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Supermarket slammed over Tory Minister Hallowen. costume.

In the wake of supermarkets offering 'Mental Patient' and 'Psyco' costume, the Tory Minister costume sparked fresh attacks. The costume. which comprises a dark suit, white shirt, blue tie and a tin...

miked10270 01.10.13 5:19pm
Current affairs programme broadcast from pub invites listeners to phone inn 0
Smart Alex 01.10.13 5:13pm
Smart Alex
Callers to swimming pool discussion programme 'Phone-in at the deep end' 0
Smart Alex 01.10.13 5:09pm
Smart Alex
Italian food writer has pasta way 7
Sfox 01.10.13 4:36pm
Miliband story causes quotation mark shortage at BBC.

Ed Miliband accuses Daily Mail over "lie" about father. "I'm not willing to see my father's good name be undermined in this way" after the newspaper headlined an article about him as "The man who...

Metro 01.10.13 4:20pm
Telephonophobia Hot Line closes - NHS baffled by lack of calls 0
Flugelbinder 01.10.13 3:52pm
'Unpaid leave' ruined by lack of spoiler alerts

Federal employees hoping to work their way through all five seasons of 'Breaking Bad' have been left fuming by the online disclosure of key plot twists. Instead of hoarding canned goods in...

Wrenfoe 01.10.13 3:43pm
Hollywood Celebrity Contemplates Removing Head as 'Precaution'

The recent spate of preventative invasive surgeries among celebrities took a turn for the bloody peculiar today when noted do-nothing blockbuster star ****** hinted to the boulevard press that he was...

smetzler 01.10.13 2:57pm
70s DJ's launch social networking site - DisgraceBook 0
Flugelbinder 01.10.13 2:38pm
Gwent Man told to dance at Curry's interview lands his dream job as Chippendale 0
simonjmr 01.10.13 1:38pm
MP's to be forced to attend parliament five days a week to stop second jobs

or third, or fourth...

Ian Searle 01.10.13 1:13pm
Mail discovers ‘rock bottom’!

In a move that has surprised geologists, The Daily Mail has finally unearthed the nadir of political journalism. Having rigorously mined the depths of inaccuracy, the tabloid was said to be delighted...

Wrenfoe 01.10.13 1:03pm
Parrots For The Dumb sponsored squawk raises £750 0
pere floza 01.10.13 12:57pm
pere floza
The man 'who hated the Daily Mail' says he's just an ordinary decent guy

A man attacked by the Daily Mail as 'the man who hated the Daily Mail' says he's just an ordinary guy. But in an editorial the Mail refused to withdraw its charge that the man had left 'a legacy of...

roybland 01.10.13 11:59am
To avoid overcrowding, next years' World Agoraphobics Forum to be held in Iowa 0
AReader 01.10.13 11:48am
Been done. 2
Ian Searle 01.10.13 11:46am
Vicious rumour accused of murdering two Chinese whispers in 'slander' pub brawl

A vicious rumour has been charged with two counts of murder after a fight in the Grape Vine pub on the outskirts of Lye ended with the death of two Chinese whispers. The Chinese whispers had...

jimiedge 01.10.13 11:23am
Scientists develop replacement set of testicles on Nick Clegg’s forehead

Surgeons have grown a fully functional set of gonads on Nick Clegg’s forehead to replace the pair lost when he entered a coalition with the Tories, according to reports. The pioneering procedure...

Gary Stanton 01.10.13 11:06am
Midfield Diamond
Teenager deplores state of the world run by grown ups

“Never mind global warming, we’re the generation that has to explain 1D to our kids.”...

rogerg 01.10.13 11:02am
Iranian centrifuge maker closes down, admits to using ‘spin’ 0
rogerg 01.10.13 11:01am
Ed Milliband's Dad slandered by Gynaecologist in 'Papa' smear 0
thackaray 01.10.13 10:37am
Unsliced bread "the best thing since sliced bread" claim traditionalists 4
CulchaVulcha 01.10.13 10:32am
Danny Dyer to take over Old Vic

More later...

virtuallywill 01.10.13 10:27am
Self-abuse almost killed me, reveals Edward Scissorhands 0
sydalg 01.10.13 10:01am
USA ‘broken’: Obama advised to ‘switch it off and switch it back on again’... 0
Tripod 01.10.13 9:28am
Microsoft Sat Nav Fails Users of A404

Drivers who snapped up the beta version of a new Microsoft foray into the Satellite Navigation market have been left furious, and lost somewhere between Paddington in London and Maidenhead., John...

Flugelbinder 01.10.13 9:21am
Unemployed demand MPs work for their taxpayer funded money

Unemployed people up and down the country have demanded Members of Parliament start working for their money. Their initiative comes as another party's MPs gather for a four day jolly whilst being...

Lens Cap 01.10.13 9:18am
The All New Jeni B
Danny Dyer returns to the Mother Ship

At 17:00hrs GMT the alien known as ‘Danny Dyer’ responded to a homing beacon sent from Elstree Studios, having completed his solo mission to destroy the British Film Industry. In keeping with his...

Wrenfoe 01.10.13 8:54am
Husband falls in love with his wife the moment she divorces him

'Love at last sight' is not a phrase we hear often, but it's one Milton Shales says has been banging around his head for months. He has come forward recently to talk of the utterly heartrending...

TobiasBV 01.10.13 8:50am
Man ejected from gallery for asking if they have any pictures by Rolf Harris 0
medici2471 01.10.13 8:47am