecia 31.07.12 6:53pm
Mr Target
Two Door Cinema Club shut down by fire inspectors

The Irish indie band were left reeling after fire officers shut them down with immediate effect after an unannounced regulatory inspection on Monday morning., County Down fire safety officer Brendan...

ginty 31.07.12 4:54pm
Olympics chaos as Americans patent "running quickly"

The athletic events in the Olympics has been thrown into confusion by the announcement by the American team that they've patented "running quickly using the legs". An American team spokesman...

apepper 31.07.12 7:48pm
Sales of vaulting horses up 87,000% after GB bronze 0
BAJDixon 31.07.12 4:34pm
Ye Shiwen Sticks Up Confucius Fingers At Jealous American

Chinese double gold medallist swimmer, Ye Shiwen quoted Confucius today when she replied to American allegations that she was a drugs cheat. With her swollen eyes hidden behind a pair of identikit...

31.07.12 4:13pm
Police hold man on provocative Tweet 'It's not the winning, but the taking part' 0
pinxit 31.07.12 2:59pm
Team GB rowing medal hope disqualified after being found out of his scull 0
pinxit 31.07.12 2:10pm
Olympic tickets to be donated to tramps in an effort to put bums on seats. 1
wallster 31.07.12 5:54pm
Silentnight launch new Katie Price mammary foam mattress 3
charlies_hat 31.07.12 5:48pm
Traces of silver found in Zara Phillips' saliva

More to follow...

apepper 01.08.12 9:00pm
nostra da mouse
Insane couple still expect to be happy after 11 years

Psychiatrists up and down Britain are rolling their eyes in disbelief after a married couple from Swindon, Peter and Sophie Davison, sought guidance because of a sudden crisis in their 11-year...

Oxbridge 31.07.12 5:59pm
Chinese swimming coach Nan Dri Lone denies drug allegations 0
custard cream 31.07.12 12:15pm
custard cream
Empty seats at Colosseum blamed on Christians not using their full allocation

The Emporer Caesar says he shared Roman frustration at seeing empty seats in Colosseum but he believes organizers will soon improve the situation. The empty-seats problem has lingered beyond the...

Ian Searle 31.07.12 1:20pm
Olympic Ceremony docudrama 'not too soon' claims BBC

The BBC has rejected claims that "It's Boyling in here", a docudrama charting the creation of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, is being aired too soon after the event. "A week is easily...

NewSuburbanDad 31.07.12 11:53am
UK public phone-in vote to replace "Inadequate Olympic drug tests" for swimmers

more [moaning] soon...

dvo4fun 31.07.12 11:33am
Cash4takingpart opens new London branch 0
tedweasel 31.07.12 11:29am
Cavendish admits spoon-work cost him medal

The failure of Mark Cavendish to win Team GB's first gold medal in the road race was again in the spotlight as the cycling team’s full analysis was made public. A puncture at 75 kilometres should...

Actual Size 31.07.12 3:25pm
Team GB athlete wins gold medal at Jimmy Saville auction 4
ginty 31.07.12 5:51pm