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Pundits flood Google requesting "We can handle Suarez" comments be 'forgotten' 0
Sir Lupus 19.06.14 9:52pm
Sir Lupus
Owls'R'Us shares hit record levels 0
bonjonelson 19.06.14 9:10pm
New video shows 10,000 Iraqis being tortured, mutilated, maimed and burned

(Warning: contains flash photography)...

farmer giles 19.06.14 9:09pm
Nick Clegg promises a rubber duckie for every voter

more soon (I'm trying to think of a sub to go with this but am being distracted by the 'football')...

Squudge 19.06.14 8:48pm
New owner renames club 1Doncaster Rovers 0
custard cream 19.06.14 8:15pm
custard cream
England football

Regardless of the result tonight, all UK TV channels to show the 1966 World Cup final as a homage to British Values...

ionb 19.06.14 7:40pm
RSPB complan to Labour: 'An owl is for life, not just a manifesto'

RobArmstrong 19.06.14 6:48pm
Pope makes statement on Iraq: ISIS crisis surprises diocese 0
Adrian Bamforth 19.06.14 6:14pm
Adrian Bamforth
Phone hacking trial verdict published on page 36, after the Wayne Rooney stories

After a week of deliberations, the jury have finally returned their verdict in the phone hacking trial. Seven people, including former Mail editors Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, are facing...

NewBiscuit 19.06.14 5:03pm
Labour owl promise. Otter lobby 'deeply upset' 0
RobArmstrong 19.06.14 4:39pm
Can you tell what the verdict is yet? 0
Bigglesworth 19.06.14 3:47pm
Get your Newsbiscuit Iraq 2014 World Cup Wallchart

Following up my triumphant Iraq World Cup story

Adrian Bamforth 19.06.14 3:46pm
Rootin Tootin
US military trials Phil Neville drone 0
farmer giles 19.06.14 3:17pm
farmer giles
NCP placed in charge of Border controls at Heathrow.

England: No spaces available, Scotland: Spaces available (Note: relocating in 2015), Wales: Closed for business, Cornwall: unavailable due to flooding...

Robert Koch 19.06.14 1:25pm
Robert Koch
Doncaster Rovers new owner wants to take club in a new direction 0
Thundi 19.06.14 1:21pm
Hull's successful bid to be UK City of Culture 2017- Qatari backers revealed 7
Thundi 19.06.14 1:15pm
Robert Koch
Conservatives Desperate To Ensure Miliband Remains Labour Leader 1
Titus 19.06.14 1:11pm
Robert Koch
Estate dispersion halted, we can’t find the will to continue claim Lawyers 1
Thundi 19.06.14 12:54pm
Nobody says anything but Ascot is no longer quite right.

Subtly the nobs of England are drifting away from the booze and bonk fest that is present-day Ascot. One cannot say exactly why, but royal correspondents heroically try to pretend all is unchanged....

vulture1 19.06.14 12:50pm
Toilet humour cures shy peeing.

Grimsby resident Mr George Heptenstall 68 recounted his miraculous cure to our reporter. I was just coming back from the seed merchant with a box of pigeon food for my birds when I was caught short....

Thundi 19.06.14 12:32pm
UK airport passport control to be streamlined - 'EU,Non-EU, Returning Jihadist' 2
bookiesfriend 19.06.14 12:19pm
UK PM rocked by spelling error as Boko Haram target Cameroon. 0
Thundi 19.06.14 12:06pm
McDonalds recruit 9,000 youths. Cheaper than using beef. 1
MADJEZ 19.06.14 12:00pm
Statue of Eric Pickles to replace useless fat blue cock on 4th plinth 0
beckfordburger 19.06.14 11:41am
Rooney headbutts opposite number after misreading team name on jersey 1
Nick McCarr 19.06.14 11:03am
Police investigate hoax call claiming Phil Neville's family mugged at knifepoint

Hopefully that will get him to return to Blighty!...

custard cream 19.06.14 11:03am
custard cream
Gillings' global dementia report found in the fridge 1
cinquecento 19.06.14 10:54am
custard cream
Volkswagon Golf Open halted as greens are unplayable after first round. 0
Thundi 19.06.14 10:23am
"‘terrible, long summer’ if England lose tonigh

"and Scotland will vote yes for independenceIt can not get worse!" says PM David Cameron In other news Alex Salmond and Carwyn Jones said that it'll be a "Terrible, long summer if England winjust...

ionb 19.06.14 10:07am
Letter Z to quit alphabet

In an unprecedented move, the letter Z is to leave the alphabet after centuries of loyal service. At a press conference, the 26th character said, “I’ve had enough. It’s been bad enough always...

Sundialer 19.06.14 9:59am