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Olympics 2016 to include 100m bottle throw

along with jumping in the sand and running in circles...

nostra da mouse 06.08.12 4:23pm
nostra da mouse
Curiosity arrives safely in Arizona 7
medici2471 07.08.12 7:37am
Deputy Prime Minister Defects

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has defected from David Cameron's government to join "the revolution", his spokesman says. Nick Clegg was appointed less than two years ago and his departure is the...

bonjonelson 06.08.12 4:48pm
Olympic Latest: "It is not the winning but taking port that counts" says Fergie 0
charlies_hat 06.08.12 3:21pm
Pippa Middleton announced as shock inclusion to GB beach volley ball team 1
godly1966 06.08.12 3:35pm
BBC News Resorts To Politics & Other Stories As Team GB Olympic Gold Rush Stalls

Spokesman warns: "We might end up interviewing Bronze medallists."...

Nowherefast 06.08.12 2:55pm
UK aiming for gold in 100m bottle throwing 0
bonjonelson 06.08.12 2:39pm
John Terry successfully lands on Mars

Hat tip to Sinnick in the chat room...

Psycadelic Squirrel 06.08.12 1:36pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Mars Curiosity Rover gets first parking ticket 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 06.08.12 1:27pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Olympic Athletes in panic as cliche supply dries up

The phenomenal and awesome performance of the Supermen and Women of Team GB was thrown into question last night as it emerged that there were no more sporting cliches available to repeat ad nauseum...

deluca 06.08.12 1:23pm
Controversy as Naked Twister to debut at Horse Guards Parade

After poor ticket sales for the women’s beach volleyball, Olympic Games officials have given the green light for a new event to draw in the crowds. Naked Twister will feature a large playing area...

Actual Size 06.08.12 6:44pm
Actual Size
Argentina emerge as strong favourites in handball tournament

More soon....

custard cream 06.08.12 12:04pm
seymour totti
Man. Utd. Captain delighted to be selected as Olympic 2016 host 0
custard cream 06.08.12 11:37am
custard cream
Cool kids right to mock future Olympic loser

It was the arbiters of teenage cool at Alderman Bagnall Comprehensive in Mansfield that drove 21-year-old Clive Burgess on. As early as 2005, the skinny misfit decided to silence their cruel taunts...

Oxbridge 07.08.12 6:41am
Mensch Smiles Better As Batman Pussy

The truth behind Tory MP Louise Mensch’s shock decision to quit the UK for the USA emerged today – she is to star in the next Batman movie as The Joker’s twin sister, Cheshire Catwoman. Batman...

Reg Herring 06.08.12 10:57am
Reg Herring
Olympic excitement as Worlds fastest man runs faster than some other men ...

in other breaking news the Pope lives in Rome!...

Kramaring 06.08.12 10:11am
Man with weak shoulder joint appears in Dislocation, Relocation, Dislocation 0
Smart Alex 06.08.12 9:58am
Smart Alex
Olympic bottle thrower identified as member of West Ham due diligence team.

.. or Chelsea, etc...

weematt 06.08.12 9:21am
Chinese restaurant arsonist accused of wonton destruction 3
jp1885 06.08.12 12:06pm
seymour totti
Mars Curiosity Landing: "Not Enough Strings and Pulleys" Says W. Heath Robinson

"It's a bloody miracle it made it down in one piece!" was the informed assessment of British contraption aficionado William Heath Robinson on the landing of NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover this morning....

Nowherefast 09.08.12 1:09pm
Louise Mensch Resigns, Cynics & Satirists Go For Gold In Race To Find An Angle

There has to be one....

Nowherefast 06.08.12 5:04pm
Just Why Do Managers Hold meetings in doorways?

A recent report from the Institute of Behavioural Therapists has sought to cast light on the question of why people reaching management status feel the need to hold impromptu meetings in doorways and...

Quaz 20.08.12 8:01pm
Earth about to occupy similar position in space as it did when riots started

Observant news editors have spotted that planet Earth is about to return to much the same position along the ecliptic as it occupied when certain British towns and cities were subject to rioting. The...

Boutros 06.08.12 8:23am
Seb Coe admits Olympics was all done by CGI special effects. 0
godly1966 06.08.12 7:53am
[Sub removed by author's carer] 1
Boutros 06.08.12 7:27am
NASA Mars rover discovers, kills colony of space-cats

give a dog a bad name...

Golgo13 07.08.12 10:55am
John Terry celebrates his Olympic Gold: "Much of the credit goes to Usain Bolt"

more soon. cheers perks [chat room]...

dvo4fun 06.08.12 7:55am
British "Incuriosity" rover successfully lands on Mars. Signals "Whatever"

First communication from the surface: "The whole planet is red, rocky and boring. Can I go home now?" Stumped after thissomeone care to carry on?...

JohnA 05.08.12 11:42pm
Team GB hotly tipped for Bronze in finals of the Medals Table 0
Iscariot 05.08.12 7:16pm
NASA's Curiosity Rover lands on Mars, prepares to meet Martian diplomatic team 0
thesilverflute 05.08.12 6:57pm