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Explorers find man in Amazon jungle who hasn't been compared to Hitler

Anthropologists were cock a hoop last night at the discovery that there are parts of the world where people haven't been compared to Hitler. Some argue it could be proof that the Internet's insidious...

ronseal 21.05.14 2:48pm
Police Federation required to beat itself up

Senior police officers representing the once powerful Police Federation will be required to dress up as little girls, dance to Olivia Newton John Records, and fight each other until only one remains...

nickb 21.05.14 2:22pm
Undersize French Rail Tunnels Described As 'A Boring Problem'. 0
Titus 21.05.14 12:53pm
France to adopt inches, feet and yards because they are less confusing 1
DorsetBoy 21.05.14 12:52pm
Putin compares Camilla to Mrs Simpson. 2
MADJEZ 21.05.14 12:51pm
Boko Haram react angrily to Man City forgetting their birthday

Despite having never played professional football or having any direct ties with the Premiership champions, the Nigerian Islamic group has embarked on a disproportionate reign terror in reaction to...

Wrenfoe 21.05.14 12:01pm
. 0
bookiesfriend 21.05.14 11:56am
International rescue Overstretched

"First a plane then girls [the plane sent to look for them broke down] now a yacht. Look no one else is to get lost or missing ok as we can't cope."...

Dun Dunkin 21.05.14 11:32am
Cop stars in heart-warming British movie about feeble chief who asks US for help

Met Police boss Bernard Hogan-Howe is to be immortalised in a heart warming British movie about a useless englishman who writes to America and asks them to deal with a terrorist he's too feeble to...

ronseal 21.05.14 11:05am
New Zealand produces TV show to rival Breaking Bad: 'Feline Groovy' Oh you couldn't make it up...

RobArmstrong 21.05.14 10:13am
Future King apologises after reflecting opinion of general public 0
Bigglesworth 21.05.14 9:58am
UK poverty to be solved by supersize Kitkats

The UK government public health committee have announced plans for 20 million pound funding for Nestle and Pepsi to manufacture Kitkats in a new 3 metre length size, to be sold alongside a 10 litre...

Robert Koch 21.05.14 9:52am
Robert Koch
Duke of Edinburgh says 'That's My Boy" As Charles calls Russia Nazis.

At long last the Duke feels some pride in his dishmop son as he sees a bit of himself in Charles's latest direction...

Dun Dunkin 21.05.14 9:48am
Dun Dunkin
The Lancet reports first case of e-lung cancer 0
DorsetBoy 21.05.14 9:43am
Climate Change Campaigners Outraged As Prince Charles Says 'What A Nice Day!'. 3
Titus 21.05.14 9:14am
Royal Mail To Deliver Parcels On Sundays. ONLY On Sundays. 0
Titus 21.05.14 8:05am
Tamil Tigers to be reintroduced to Sri Lanka after captive breeding programme 3
bonjonelson 21.05.14 7:44am
Money Saving Expert bounces back

Having recently lost most of his £35M fortune due to a bad bet on the 4.30 at Kempton Park, the future was looking decidedly bleak for Money-Saving Expert Martin Lewis. However a curious twist of...

Smart Alex 21.05.14 7:43am
Smart Alex
Gaffe-Prone Charles Takes On Prince Philip's Role As Well As Queens's

Complete doff of hat to brd888...

Titus 21.05.14 7:42am
Cro-magnon man to sue over copyright to 'music'

The neolithic remains of early man recovered from a peat bog in lowland Germany will today be launching legal action against Sony, EMI and Warner Music for infringement of his copyright on 'music'....

NewBiscuit 21.05.14 7:40am
Charles to take over some duties of father....

But making increasing number of Gaffes as Philip reduces contact with public...

brd888 21.05.14 7:38am
Calls To Nationalise French Railways After Train Size Cock-Up

'Typical shambolic consequence of privatisation.' Oh, hang on...

Titus 21.05.14 7:37am
Political Party Condemned As Anti-Business For Preferring World Trade To EU 0
Titus 21.05.14 7:30am
Emergency Services To Rely On Social Media To Prioritise Future Rescue Missions

Hat tip to Dun Dunkin...

Titus 21.05.14 7:07am
Yaya Touré upset at unimaginative birthday gift...

Yaya Touré’s time at Manchester City may be coming to an end, with the Ivory Coast midfielder seemingly ‘unhappy’ about the way he’s treated by the winners of the Premier League. “The club...

Tripod 21.05.14 7:02am
Dixons / Carphone merger off due to ridiculous cost of the extended warranty. 1
deskpilot3 21.05.14 6:58am
Sussex police claim drowned man was a 'seasoned criminal'

..condiments of the season to you all...

blacklesbianandproudofit 21.05.14 6:37am
Presidential Pork Pie Hats Fashion is So 80s Ska

Goodluck with that...

Dun Dunkin 21.05.14 6:16am
Dun Dunkin
Esteemed sir, my name is Boko Haram, son of the late King Haram of Nigeria.

When he died, my father left me 274 schoolgirls which are rightfully mine, but which I am unable to get out of the country because of the strict laws of Nigeria. I am writing to your most highly...

Maverick 21.05.14 6:13am
Not Amused
Windsorton Abbey- Prince Charles Has 'Episode'

Old Prince Charles who had 3 aunts married to nazis and a close relative convicted as "an important Nazi" admits 'Putin could be part of the family'. part 6 9pm BBC1...

Dun Dunkin 21.05.14 5:24am
Dun Dunkin