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Blokefromstoke needs life and steady girlfriend - official.

Mother says."He's been in his room since April. The Nib gags are the only way I know he's still alive.", More needy insomniac zaniness at 1...

blokefromstoke 02.12.13 8:10pm
Duplicate post deleted 2
Idiot 02.12.13 7:29pm
David Cameron seeks political asylum in China

David Cameron and the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held a joint press conference in the Great Hall today, at which the Prime Minister heaped praise on the Chinese leadership and their political system....

Starchy 02.12.13 7:03pm
Confucius he say ‘Leader who make dim sums make peasant go pawn crackers’

More please soon...

Dick Everyman 02.12.13 7:00pm
Dick Everyman
England will be warmer after Scottish independence

Average temperatures are set to soar after Scotland becomes independent and their weather is no longer included, says the Met Office. Headlines like 'Arctic gusts set to hit Britain' will be replaced...

Beer Sampler 02.12.13 6:42pm
Daly reveals favourite film "Blue Louganis". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 02.12.13 6:36pm
Al OPecia
Tobacconist caught with extensive collection of snuff movies 1
cinquecento 02.12.13 6:33pm
Tom Daley reveals he likes it better in the deep end 1
topfotogmw 02.12.13 6:31pm
Glasgow crash victim survived by eating raw Mars bars. More soon. 11
deskpilot3 02.12.13 6:27pm
Police to investigate the point of Peaches Geldof

After sending a tweet naming two women involved in a child sex abuse case that may possibly give away the identities of the victims, police have decided to investigate the existence of Peaches Geldof...

James Pluside 02.12.13 3:12pm
Female interest in Tom Daley takes a nosedive 0
custard cream 02.12.13 2:36pm
custard cream
Tom Daley reveals that he has a new TV show coming out 0
medici2471 02.12.13 2:22pm
Amazon and NSA admit Drone mixup - Taliban HQ receives Hairy Bikers cookbook

Family in Woking nuked., More at 1...

blokefromstoke 02.12.13 1:55pm
custard cream
Dismay As Voters Belatedly Discover That Green Crap Actually Costs Money 1
Titus 02.12.13 1:54pm
custard cream
Amazon drone copters to 'take out uneconomic traffic'

Online shopping giant Amazon has announced that their new drone delivery helicopters will be equipped with sophisticated weaponry to 'deal with' customers who take too long browsing on their website...

custard cream 02.12.13 1:52pm
custard cream
Black Friday dry run for Zombie Apocalypse

Consumers across the world were given the opportunity to hone their survival skills, as branches of Wal-Mart simulated the collapse of civilisation. Mindless, reanimated corpses hungry for discounted...

Wrenfoe 02.12.13 1:50pm
Polish tribute act to David Blaine ends in tragedy

"We wondered where he went", says Pavel Pavelski, president of the Polish David Blaine Tribute Club, speaking in Wrozclaw, Poland...

Beer Sampler 02.12.13 1:13pm
Beer Sampler
Police to investigate claims of coordinated incyber trading on Monday

no more soon. I am thinking of adopting "Bad pun badly done" as my slogan...

Not Amused 02.12.13 12:49pm
Not Amused
‘Squashed Satsuma and Some Walnuts’ is This Year’s Top Christmas Must-Have

Eager shoppers are setting up camp outside greengrocers along the length and breadth of the country today in order to be first in the queue for the release of this year’s must-have Christmas gift:...

jp1885 02.12.13 12:26pm
Sealed Knot Society to reenact historic sex offences 1
pere floza 02.12.13 12:21pm
Gucci to launch range of designer vaginas 3
cinquecento 02.12.13 12:20pm
West Country celebrates cider monday 3
jp1885 02.12.13 12:18pm
Midfield Diamond
‘Vagina kleine nachtmusik’ – Mozart themed porn hits shelves 7
TobiasBV 02.12.13 12:07pm
As little as ten pints of beer a day can lead to man boobs says shock report

A shocking report has outlined the hidden link between obesity and beer. It's thought that as few a ten pints a day can have a terrible effect. MORE LATER...

ronseal 02.12.13 12:07pm
Households to save £50 in energy costs with a free 'vote Tory' jumper

The average household could save up to £50 a year in heating costs as the Tory-led coalition promises to put their hand in their pockets and provide everyone with thick, warm and blue vote...

James Pluside 02.12.13 11:53am
James Pluside
Man nobody's heard of says stress of fame ‘unbearable’.

The man, known best as ‘that bloke who was on that reality thing for a bit’ spoke out today about the pressure of being suddenly catapulted into less obscurity., “It’s really hard, and no...

Jla 02.12.13 11:50am
Tom Daly Catalyst for Day of Comings Out

Olympic Diver Tom Daly’s admission today that he’s in a relationship with another man, along with the subsequent positive media attention, appears to have started a cavalcade of celebrities...

james_doc 02.12.13 11:38am
Tom Daley retires from muff diving 0
Lens Cap 02.12.13 11:27am
Lens Cap
Scoutmaster looking up TV guide on internet arrested by police. 3
FOAD 02.12.13 11:12am
Dick Everyman
Scots reclassify unbattered Mars bars as ‘one of their five-a-day’... 0
Tripod 02.12.13 10:59am