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Northern Man Handed 10 Year Jail Term For Being Friendly To Strangers In London 2
Duff 3 years

Now that he's safely behind bars and reporting restrictions on the case have been lifted, it can be revealed that northern man, Eric Ricketts, from Bolton near Manchester was sentenced to ten years...

Teen stumbled on old person's home that didn't smell of old person's home 0
roybland 3 years

Teen Jeff Foster (18) says that although he sniffed several times he couldn't detect the 'old person lives here' smell he expected at a bungalow he mistakenly visited on his pizza delivery round....

Jamaican Sugar Baron turns in his grave as he discovers thieving Lord Cole is 0
spreademarge 3 years

his descendent...

Amazonian tribe found who have never heard of the wheelie bin 7
greg various 3 years

and still get their rubbish collected every week., (That's on a weekly basis to politicians, teachers and those born after 1980)...

18 months Prison term for Stealing Parking Space amid Tottenham riots... 1
Jammydodgers 3 years

A judge today handed down a sentence of 18 months to a 19 year old unmarried pregnant woman after she was caught flagrantly cutting into an 'on street parking space' that another vehicle was clearly...

Desperate Mother of Serial Runaway Pleads ‘Where’s Wally?’ 2
UnoEye 3 years

‘He’s normally found in crowded places’ explains Wally’s anxious mother Janet ‘busy markets, theme parks, packed out beaches; places like that. Once I even found him in the middle of a...

Richard Branson proves he is anti-establishment by massive mark-ups at V Fest 0
whickerman 3 years

Richard Branson claimed today that his rebellious reputation is proved by his massive profiteering at the V festival. Sure we might do exactly the same as all those boring corporations and make...

MPs warn troops’ supply chain ‘could fail’ if neighbours go on holiday 1
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Met Office to Reclassify Summer as a Fortnight 1
thisisall1word 3 years
Former News of the World gardening correspondent arrested over leek allegations. 1
dominic_mcg 3 years
Former Horse & Rider magazine editor cleared of hacking. 0
spoole2112 3 years
Apologies , sub withdrawn 11
Gary Stanton 3 years
CPS site crashes as looters scramble for last remaining prison places 1
beau-jolly 3 years
Britain still failing to spot ironic subtext in Lynx ads 1
For Mash Get Smash 3 years
Bill Clinton has a radical change in his diet and goes for low fat Asian 0
spreademarge 3 years
Man on deathbed regrets having no regrets 1
Nick McCarr 3 years
Pickles the faithful hound gets reward from behind Hedge as he is found 0
spreademarge 3 years
Pickles warns about taxing Mansions and sandwiches as it would damage the middle 0
spreademarge 3 years

spread ,I mean class...

Newcastle's Bigg Market Pubs' Bar Staff, Praised...... 2
Jesse Bigg 3 years

.For keeping customers off Newcastle streets, when rioting was going on down south., "It was a difficult job, but we somehow managed," said one barman...

Stand-up comic offers David Starkey advice on acceptable stereotyping. 1
Corrigan 3 years

Eminent historian Dr David Starkey has been widely condemned this week after he blamed recent rioting on white people ‘turning black.’ But support came from an unlikely source today. A regular...

Interpol close Werther's Forgery investigation 0
antharrison 3 years

Europes's top police unit Interpol has closed its investigation whether or not the caramel sweet "Werther's Original" was the subject of a malicious faking campaign. Inspector Henri Legrange of...

Man Journeys to Amazon to Show Off iPad 2 to Newly Discovered Tribe 6
thisisall1word 3 years
Olympic preparations branded ‘national disgrace’ 0
theboot 3 years

Britain’s tabloid editors united today to condemn preparations for London 2012, calling them a “shameful national disgrace”. According to Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, “the smoothness...

Appeal Court Judges cut their holidays short. 0
Corrigan 3 years
Growth of rural rail lines attributed to right sort of leaves on track 0
spoole2112 3 years

The rotting decay of Britain's rail network is having surprise impact on the size of the infrastucture itself. "Things are simply breaking down much quicker nowadays" commented one railworker...

World economy to invest in yo-yos so if it falls,it'll go straight back up again 0
DavidEllisKent 3 years

Shrewd investors are also investing in mattresses, pogo sticks, Mexican jumping beans, Hooters restaurants, trampolines, space hoppers and Calvin Harris in the hope that another world crisis can be...

Arsenal trophy room provides long stretch solution for local prison 0
spoole2112 3 years

With prisoner numbers across the country reaching new highs following the recent riots, a solution for housing long term low risk inmates has been found at the Emirates Stadiumjust a Molotov...

Train Company Fails Performance Enhancing Drugs Test 0
thisisall1word 3 years

The latest South West Trains performance figures have failed a random drugs test carried out by the Office of Rail Regulation. The figures for customer satisfaction, cancellations & delays, and...

New Go Compare ad irritates last remaining person who didn’t hate them already 5
Vertically Challenged Giant 3 years

Popular car insurance comparison website are set to cease all forms of advertising with immediate effect. The move comes after independent market research showed that they have now...

First ever laser operation performed inside a beating heart 4
Vertically Challenged Giant 3 years

British doctors have broken new ground by becoming the first to treat a man with a tiny laser that burns away tissue inside a beating heart. Scott Rosser, 34, says that he has no idea how the tiny...